Spoonboy David Combs, aka. Spoonboy is embarking on a string of shows around the US between now and March. Several of the dates listed are yet to have venues confirmed, and a number of Northwestern and North Californian shows are also planned.

Date City Time, Venue With
Jan 25 Philadelphia, PA 7pm, The Great Indoors Michael Cantor, Radiator Hospital, Adult Braces
Jan 26 Quaker Hill, CT 9pm, Red Lion (2 Old Colchester Rd.) Michael Cantor, Mail Myself to Thoreau, NunCunt, Folk Y'all
Jan 27 Brooklyn, NY 8pm, Big Snow Buffalo Lodge (89 Varet St.) Michael Cantor, Jeff Rosenstock
Feb 1 Alexandria, VA 6:30pm, The Lab (1819 Quaker Lane) Sundials, Rebecca Vs. Mexico
Feb 6th Nashville, TN 8pm, The Owl Farm (811 Dickerson Unit I) Chicken Little, Ariel Bui
Feb 7 Ft. Worth, TX 7pm, 1919 Hemphill Collick, Kid Prison, Special Guest, Enthusiast
Feb 8 Austin, TX 9pm, Mohawk (912 Red River) Booher, Gabe Hascall
Feb 9 San Antonio, TX TBA TBA
Feb 10 El Paso, TX TBA TBA
Feb 11 Tucson, TX 7pm, Tanline Studio Devil's Coachwhip, Cottontail, Jean Trapezoid
Feb 12 SAN DIEGO, CA 7pm, Che Cafe (1000 Scholars Dr. La Jolla, CA) Black Panther, Golos Truda
Feb 13 Santa Barbara, CA 8pm, Biko Infoshop Hi Ho Silver Away, Watercolor Paintings
Feb 14 Riverside, CA 8pm, Blood Orange Infoshop (3485 University Ave.) Thee Ultimate Baby J, Paul Aguilera, Harry Jerkface
Feb 15 Pomona, CA 8:30pm, VLHS Japanther, Dad Punchers, Stoned at Heart
Feb 16 San Luis Obispo, CA Nux Fest V TBA
Mar 11 Reno, NV TBA TBA
Mar 12 Salt Lake City, UT TBA TBA
Mar 13 Denver, CO TBA TBA
Mar 14 Lawrence, KS TBA TBA
Mar 15 Chicago, IL Township TBA
Mar 16 Bloomington, IN TBA Ghost Mice, Matty Pop Chart
Mar 17 Louisville, KY TBA TBA
Mar 18 Columbus, OH Villa Villekula TBA

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