Release Schedule

Split coverAugust 04 Gameday Regulars / Guerrilla Monsoon Split  
Darkest Hour coverAugust 05 Darkest Hour Darkest Hour  
Feel Like a Scientist coverAugust 05 Chrome Feel Like a Scientist ($)
Mediumship coverAugust 05 Dikembe Mediumship  
They Want My Soul coverAugust 05 Spoon They Want My Soul  
The Interrupters coverAugust 05 The Interrupters The Interrupters  
Bruises coverAugust 05 Counterpunch Bruises  
The World We Left Behind coverAugust 05 Nachtmystium The World We Left Behind  
Wovenwar coverAugust 05 Wovenwar Wovenwar  
How the Gods Chill coverAugust 05 Cold World How the Gods Chill  
White Lights [EP] coverAugust 05 Frontier(s) White Lights [EP]  
Split coverAugust 07 Caffiends / Wolf-Face Split  
Kingfisher coverAugust 12 Prawn Kingfisher  
Split coverAugust 12 The Felix Culpa / Foreign Tongues Split  
Yell Boss coverAugust 12 Black Wine Yell Boss  
Cinnamon / Guided By Vices coverAugust 19 The Dirty Nil Cinnamon / Guided By Vices  
Get Hurt coverAugust 19 The Gaslight Anthem Get Hurt  
Static Prevails [Vinyl] coverAugust 19 Jimmy Eat World Static Prevails [Vinyl]  
They Don't Have To Believe coverAugust 19 Punch They Don't Have To Believe  
Washington Street [EP] coverAugust 19 Get Stoked Washington Street [EP]  
Coliseum [Reissue] coverAugust 19 Coliseum Coliseum [Reissue]  
Evolve to Destroy [EP] coverAugust 19 The New Enemy Evolve to Destroy [EP]  
Straight Up Bad Luck coverAugust 19 Bad Case of Big Mouth Straight Up Bad Luck  
Electric High [EP] coverAugust 19 Death Valley Girls Electric High [EP]  
Document And Eyewitness [Reissue] coverAugust 19 Wire Document And Eyewitness [Reissue]  
dorkrockcorkrod [Vinyl] coverAugust 19 The Ergs! dorkrockcorkrod [Vinyl]  
Maximum Overload coverAugust 19 Dragonforce Maximum Overload  
Smash: 20th Anniversary Edition [Reissue] coverAugust 19 The Offspring Smash: 20th Anniversary Edition [Reissue]  
Exit Wounds coverAugust 25 The Haunted Exit Wounds  
Canto Secondo coverAugust 26 Il Sogno del Marinaio Canto Secondo  
Apt 13 coverAugust 26 Gob Apt 13  
Pale Communion  coverAugust 26 Opeth Pale Communion  
Waking The Fallen: Resurrected coverAugust 26 Avenged Sevenfold Waking The Fallen: Resurrected  
Every Single Day [Book] coverAugust 26 Doomtree Every Single Day [Book]  
The Time Has Come coverAugust 26 Cassie Ramone The Time Has Come  
Report coverAugust 26 The Copyrights Report  
Split [10-inch] coverAugust 26 The Used / Taking Back Sunday Split [10-inch]  
Oh So Long coverAugust 26 Cassavetes Oh So Long  

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