Leftover Crack's Stza recently posted an update on the band's touring plans, including an upcoming Choking Victim date. He posted to the band's MySpace page:
Uugghh! The states. mexico was cool. I don't have a computer, so I don't see this stuff much. this tour is going good. we're getting a lot of good crowd response and drunk...Some stuff before I forget: We're planning 2 minneapolis shows on the 24th, an early under 18 only house show and an 18 and over show somewhere bigger. I will personally be I.D.ing at the house show, so steal your younger siblings I.D. though I do have a good eye. We have many tours in the works, first is june july: upstate, mid-west down to texas and maybe New orleans. And our first full on two month cracktoberfest tour this fall in every bum-fuck town of these united states. On april 29th choking Victim is playing in brooklyn with M 1 from dead prez, ricanstruction and many others, we'll get the addreess up soon. I have to go now, I would try to be funny, but brad logan is upset that I'm not giving him the personal attention he feels he deserves. oh yeah, geographically Florida is beautiful, but everywhere you look there is this disgusting white trash littering the place...makes a filthy person wanna vomit in the rancid dumpster they're eating out of...
The band has currently confirmed some summer European shows surrounding their Wasted Festival appearance.

Leftover Crack Tour Dates
Aug 9 2006 the Shed Leicester The Infested
Aug 10 2006 The Plug Sheffield Millions of Dead Cops, the Infested
Aug 11 2006 Wasted Festival Blackpoole winter gardens
Aug 12 2006 The Pitz Milton Keynes The Mingers, the Infested
Aug 13 2006 Han Sur Lesse Sortie 23 somewhere in Belgium Adequate 7, No Comply, the Fight
Aug 16 2006 Tommy Weisberger Haus Berlin TBA
Aug 17 2006 MTC Koln TBA
Aug 19 2006 Batofar Paris TBA
Aug 20 2006 Camden Underworld London The Infested
Aug 22 2006 Newcastle Academy 2 Newcastle The Infested
Aug 23 2006 Satans Hollow Manchester The Infested
Aug 24 2006 Joiners South Hampton The Infested
Aug 25 2006 Yeovil Ski Lodge Yeovil The Infested