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A punk rock record label started by Pat Thetic, Chris Head, and Justin Sane of Anti-Flag. A-F serves much the same goal as their namesake, promoting social causes and raising proceeds from certain releases for charities. The label first released the Anti-Flag's Their System Doesn't Work For You in 2000, reprinting material from a `98 split with Vancouver's d.b.s titled North America Sucks. The label's first two releases outside of Anti-Flag were from Pittsburgh's Reagan Squad and Boston's The Unseen.

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Worlds Scariest Police Chases (2010-2014)
Worlds Scariest Police Chases are breaking up. Their final two shows will be October 24, 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA at Howlers and October 31, 2014 at FEST 13. The band stated via their Facebook: What is left to do after all your goals have been achieved? Punk Rock has been saved, lives have been ruined, and the greatest record of our generation, NOFX And Out Come The Wolves Dookie, has been made. At this point, the only thing…
2014-10-17 14:00:01

A-F Records compilation to include Tim McIlrath, Erica Freas, Chris Wollard, Chris Farren
Anti-Flag's label, A-F Records has announced a new compilation of protest songs for charity due out November 18, 2014. The disc is titled This Concerns Everyone and it will include contributions from Tom Morello,…
2014-08-20 17:00:01

Homeless Gospel Choir
Derek Vanetti, aka The Homeless Gospel Choir, is a storytelling acoustic-folk-punk singer who weaves issues like terrorism, materialism and consumer greed between personal topics on his new album I Used to Be So Young. The new record was released on A-F Records and was produced by Anti-Flag's Chris #2. Punknews staffer Max Qayyum caught up with Derek to talk about his new record, his views on the state…
2014-07-29 20:00:01

The Homeless Gospel Choir: 'I Used To Be So Young'
The Homeless Gospel Choir, the band comprised of just Derek Zanetti, is streaming its new album. The release is called I Used To Be So Young, and is out today via A-F…
2014-07-15 17:00:01

Chris Stowe (White Wives): 'Hollow'
Chris Stowe, bassist for White Wives, is streaming his debut solo album Hollow on Bandcamp. The album was officially released yesterday on A-F Records.…
2014-07-02 16:00:01

Antillectual: "Pink Print"
Antillectual have premiered the video for their song "Pink Print" from their 2013 album Perspectives And Objectives on A-F Records over at Pure Volume. You can click Read More for the…
2014-04-10 10:00:02

Chris Stowe joins A-F Records
Singer / songwriter Chris Stowe (White Wives) has joined the A-F Records roster and will be releasing his debut record, Hollow, through the label this summer. Pre-orders are available here. You can click Read More to view an acoustic performance of "I Only Miss Her When I'm Drinking" as well as…
2014-04-02 17:00:01

Worship This!: "Jen, With 2 N's"
Akron, OH's Worship This! have a new music video for the track "Jen, With 2 N's." The song comes from their latest effort, 2013's Tomorrow, I'll Miss You. The group are currently on tour with…
2014-02-20 17:30:01

Worship This! announced as Volume 3 in '20 Years of Hell' series
A-F Records have revealed the third volume in their 20 Years of Hell 7-inch series. This time the selected artist is Akron, OH's Worship This!. The 7-inch will follow the same theme as the previous two with two re-imagined and re-recorded Anti-Flag songs ("Wake Up", "Mumia's Song") on side A and…
2013-12-12 16:00:01

Anti-Flag: "I Hate People Like You"
Anti-Flag have posted one of the unreleased tracks that will appear on their subscription series titled 20 Years of Hell. The band recorded it in 1992 and it appeared on their demo titled 17 Songs. Check it out…
2013-12-04 16:00:01

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