Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet (Cover Artwork)

Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K.: I Get WetI Get Wet (2002)
Island Records

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Contributed by: SOYBOMBSOYBOMB
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Before the actual review begins, I have to confess that this has to be one of the most enjoyable CD's I have heard in a while with simplistic yet energetic music about Girls and Partying. It is a great disc for anyone who wants to have a good time while listening to their music. The disc opens wi.
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Before the actual review begins, I have to confess that this has to be one of the most enjoyable CD's I have heard in a while with simplistic yet energetic music about Girls and Partying. It is a great disc for anyone who wants to have a good time while listening to their music.

The disc opens with the basic motif of the album (which is partying for those who did not know) "Its Time To Party", which is a great opener for an energetic album that proves that the off the wall hybrid 80's metal style of music Andrew W.K. and his band plays is surprisingly great (at least in my opinion). Just alittle FYI, Andrew W.K. himself is the pianist on the tracks of this CD.

The second track is AWK's first single (which has received lots of airplay on MTV2) "Party Hard". I admit, the first time I heard this song I dismissed it as trash but it grows on an individual. I don't know if it's the short piano interludes or the hard hitting riffs but this song is meant for those who just want raw energetic fun.

Other notable tracks on AWK's disc are "I Get Wet" (which he and the band performed on Saturday Night Live not too long ago), his second single "She Is Beautiful", "Ready To Die" and "Girls Own Love".

All in all, this is a cool album that no one should overlook, even if it means having your "punk rock" peers look down at you because you like something that is construed as mainstream.

AWK's sheer sincerity and simplistic approach to creating energetic and fun music is something that more bands out there should take into consideration.


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totalstranga (July 26, 2006)

Andrew Wilkes-Krier(sp?) went to high school here in Ann Arbor, but he is definitely not like that punk legend of note from here (Ypsilanti, actually), one Iggy Pop.
and seeing as how his drummer when playing live for this was one of the Tardy brothers from Obituary, I think he was going for more of a metal thing. not punk, but not horrible

Anonymous (May 18, 2006)

is his dick out .this album sucks

Anonymous (April 5, 2006)


Anonymous (December 9, 2005)

This is the worst piece of crap i've ever heard. A terrible mix of ABBA and er...metal. Stop. Please stop

pasha (October 24, 2005)

awsome CD, one of the best to get you moving or pump up you energy level...

MaxTheGreat11 (May 16, 2005)

this guy and his band are awesome. all they do is rock, and then rock some more. its not heavy, its not mellow, but its fast and catchy, and relentless. it's great party music. check it out.

Master-Motonobu (October 15, 2003)

This is a beautiful album. It is audio orgasms

esco (July 8, 2003)

I wasnt a huge AWK fan until I saw them live. I bought the album purely on the fact that they are on of the most energetic bands I have ever seen.

Anonymous (June 12, 2003)

Anyone who does something so obviously ridiculous and still keeps a straight face is a hero in my book. If he didn't swear on the 7th song, this would be a perfect album. Give him credit; he's flying in the face of everything, pop fans and punk fans alike.

-Sr. Potpourri

punkcorekid (November 21, 2002)

First off, why is this album reviewed on a punk site ? This isn't a punk album, not trying to say that everything that's not punk is crap, but ya know, trying to keep with the whole PUNKnews.org thing... I personally don't like the music but I heard he was a nice guy.

punkboy_1 (November 12, 2002)

this guy makes me happy. he's music is fun and exciting. sure all he's songs sound the same but they are all the same good song. he says party about 144 times and i like beer

Anonymous (September 11, 2002)

that should be "chokes on his on vomit", not pukes on his on vomit

Anonymous (September 11, 2002)

i think a friend of mine best expressed our mutual feelings on awk when he stated "i hope awk pukes on his on vomit induced by partying hard"

SOYBOMB (August 16, 2002)

"Pop-punk lyrics" my ass buddy.

AWK never claimed to be punk (nor do his lyrics), but even on his worst day, he's more punk than your sorry ass will ever be..


