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Steven Patrick Morrissey (born May 22, 1959) is a singer and songwriter from Stretford, Manchester, England. He rose to prominence as the vocalist of the highly influential British group The Smiths. When the band broke up in 1987, Morrissey began a successful solo career and has had the distinction of charting top ten British singles in three separate decades.

Morrissey is often noted as one of the key pop lyricists of his generation, with many subsequent bands hailing his influence. Detractors usually describe his work as depressing, while fans point to the sardonic humour and acidic wit which underpins his songs' frequent references to alienation and failed love.

He does not shy from controversy in his songs, with themes including; child murder, gang violence, domestic violence, prostitution, racism, drug use, homosexuality, assassination, political protest, anti-religion, and terrorism. A celebration of the outsider is a constant theme in his work. He has been stereotyped as appealing to shy teenagers, and his work has been said to glorify working-class criminality.

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Morrissey reveals tracklist for new album
Morrissey has released the complete tracklist for his upcoming album, the purely Moz-titled World Peace is None of your Business. The album will be released in July via Harvest Records and distributed through Capitol Records. The entire…
April 14, 2014
Morrissey titles new album
Morrissey, that serially snappish singer has stated the tremendously, titillating title of his upcoming album. The Moz, in his usual wry self, has named the album, World Peace is None of Your Business. It is out this summer, will include twelve tracks,…
March 07, 2014
Morrissey announces tour dates
Just in time for Valentines day, Morrissey has announced a few tour dates with a promise of more to come. The Moz has stated that will be playing a show on May 10 in Los Angeles with support by Tom Jones and June 21 in Brooklyn with support by Cliff Richard.…
February 13, 2014
Morrissey autobiography pulled at last minute by Morrissey
That lovable scamp Morrissey has decided to pull his autobiography from distribution just three days before it was planned to hit the shelves. According to fan site True To You, which regularly receives dispatches…
September 13, 2013
Punknews Podcast: The week of July 9, 2013
I was out for the weekend shopping for Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet records in Toronto, so here's last week's podcast, this week! On this, the 154th episode of the Punknews Podcast, John Gentile, Chris Moran and Greg Simpson chat about the next Gaslight…
July 16, 2013
Punknews Podcast: Morrissey cancels another tour due to illness, wins lawsuit
Morrissey has cancelled a second tour this year due to illness. This time, it was his South American dates which got the axe, due to - let's say - ebola.…
July 10, 2013
Punknews Podcast: Vinnie Caruana: "Boy, You're In Heaven" and "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?" (Morrissey)
Vinnie Caruana, the former frontman of The Movielife and current lead singer of I Am the Avalanche has posted a cover of Morrissey's "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?" and an acoustic version of "'Boy, You're In Heaven" from his EP.…
May 17, 2013
Punknews Podcast: Amanda Palmer urges Morrissey to crowdsource album
Though lately he seems more well known for his outspoken political views, "staunch" defense of animal…
April 29, 2013
Punknews Podcast: The week of February 5, 2013
Snowed in? The Punknews Podcast is here to melt away the snow around your heart. This week Bryne Yancey, Adam White and John Gentile theorize how our lives might be different if Fucked Up had blown up instead of Fall Out Boy. We…
February 10, 2013
Punknews Podcast: Updates from Morrissey on health issues
Morrissey has issued a statement on the recent health issues which hospitalized the Smiths' singer and forced the cancellation of several dates. He…
February 04, 2013


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