Dominic Davi, formerly of Love Equals Death has posted his account of last year's rape allegation. In March of 2007, Davi was arrested on charges stemming from an alleged rape of a Virginia woman that took place in June 2006. The woman claims she met Dominic at a club in Philadelphia, and after the two left together on foot she that was then raped behind a factory. The woman also states that she contacted Davi by email, and that he responded in January 2007, admitting in an email what had happened. She reported her findings to Fairfax, VA police who then contacted Philadelphia authorities to have the warrant issued for Davi's arrest.

Dominic strenuously denies the charges in the following excerpts:
First off, and I want to make this absolutely clear, I never raped anyone. Ever. And the charges of rape were dropped against me back in December. Even the state prosecutor involved in this case admitted that he didn't believe I ever raped anyone. The person that made these accusations against me changed her story about what happened that night every single time she told it. I want you guys to know the true facts.

So, despite the fact that I never, ever, forced this girl to make out with me, touch me, or anything, and despite the fact that it was extremely difficult for me to plead guilty to something I absolutely did not do, I chose to take the charge of misdemeanor indecent assault for the sake of avoiding yet more emotional and financial strains on my family, my loved ones and myself.

It's fair to say that the guys in Love Equals Death freaked out when all of this happened. I don't blame them for that – there isn't a guide book to follow in a situation like this. They made it clear to me that they needed to focus on the band and their career as best as they could, and that it would be best for me to focus on my defense. It hurt at the time, but I knew I did have to focus on defending myself.

You can find the entire statement here.

Davi parted ways with Love Equals Death in April of 2007.

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