The Dopamines The Dopamines have announced a handful of European dates to coincide with their Groezrock performance later this month.

Date City Venue Details
4/22 Grenoble, France A L amperage w/ The Zatopeks(UK), The Masculators(FR)
4/23 Genova, Italy Tdn w/ The Locals(IT), Mikey Erg Acoustic(USA)
4/24 Milano, Italy Blue Rose Saloon, w/ Low Derieve(IT), Teenage Gluesniffers(IT), SeeSaw(IT), Mikey Erg Acoustic(USA)
4/25 Geneve, Switzerland Au Cabinet, w/ Mikey Erg Acoustic(USA)
4/26 Lille, France Shaka la w/ Mikey Erg Acoustic(USA)
4/28 Meerhout, Belgium Groezrock, Monster Stage 11:25am-12:00pm

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