Image It's a busy time of year, and that that chaos is reflected in this week's Punknews Podcast. News editors Bryne Yancey and Adam White, interviews editor Rich Verducci and copy editor Jesse Raub do their best at failing to stay on topic and keep things concise. Punk rock!

Among the stories discussed are Dead To Me's new lineup, Blake Schwarzenbach's comments on New York, 9/11 and the Islamic Cultural Center, Screeching Weasel's new album sans-Jughead, Crime In Stereo's breakup and the formation of Daytrader, and Old Man Markley signing to Fat.

Not only that, but this week we have music from Red Collar and The Varsity Weirdos as well as a new song from Two Cow Garage.

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Punknews Podcast for the week for September 14, 2010

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