The Sidekicks The Sidekicks will be hitting the road next week with Spraynard and Delay. They will be touring in support of their latest effort Awkward Breeds.

May 30th Indianpolis, Indiana The Melody Inn. w/ Traveling, The Que Que Que's, Morrow*
May 31st Chicago, Illinois Township. w/ Spraynard, Delay, The Please and Thank You's.
June 1st Minneapolis, Minnesota The Dingus House. w/ Spraynard, Delay, Dingus, The New McCarthy
June 2nd Omaha, Nebraska The West Wing. w/ Spraynard, Delay, Thunderbolts, Eric in Outerspace, Triple Crossed.
June 3rd Fort Collins, Colorado GNU. w/ Spraynard, Delay, Elway
June 4th Salt Lake City, Utah The Underground. w/ Spraynard, Delay, Problem Daughter
June 5th Boise, Idaho. TBA. w/ Spraynard, Delay.
June 6th Bellingham, Washington Jinx Art Space. w/ Spraynard, Delay, Bowlcut
June 7th Seattle, Washington Black Lodge. Spraynard, Delay.
June 8th Portland, Oregon Jurassic Park (house show). w/ Spraynard, Delay, Potsie.
June 9th Eureka, California The Placebo. w/ Spraynard, Delay.
June 10th Berkeley, California 924 Gilman St. w/ Spraynard, Delay, Big Kids, Unmanned Pilots
June 11th San Francisco, California Bottom of the Hill. w/ Spraynard, Delay, Wild Moth.
June 12th Pomona, California VLHS Warehouse. w/ Spraynard, Delay, Summer Vacation, American Lies
June 13th San Diego, California Che Cafe. w/ Spraynard, Delay.
June 14th Tempe/Phoenix, Arizona. TBA. w/ Spraynard, Delay.
June 15th Tucson, Arizona The Pound. w/ Spraynard, Delay, Doctor Dinosaur.
June 16th Albuquerque, New Mexico Gasworks. w/ Spraynard, Delay.
June 17th San Antonio, Texas The B-More House. w/ Spraynard, Delay, Sticky Bandits.
June 18th Austin, Texas Red 7. w/ Spraynard, Delay, Gremlins UK.
June 19th Houston, Texas Mango's. w/ Spraynard, Delay
June 20th New Orleans, Louisiana United Bakery w/ Spraynard, Delay.
June 21st Birmingham, Alabama God's Butt. w/ Spraynard, Delay,

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