Anonymous (August 2, 2002)

She is beautiful is the worst that I've heard sine a very long time. Pathetic... 80's pop with distortion and pop-punk lyrics. Shitty!!!

Anonymous (July 12, 2002)

That guy's on some serious fucking drugs.

Anonymous (July 11, 2002)

andrew w. k. is a dirty boogin and he hasn't showered in a long time. change your clothes andrew......

Anonymous (July 9, 2002)

anyone knockin poison should get shot in the face. those guys rock. i just saw them and they still kick ass. they are the band that got me into rock waaaay back in 88 when i was...8.AWK rocks but aint got nothin on poison.
notothin but a good time, how can i resist! POOOOOISSOOOOOOOOON!!!!
ps. the crue rules too
pps. weezer sux my balls. the mainstream should be rock stars not dorkus malorkus puppet dweebs. rivers does enough coke to be a rockstar, he shoudl at least look like one. uhhh my brain hurts

SOYBOMB (July 9, 2002)

Are you knockin' Poison? Cause if you are....


Anonymous (July 9, 2002)

This album is without a doubt the single biggest piece of garbage I have ever heard. I dont know what the hell is wrong with all of these people claiming its great and hes a genius! All that he is doing is taking the retro 80's glamrock sound with the retro 80s butt rock look. Do me a favor go download some poision and then listen to AWK again and you'll know what Im talking about. Geeze.

Vien (July 8, 2002)

I was gone for a week. So what's new?

CallingLondon (July 7, 2002)

what the fuck is this guy talking about with the smart vs dumb guys and big cocks?

SOYBOMB (July 7, 2002)

Did anyone see the re-run of his SNL preformance last night??

Its the one with the wrestler "The Rock" hosting. It was pretty funny and the preformance was great.


Anonymous (July 6, 2002)

i haven't read all the posts but i hope no one beat me to this analogy. andrew wk is like the music equivalent of a drunken one night stand with a girl who is sorta hot but really annoying. its fun and its better than nothin but you aren't going to start any kind of relationship or buy the cd. so whats the big hubub about? its a cheap fuck but hey sometimes thats all a guy needs. so rock on awk have fun and nobody'll hold it against you.

Anonymous (July 6, 2002)

Since when did punks become hippies? Well whenever they did, they can go to fucking hell.

sickboi (July 6, 2002)

Where did the talk of cock come from? I think I'll go elsewhere...

Anonymous (July 6, 2002)

this is turning into one of those high school big jock football players verse the smart guy who he copies off in class so while he is a complete moron, it doesnt show on his report card. so the guy has nothing to say at all....so what? some good music doesnt. but come on...the guy is tryin to make himself look all crazy and insane and demented and crap...while singing songs about partying. its like Kiss but dumber....i think the dude partied himself stupid.
oh and theres one thing ive learned from having a buncha girls for friends...the more a guy talks about how big his cock is...the more he's trying to make up for it being so small. so talk all the shit you want, its really fuckin funny.
and as for makin fun of anybody for being smart....guess who's gonna be ur bosses when you get actual jobs...the smart guys...and why? because they have a fuckin brain.

Anonymous (July 6, 2002)

you fuckin' hippie.

Anonymous (July 6, 2002)

I will tell everyone what... if any of you actually had a brain then you would realize that sometimes music is just music not some sort of IQ test. Music was invented for people to listen to for entertainment. When swing, jazz and big band music was popular back in the early 90's no one sat around thinking about "wow that note he played right there was just so perfectly placed this is brilliant music" or "boy this guy doesnt seem to have a brain at all I am not going to enjoy this because he doesnt stimulate my mind". Who fucking cares! It looks like AWK is having a shit load of fun if you ask me. Thats all I look for in my music. Fun! Yea sometimes I would like to listen to something that is calm and doesnt want to make me go down a few beers and "party hard". When I am in a mood for something thought provoking or calm I will listen to something calm. I would love to not have to name names but only one comes to mind... WYZO. I, for one, dont care to read his long winded wannabe intellectual bashes of AWK and every kind of music that doesnt get your brain going at the speed of light. I dont think anyone else really cares to read them either. In conclusion anyone who calls AWK a genius is far from thinking straight but anyone who passes this off as energetic party provoking music that would be a fucking awesome time to listen to when "its time to party" you are absolutely fucking right.PARTY HARD!!~pat41

