Gainesville, Fl's Young Livers are playing several shows in Florida as well as heading out on their second tour to support their debut album The New Drop Era that was released last year via No Idea/ Kiss of Death Records.

January 11, 2008The Atlantic with Worn in Red, Liquid Limbs Gainesville, Florida
January 15, 2008Commongrounds Gainesville, Florida
January 19, 2008Skate Park of Tampa Tampa, Florida
January 26, 2008The Atlantic with Army of Ponch Gainesville, Florida
February 29, 2008141 moreland ave Atlanta, Georgia
March 1, 2008The Snake Pit Clemson, South Carolina
March 2, 2008Gourmet Perks Asheville, North Carolina
March 3, 2008Chattanooga Chattanooga, Tennessee
March 4, 2008Louisville Louisville, Kentucky
March 5, 2008St Louis St Louis, Missouri
March 6, 2008Bloomington Bloomington, Illinois
March 7, 2008Lucky Gator Loft Chicago, Illinois
March 8, 2008Minneapolis Minneapolis, Minnesota
March 9, 2008Milawaukee Milawaukee, Wisconsin
March 11, 2008Grand Rapids Grand Rapids, Michigan
March 12, 2008Howards Club H Bowling Green, Ohio
March 13, 2008Columbus Columbus, Ohio
March 14, 2008The Davenport Cleveland, Ohio
March 15, 2008Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
March 16, 2008Buffalo Buffalo, New York
March 18, 2008Rochester Rochester, New York
March 19, 2008Syracuse Syracuse, New York
March 20, 2008Brooklyn Brooklyn, New York
March 21, 2008Cafe Metro Wilkes-barre, Pennsylvania
March 22, 2008Washington College Chestertown, Maryland
March 23, 2008The Parlor New Brunswick, New Jersey
March 24, 2008Baltimore Baltimore, Maryland
March 25, 2008Richmond Richmond, Virginia
March 26, 2008Charlottesville Charlottesville, Virginia
March 27, 2008The Reservoir Raliegh, North Carolina
March 28, 2008The Soapbox Wilmington, North Carolina
March 29, 2008Lunch Box Records Charlotte, North Carolina
March 30, 2008Charleston Charleston, South Carolina

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