Worship This! Worship This! are headed out on an east coast tour this month with Two Hand Fools. Along the way, the band will be joined on dates by Ma Jolie, Timeshares and NONA. Worship This! released The Nard Years 7" earlier this year.

Date City Venue Notes
August 24, 2012 Pittsburgh, PA 222 Ormsby w/ Two Hand Fools
August 25, 2012 Brooklyn, NY The Place w/ Two Hand Fools, Timeshares
August 26, 2012 Long Island, NY Mr. Beery's w/ Two Hand Fools
August 27, 2012 Boston, MA O'Briens w/ Two Hand Fools
August 28, 2012 Brunswick, NJ Cooler Ranch House w/ Two Hand Fools
August 29, 2012 Wilmington, DE El Paso w/ Two Hand Fools, Nona
August 30, 2012 Philadelphia, PA THE TURNER DOME w/ Ma Jolie, Timeshares
August 31, 2012 Baltimore, MD Charm City w/ Ma Jolie, Timeshares
September 1, 2012 Richmond, VA Strange Matter w/ Ma Jolie, Timeshares

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