SideOneDummy's Joe Sib has announced the third holiiday charity event to benefit Wheels for Humanity. The group refurbishes donated wheelchairs and hand fits them to children and adults with disabilities in developing nations. The bill will feature Alkaline Trio, Gaslight Anthem, Punk Rock Karaoke and Broadway Calls.

Sib explained his desire to work with the charity in 2006:
It has nothing to do with religion, race or ethnicity and it doesn't matter if you are republican, democrat or apolitical. We are giving the gift of mobility to people who have never experienced it in their entire lives by simply giving them wheelchairs that otherwise would've end up in a landfill. I'm not a patient person, I don't like to wait for things and with WFH there's no wait or middle man.

A lot of charities need large contributions to really make a difference but with WFH it only takes $150 - that is a number everyone can get their head around.

2007's edition raised $38,000. This year the event has moved to The Key Club in West Hollywood and the goal is to double the fundraising efforts. Tickets go on sale Saturday Nov.15th

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