Public Image Limited John Lydon spoke to Guitar World about why it took so long to hear from Public Image Limited. The band released This Is PiL earlier in 2012; it marked the end of a twenty year between it and their previous album, That What Is Not. He explained:

For two decades I couldn't get a record out because I was in debt and they wouldn't give me the money to record. And if I did, I'd be breaking their agreement because of the recoup nonsense. So basically, they killed me off

Lydon, who is also no fan of Green Day, talked about Billie Joe Armstrong's on-stage meltdown:

Well, if you let people down, you should apologize. If you walk offstage and you've robbed people of the price of their ticket and not give them a full performance, then yeah, you're a cheat and a ripoff. You're also incredibly self-centered. [...] What can I say about that? I've had to do gigs with all manner of injuries, some of them quite serious. But you've got to push through it and not be lazy.

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