Guttermouth - Covered With Ants (Cover Artwork)


Guttermouth: Covered With AntsCovered With Ants (2001)
Epitaph Records

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Contributed by: Booker_PeePat Book
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Guttermouth is terrible. Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with a fair and impartial review, shall we? Guttermouth, perhaps best known (if known at all) to Canadians as the band that got banned from Canada, have always been a sub-par band who makes sub-par music with the intel.
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Guttermouth is terrible.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with a fair and impartial review, shall we?

Guttermouth, perhaps best known (if known at all) to Canadians as the band that got banned from Canada, have always been a sub-par band who makes sub-par music with the intelligence of adolescent kids who think homosexual epithets are still acceptable and to be enjoyed by everyone.

Maybe I should try this again.

Covered With Ants is nothing special. Not even close. Musically, the tempo of the songs has slowed down drastically since their last album, Gorgeous, which was not terribly original either. While there are some genuinely catchy riffs (and a great cameo by Sasha of the Mad Caddies on banjo for one song), the majority of the sounds on the record are exceedingly derivative of bands like Bad Religion, Bracket, or Good Riddance. Lyrically, the band are as big of assholes as ever. They attempt to make their self-described "lyrical criticisms" farther reaching in a societal context on "Secure Horizons" (which is about the stock market), but the majority of the songs end up back in the gutter/toilet. Take, for example, "Chug-A-Lug Night", which is about how great it is to get wasted, make an ass of yourself, abuse strange women, and drive home drunk. Or maybe you'll like "I Won't See You In The Pit" better, where the band calls its fans poseurs and makes "oink" jokes about cops. This aside from all the other, misogynistic, homophobic, ignorant "humour" that is the bands trademark. Think of them as a less popular Eminem with less brains and far less potential.

Of course, reviews like this are probably exactly what the band gets off on. I'm sure this is exactly what they want. Oh well ?? they can use it to write a song for their next album about how "gay" music reviews are.


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HighAnxiety (June 9, 2009)

Hah, pretty funny review. The album's ok.

Anonymous (February 3, 2006)

wow! most of these reviews suck.... let me go get a masters in english so im allowed to type in punknews. i'm just realizing that you have to be highlly educated to be punk. what will happen if i misspell sum werds?? i thynk im not punk annymoore. what to do... what to do...
well, i don't have my masters and im not punk BUT i do listen to guttermouth and from what i've heard, they are an awesome band. sure they have crappy songs but they also have amazing songs that i can listen for hours straight. so for all the haters, go suck horse dick... it's big enough to shut you up bitches.

timmytheturtle1039 (December 15, 2005)

listen to musical monkey in stead coverd with ants, coverd with ants wasnt that bad gusto was worse

stevejonestherealbones (September 21, 2005)

this reviewer is smoking crack. might as well had my mom review this

- jones the bones

- stevejones8770@yahoo.com

PoPSeCKeL (July 22, 2005)

At least they are more punk then good charlotte or simple plan because they certaintly believe in the DIY spirit....but they still suck hard!

Budgetcity (October 31, 2004)

this album isn't the best album ever, but it has some bright spots. A 1/10 is pretty harsh. To each their own i guess.

Anonymous (February 29, 2004)

For all the reasons cited above (& more) guttermouth is part of one of 3 or 4 great punk bands.
And you guttermouth fans I donno what ya pb is with this album. I think THATS LIFE, Bl. Enforcers & Can I borrow.. are some of the best gutt. songs ever. Though I agree the few pop songs are crab.
Mark your stupid but you rule!

Anonymous (November 3, 2003)

the guy that reviewed this is just plain stupid. guttermouth blows all this pop/punk, hardcore, emo, screamo bullshit out of the water. this album though, is not very good at all. the only real good tracks on it are "i'm destroying the world", "chug a lug night" and "i won't see you in the pit."

Anonymous (November 3, 2003)

the guy that reviewed this is just plain stupid. guttermouth blows all this pop/punk, hardcore, emo, screamo bullshit out of the water. this album though, is not very good at all. the only real good tracks on it are "i'm destroying the world", "chug a lug night" and "i won't see you in the pit."

Anonymous (June 10, 2003)

Good band, bad album.

Anonymous (June 5, 2003)

guttermouth rules, this album sucks

Anonymous (March 16, 2003)

this CD deserves what it gets. Forgotten.

Anonymous (February 9, 2003)

Guttermouth should be shot.

Anonymous (January 17, 2003)

Maybe guttermouth is immature and their lyrics are onnoxious but this alblum does not deserve a score so low. Most of the songs on the cd are fairly catchy. I still think they are trying to be a less funny NoFx rip off but despite this the alblum comes out sounding preety good. You shouldn't give a band a low score becaseu you don't agree with their politics, your not judging them as indivduals but instead their music.

Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

your review was ignorant. the score is for your lame ass review,

Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

Can this band be forgiven for having a different opinion than someone else?

Anonymous (November 13, 2002)

I hate Guttermouth.

Anonymous (September 14, 2002)

what's wrong with you??

Anonymous (July 10, 2002)

This by far the worst cd they ever made. Its fucking awful.

Anonymous (June 13, 2002)

while this is not the greatest of guttermouth albums, it still is better than most of the "punk" thats being made today. Not as fast as earlier albums which was a shame but the variations ie banjo made it enjoyable.
"She's got the look" is not the best song ever.

Anonymous (June 10, 2002)

YOU SUCK!!! Guttermouth is awesome! I happen to like the Chug-a-lug night song. You didn't metion anything about the song She's got that look. That is the best song. Maybe you can masterbate about how you can make fun their new CD this August! well you can CRAM IT UP YOUR ASS!

Rickets (March 8, 2002)

Fuck your PC Bullsit! You can dislike Guttermouth's music but don't bring your own personal politics into your review. Asshole! Go cry at an emo show you dumb fuck!

Anonymous (March 1, 2002)

Guttermouth rocks, fuck you all!

Anonymous (November 9, 2001)

hey guess what??
guttermouth sold out! and it sucks!

Anonymous (October 20, 2001)

On every punk related sites do you enter you will see an argue on what's punk,on whose more punk but the fucking greatest thing you can do is to spot an grammatical error and fucking correct it.It's shit.I hate you.

Anonymous (September 15, 2001)

Hey, lay off. Its not Sonik's fault that he was ass-raped by his dad for years. It's not his fault that he doesn't know grammer cuz of all the glue he siffed in grade school. Its not his falt that he spends his day hidding in a in a rest area along the high-way, ass raping ever guy that comes in to take a piss. Its not his fault! Wait a second.....yes it is!!

Anonymous (August 22, 2001)

Sonik .... get a life kid.

Anonymous (August 14, 2001)

Sonik the Hedgehog:

Here's a foolproof method of killing yourself:

Stop masturbating to gay porn, get off your ass, and look in a mirror.

-Senor Potpourri

punk_kid (August 4, 2001)

blink 182

Anonymous (July 18, 2001)

Dearest Señor Potpourri,
I have concluded with countless hours of research that you are worthless and therefore should kill your self.

Listed below are five foolproof methods of killing yourself:

*1. Take a rope, tie a noose, place the noose around your neck, connect other end of rope to ceiling, and dangle miserably until no longer capable of breathing.

*2. Buy a gun, load gun with bullet, point gun to head, and pull trigger. (contact me via e-mail for loading instructions at Pat_Book_is_a_worthless_piece_of_shit@yahoo.com)

*3. Jump in a pool, ensure that your head is submerged in the water, keep that way until no longer capable of breathing.

*4. Find nearest cliff or mountain, Go to edge of aforementioned cliff or mountain, and jump off cliff.

*5. Take bath, bring radio, place operating radio on side of bathtub, when radio plays something you do not enjoy (don't worry you will not have to wait long) accompany yourself with the radio under water in the bathtub.




Anonymous (July 6, 2001)

Your first two sentences aren't punctuated correctly. They should be, "Hey, what's up, Pat? God, you're a piece of shit." Also, your review of the Gob CD wasn't very gramatically correct,so why do you say you're gramatically correct right here?

-Senor Potpourri

SONIKtheHEDGEHOG (June 17, 2001)

Hey what's up Pat. God you're a piece of shit. Do you know how much i fucking hate you? No, Well then let me tell you all about it. I fucking hate you. Your reviews suck, you like shitty bands, you suck cock for a living, you like to suck goat's asses. You are a damn goat sucker (CHUPACABRA). It other words, you are a slimy weird looking little midget thing that lives in the desert of Mexico. You suck at reviewing as mentioned above, and i fucking hate you. YOU ARE A BUTT PIRATE. Now, as for the cd I like it, but on a side note PAT IS A FLYING PIECE OF FUCK. Thank you for taking the time to read this review of PAT being a big asshole. By the way I can type right. and GRAMATICALLY CORRECT (notice I didn't spell the word gramatically wrong while ripping apart someone's grammar)do you See dickhead? By the way i will post this on every review you write.

Anonymous (April 24, 2001)

excuse me? fuck you because i love playing in front of 12 year old girls

fathead (April 23, 2001)

notice that three of the four bands that you just mentioned completeley suck, the exception being guttermouth. while they aren't the greatest band ever, they are still better than the corporate bitches you named along side of them.I'm a musician also, and i'll shoot myself before I play in front of twelve year old girls.

