Justin: There's something in the water in Minneapolis. Off With Their Heads borrow more than a few pages from one of their elusive locals and play some fun, straight ahead punk. While not as dynamic as fellow twin-city-dwellers Banner Pilot it's far more gruff and feels extremely confident. They aren't struggling to find a niche, they're obviously comfortable with the raw, midwestern punk sound they have. They aren't exactly spring chickens either, having been around for quite a few years. It seems as if the stars are aligning now, with a split with J-Church in the wings as well as one with Tiltwheel. Rumors of a tour with our beloved half-naked quartet this fall seem to be swirling as well.

Off With Their Heads Myspace

Brian: I think using a phrase like "Meet your new favorite band" is a little arrogant, but I'm hard-pressed not to use it with a band who basically sound like Shook Ones with hints of Good Clean Fun and Descendents. Yes, that's right, it's another (I'm being slightly rough here) Kid Dynamite clone who are fully open and honest about their influences. Am I complaining? Hardly. The Steal's self-titled debut full-length is pretty fucking awesome. Examining a wealth of current issues in the hardcore scene ranging from fashion to Internet shittalk and other still prevalent plauging problems, the U.K. melodic hardcore outfit deliver a breakout debut on Gravity Dip Records. While it's due out in their homeland on the 26th of this month, no U.S. release has yet been planned; I'd pretty much recommend shelling out the extra cash for overseas shipping though. The band is currently out on tour with Set Your Goals, who they've also released a split 7" with this month on the same label handling the Steal's full-length. I think it was givemeausername... who tipped me off on the band, so if I'm right, thanks dude. Here's an album sampler and a few streams:

The Steal - album sampler
The Steal - Breakout
The Steal - World Wide World

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