Anonymous (July 6, 2002)

I wonder why when anyone puts up a review of any sort of album everyone then becomes the most experiacned music critic of all time. It really bothers me that so many people can get into big fights over what they blast on their steros. It kinda like the "rednecks" who drive around town in their jacked up ford f150s screaming at me and telling me that im a "punk rocking faggot". this phrase confuses me because i was under the impression that punk rocking wasn't a verb. but do they hate me because im an asshole or i fucked their mom no, its because i wore a rancid shirt and i drove through town playing my sick of it all cd too loud. I never got it. I mean i dont really like country but i dont hate anyone for listening to it. i also hold a large distaste for rap but i dont let it choose who my friends are. do i care that some of my buddies listen to stuff like blink 182 or a new found glory even though i would rather stick my hand into a blender then listen to it myself doesnt make them any less of a friend. I think we should jsut all get along weather we like andrew wk or not and get over it. I myself find that his music is cheesy but enjoyable. Do i hate wyzo for disliking it? Nope, actually i think he is a funny person with some good retorts. So there ya go , love em or hate em, lets not let it put us at each others throats. ( i wonder if im gonna get called a hippy for my "peace" post ehh who knows)

SOYBOMB (July 5, 2002)

Hey Scott,

Keanu's still got the idiotic-surfer persona.. I think he could still pull off a good Ted.. so I wouldn't count out a possible comeback with the AWK fueled music score.


I don't drink any type of alcohol and I enjoy his music for what it is, fun music.

Excuse me while I go Party Hard..


relay1112 (July 5, 2002)

You guys are fucking dumb. Who cares if it's not punk, who cares if he never changes his clothes.

And you other guys, you're fucking dumb too. The reason we point out that he has no talent is that you toted him as a genius, and as extremely talented. The only reason we point out he's dumb is that you said he was smart.

There, it's resolved. If you hate andrew wk, shutthefuckup. If you love him, listen to him, but don't say he's incredible just because you like to drink beer to his music and it sounds good when you're shitfaced.

maverick (July 5, 2002)

I wish I was a girl so I could have Andrew WK's baby.

This album is the soundtrack for the "Bill and Ted" movie that was never made.


SOYBOMB (July 5, 2002)



Yellowtrash (July 5, 2002)

All I'm going to say is that Andrew W.K. used to drum for a grindcore band.

Anonymous (July 5, 2002)

someone mention expedia? if you listen closely to the song its not even him (and if it is its a really bad version of the song) and did someone say he never changes his clothes? apperently some people forgot about the punk attitude which is not caring about shallow things like how you look. besides, how do you know he doesn't have a closet full of white tshirts and black pants?

RocksMySox (July 4, 2002)

This guys can't write choruses

Anonymous (July 4, 2002)

This album was pointless because almost every song is about a party?

You just talked about Anti-Flag and the political BS they spew. Compared to them, andrew wk looks like a winner

Anonymous (July 4, 2002)

This guy sounds like what happended if Bret Michaels stopped wearing make up and became homeless.

I think I'll skip this...


Anonymous (July 4, 2002)

i think the album was pointless cuz every song had something to do with partying just about. but the songs were good so i will give it a 4.

Anonymous (July 4, 2002)

he's still bleeding and he's dirty, he better be careful before he gets an infection.


Anonymous (July 3, 2002)

ahahahhah wyzo's rating of the album has gone up a star since his first post!! my ignorance has permeated his brain and has moved him closer to maximum steakhead potential and further from dorkusmalorkusdom.ppoop pants

Anonymous (July 3, 2002)

sickboi gave me props. thanks, i know that shit was clever and wyzo's was ignorant but what can u do, he's not to smart cuz hes to busy eating poo poo.buddyhead is cooler than you to wyzo. blah blah blah. just admit u secretyly think the wk rawks the heezy for sheezy.i'm out of funny stuff.strung out still rocks too, and your review still juggles my alpha male grapefruit sized nuts. and my shlong. it big and i wear baggy pennywise shorts to hide my hugeness. ahahhaha. me funny.eat a nad.beer bong 4th of july. lets kill more middleeasteners. hows that for wit!!! pot,beer shit ,my face is bleeding from headbanging on my desk at work cuz i prty harder than n e one again.

