A Wilhelm Scream A Wilhelm Scream has released the artwork for their next full length and follow up to 2005's Ruiner. The new record will be titled Career Suicide and will hit stores on October 09, 2007 via Nitro Records.

The 13 track, roughly half hour full length was recorded by Bill Stevenson, Jason Livermore and Andrew Berlin at Colorado's Blasting Room studio.

  • I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz
  • 5 To 9
  • The Horse
  • Die While We're Young
  • Jaws 3, People 0
  • Career Suicide
  • These Dead Streets
  • Get Mad, You Son Of A Bitch
  • Our Ghosts
  • Cold Slither II
  • Pardon Me, Thanks A Lot
  • Check Request Denied
  • We Built This City! (On Debts And Booze)

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