Peoria, IL's Hawks and Doves, featuring Gared O'Donnell of Planes Mistaken For Stars, is set to enter the studio to record the band's debut album with George Rebelo Hot Water Music / The Draft on drums and Chad Darby Averkiou on bass. Gared had this to say:
As it stands the songs are shaping up to be more of a full band approach and less singer/songwriter than I initially thought, which is fine seeing as there are plenty other acoustic beardy guys doing the genre right? That is not to say you won't get a bit of my more rustic side. It's inevitable that this project will get it's share of comparisons to Planes and that's fair {being I sing/play git/write the songs} but I must say in regard to that its shaping up to be kind of photo negative of a Planes LP.
The band will enter Crescendo studios on January 14th to record nine tracks with Derron Nuhfer and Addison Burns. The band previously released a seven inch at last year's The Fest for the song "Hush Money."