The Blacktop Cadence

The Blacktop Cadence

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Hometown: Gainesville, FL (USA)


The Blacktop Cadence played a handful of shows from 96–98 and ended way before they should have. We like Hot Water Music too though. Heather likes the Detroit Red Wings, reading o. henry, pynchon, e. annie proulx and emily perkins, drinking dubuque muddy red, pinot grigio and blue, powerade, her cat Rex Ruther, wolverines named bob, disco balls, skeleton band in the closet: tie btwn, frank sinatra and the cure. Jack likes complaining, sleeping, four packs of old mud, dirty cop sunglasses, spinal tap(almost as much as waiting for guffman), touring, friends, human heads, bloody, bloody skull bits, the east coast, breaking strings, skeleton band in the closet: rick springfield. Chris likes putting pomade in his hair, his newfound love CC, drinking old mil tall boys and any flavor powerade/gatorade (he's indiscriminate there) & old 7up, his dog 'bama, reading bukowski and not doing his homework, his webbed toes, skeleton band in the closet: belly. George likes pomade too, tucked–in shirts, his dog charlie, reading daniel quinn (quick pop quiz––ask him how many times he's read ishmael), forgetting to get drum sticks, skeleton band in the closet: the wallflowers.

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The Blacktop Cadence Chemistry for Changing Times

The Blacktop Cadence

Chemistry for Changing Times (2003)

No Idea

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