Split Habit will embark on a small midwest tour from August 20th to 28th. Highlighted by shows with The Matches, The F-Up's, Over It, and A Wilhelm Scream.

Date Place with Time Cost
8-21 The Muse Cafe (Lansing, IL)


7pm $5
8-22 Bottom Lounge (Chicago, IL)

The Matches, Melee

5pm $8
8-23 Breadstreachers (Springfield, IL)

Over It, B.H.S.

7pm $6
8-24 Missioin Coffee House (Stevens Point, WI)

A Wilhelm Scream, Papercollar

7pm $6
8-25 Java Joint (St Cloud, MN)

Transfer Interupted

7pm $6
8-26 The Warehouse (La Crosse, WI)

The F-Up's, and TBA

7pm $?
8-27 Eagles Club (Green Bay, WI)

Mondays Over, and TBA

6:30pm $6
8-28 Shorewood Legion Hall (Shorewood, WI)

The Felix Culpa, The Meteah Strike, The Oprahs

6pm $5