Anonymous (April 21, 2001)

Props to Blink, NFG, FenixTX, and Guttermouth for making catchy songs that even people that don't like punk enjoy. I'm a musician. Trust me, it's a lot harder to write music that millions of people will buy then stuff that only a few people will buy. The whole idea of sounding "punk" is stupid.

Anonymous (April 21, 2001)

Being in a band is a job: if you don't make money, then you have to quit your job and do something else.

RecipeForHate (April 18, 2001)

This is definetly not they're best album,but i don't get some of the reviewers here.Why are they reviewing albums of bands they hate.Everyone has his own opinion about what good music is and you don't need to bash at eachother's musical taste.That's not punk.

Anonymous (April 16, 2001)

Allright, this album seems to be taking a lot of heat. Personally I enjoy this album thouroughly. I too review albums on a regular basis (http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Lair/4595/) and some of you have brought up some good points. Sure, this isn't the same Guttermouth as before but sounds change with the times. When I pop in any new CD, even if it's one of my fav bands, I don't expect anything. I keep an open mind to the music and the lyrics and don't pre-judge what should be coming out of my speakers. This album is diffinetly slower than old Guttermouth, but it is just as good. They come out with some great chorus' that you can sing along too, and maintain what Guttermouth is all about, having fun. If you even try to listen to Guttermouth on an intellectual level you're deffinetly not going to like it. But these guys aren't trying to invoke thought with their lyrics, they're trying to envoke the feeling of fun and humor, and if you think this ruins the music than you're way to serious to be listening to this kind of music. NOTE: The opinions expressed in this comment are that of the writer and in no way express the feelings of the general population. Hehehehe, that's all for today.

fathead (April 11, 2001)

god people, lighten up. let guttermouth sing about whatever the fuck they want to sing about.sure they may not be the best band in the world, but they're doing what they want to do with thier music.personally, i find em funny as hell.

Booker_Pee (April 11, 2001)

Oh yeah, and it is most certainly is not part of punk to hate gays - it's part of ignorance. And as for reviewing the album for people who like it, they know they're going to like it and won't listen to what i have to say. Case in point: the ignorant dick that goes out of his way to insult me and every review i've ever done here.

Booker_Pee (April 11, 2001)

Granted, I'm not a fan of Guttermouth. I also happen to be an 18 year old male who is very openminded. I never meant to give the impression that i was offended by this album or any other guttermouth album because i'm not. If i were though, the only thing that would offend me would be that a lame one-trick pony like this band has gained fame and (presumably) mild fortune by recycling the same jokes again and again. There's something to be said for remaining static throughout your career, but there's also something to be said for growing and changing artistically.
-Pat Book

Anonymous (April 11, 2001)

i think every one will agree thats gay guys sux, its part of punk to be anti gay. Guttermouth are cool, not every band can be hip and cool like new found glory or saves the days or at the drive in or get up kids.


Anonymous (April 10, 2001)

I hate to barge on all of your "great" reviews, but I must say you guys are losing the point on what a review is. Pat, you by far are doing the best job you can but by the sounds a things you must be atleast.....what 30?40?......and listening to the wrong type of music. Sure everyone has their own opinion.....but keep in mind, yours is not speaking for even 1% of the people who will buy this album. But....I do like what you have to say and it gives a little edge to things...so keep up what you are doing. Now for this other guy who seems to have a thing out for you...try reviewing the album...not Pat's comments. Now I may sound like a hypocrite....so I must finish my job and review thsi album. Yes, Guttermouth may be alitle rude....but that's what gives them their style and originality. So, for people like Pat who are offended by this music, here's a little helpful pointer....don't listen to it! This album is probably one of their worst, but for Guttermouth fans like me, it ain't half that bad. For someone who doesn't like this album, try musical monkey instead... it's alot better quality. I was alitle dissapointed with the wait of this alright album but I still can't wait to see them at Warped!!

Anonymous (April 10, 2001)

I'm going to assume that the anonymous that told me to fuck off is the same one that has been writing shit about me after every review i've submitted so far and say this: i've never even heard anything by FenixTX and i am most definitely not a blink182 fan, so don't make assumptions about me based on your own ignorance and prejudice please.
- Pat Book

Anonymous (April 9, 2001)

crap i wrote the comment above, it was supposed to have a score of 1, opps.

Anonymous (April 9, 2001)

I pretty much agree completly with your review, guttermouth are not a good band! I do find some of the songs amusing at times, but they're nothing special. The thing i really dissagree with is that they have less potential than eminem, because everyone has more potential than him. I HATE EMINEM!!

Anonymous (April 9, 2001)

oh fuck off, go listen to your at the drive in and impossibles/stereo bull shit and stick to reviewing what you're good at; blink 182 and fenix tx.

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