Portland's Suspect Parts are heading to Germany for a week with London's Holy Ghost Revival.

Suspect Parts features guitarist Justin Maurer of Clorox Girls and drummer Chris Brief of the Briefs. They band's revolving rhythm section will feature "Sully Ripcord" and "Smail Shock" for the tour.

Holy Ghost Revival / Suspect Parts
Wed 8 Oct Berlin KVU (suspect parts only)
Thurs 9 Oct Berlin White Trash afterparty (holy ghost only)
Fri 10 Oct Berlin Cortina Bobs (holy ghost only)
Sat 11 Oct Hamburg Beatclub
Sun 12 Oct Berlin Cortina Bobs
Mon 13 Oct Leisnig AJZ-Leisnig
Tues 14 Oct Munich Kafe Kult
Wed 15 Oct Mannheim Juz

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