Image San Francisco, CA's Hounds & Harlots have posted some new demos. Head to their MySpace page to check them out.

The band, which notably features former members of The Lucky Stiffs and Wardogs, also has a few tour dates lined up in the coming weeks.

Feb 19 2010 Plea For Peace Center Hudson Criminal CD Release Party Stockton, California
Feb 24 2010 Thee Parkside Left Alone, Bum City Saints (All Ages) San Francisco, California
Mar 6 2010 Coasters Bowling Alley Los Dryheavers, The Forgotten, The Disciples Santa Cruz, California
Mar 7 2010 Plea For Peace Center Stockton, California
Mar 20 2010 Red Hat Concord, Califorinia
Mar 23 2010 The Knockout Stagger and Fall , The Hollowbodys San Francisco, California
Mar 27 2010 Sports Page Lessons In Failure, My Life In Black & White, Keeping Score Roseville, California

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