TranzmitorsVancouver's Tranzmitors will release their debut self-titled album in the UK on August 27th. The record, released earlier this year via Canada's Deranged Records, will be released by the revived Stiff Records in the UK. The legendary label was responsible for early recordings in the late 70s and early 80s from Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, the Pogues, the Damned and Madness among others. The Tranzmitors debut will be the first release on the label since September of 1987.

A UK tour supporting the release has been announced.

The Tranzmitors features members of the New Town Animals, Jeffie Genetic and His Clones and the The Smugglers.

Tranzmitors Tour Dates
16 Aug 2007 Horse And Groom London, London and South East
17 Aug 2007 Guildford Youth Centre Guildford
18 Aug 2007 Club 85 Hitchin
19 Aug 2007 Moot Newcastle
20 Aug 2007 ?? Sheffield
21 Aug 2007 The Dungeon Brighton
22 Aug 2007 Korova Liverpool
23 Aug 2007 ? HELP!!
24 Aug 2007 Dirty Water Club London, London and South East
25 Aug 2007 ?