Winnipeg's Greg MacPherson has announced March tour dates in Europe, specifically Germany. He'll be touring in support of his 2006 record Sun Beats Down, a Europe-only collection on Danish label Play/Rec that includes material from his 2005 full length Night Flares and other recordings.

MacPherson commented via his website on his recent break from the road:
A grown man is entitled to a break from singing songs and living the rock and roll dream every once in a while especially if he's leading more of a DIY hardcore dream while not playing anything resembling DIY hardcore. That's a sentiment I'll explain some other time and in a more suitable format. It's no secret I'm the sensitive type, all singer songwriters are after all!

Anyway the break has done me a world of good, I caught up on sleep, worked a few shifts at the old job, read books and most importantly I sat down and did some serious writing for the first time in way too long. I already have about 5 new songs that I quite like and I hope that you'll like them too. I may try to post one here or maybe on my equally ridiculous myspace site at some point in the near future.
Last year G7 Welcoming Committee Records digitally reissued Greg's first LP Balanced On A Pin.

Greg MacPherson Tour Dates
03/16/07 Göttingen, Germany TBA
03/17/07 Bochum, Germany TBA
03/18/07 Bremen, Germany Sielwallhaus
03/19/07 Hamburg, Germany Hafenklang
03/20/07 Münster, Germany Gleis 22
03/21/07 Köln, Germany TBA
03/22/07 Dortmund, Germany TBA
03/23/07 Trier, Germany TBA
03/24/07 Karlsruhe, Germany Nun
03/25/07 Passau, Germany Zakk
03/26/07 Wien, Germany TBA
03/27/07 München, Germany Sunny Red
03/28/07 Würzburg, Germany TBA
03/29/07 Esslingen, Germany Komma
03/30/07 Fulda, Germany Cafe Panama
03/31/07 Leipzig/Dresden, Germany TBA
04/01/07 Berlin, Germany Kato

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