-the rawkin dood who disses wyzo alot but forgets why now and has posted a bunch of similar witty ness. except the one where wyzo;s called pompuos. can't take credit for that.

-uhh thanks for not typing alot wyzo. and i forgot i wasnt supposed to read this bo;ard anymore. oh wll.fuck me in ass.aryan ass to u bromo.this album still gets an 11 for rawkin out w/ my cock out.

Anonymous (July 3, 2002)

that would have been toasty if it weren't for the fact I liked it better the first time buddyhead did it. Brah.


Anonymous (July 3, 2002)

Andrew WK can eat my ass. what the fuck is a review of this album doing on this site anyway. This shit blows.

sickboi (July 3, 2002)

Really stupid, yet I'm laughing out loud. If clever wit can be really entertaining and respected, why can't ignorant ranting?

Anonymous (July 2, 2002)

ahhhh wyzo. dorkus malorkus supreme. its cool bro. u want to touch my testocerone (mispelling is cool) cock and smack u w/ it. hows that for wit.u aere little man blah blah whatever. i like arguing w/ u cuz i could care less. i just like to see your big words and your supersmartness. 321 is rocket science poop shoot. to me it is. i don't know no smart stuff. only smart kids like you do. i'm aryan too i suppose according to you.cool bro.'nubile' is big word. your friends dont' like your long writing. no wonder. they're probably also bummed you dont' get laid bro. and still won't til u drop the audatious attitude. youre pretentious adn condecending. big word man. me too.your a piece of poo poo sucked through a straw out me bum bum. aryan bum bum to you huh?
stop crying. the wk rules. u are lame. go listen to the velvet underground or elvvis costello genius, leave the cock rock to us superior males that know what it is to "party hard". your strung out review is still garbagio. strung out are cooler than u, and they get laid. them plus me equals 6 dudes getting laid.u do not make 7, unless your slamming the girl in intro to pottery or egyption art or classical music appreciation. dorkus.

ps. i fuct your mom, bro.

pps. i'm done reading your combacks and defenses. from now on just assume a big "nah brah" for anything u write.

ppps. stop posting altogether. eat a giant male sterotypical cultural icon western society archetypical cock.

Anonymous (July 2, 2002)

The world needed a cd like this to pop back into the stores cuz andrew w.k. brings rock back to its essence: partying and fuckin. Now that's rock and roll.

-dude uh?

Anonymous (July 2, 2002)

i think you're all missing the point, sure he parties hard. that's great and all, but he could at least change his shirt, or wipe that red crap off his face. i mean seriously i may dress bummy but i make sure i'm mountain fresh clean. i'm embarressed for him and his mother, !!!I EAT CHEESE!!!


SOYBOMB (July 2, 2002)

Wyzo.. Your responses are great..

The inclusion of "If I dont like AWK, then i dont get laid, and im poor, and ugly, and Im 3 feet tall and I suffer from jaundice" is brilliant and I am in no way being sarcastic.


Anonymous (July 2, 2002)

'i called you pompous because of that long textual masturbation of a post about him'

I can see that, its a hard thing to get across if someones not used to how I write but I just by nature write alot. My friends hate it, I write long emails, I use five post it notes to leave notes, i just write alot. I can understand the perception, but its not something I help. When Ive tried to shorten things I end up writing more.

As for sickboi, I dont dislike the beastie boys, just the overexposure of that damn song. The BB get known for that song, alright, but they have whole records of better stuff.

anyway, I think by himself I could stand AWK, but the whole band I just find funny, but at least their no Adema.

Anonymous (July 2, 2002)

"social commentary and use your 'big' words like virility"

If you think what i said is social commentary, then 3-2-1 contact is like rocket science to you.

If virility is a big word to you, then I'm sorry the harlequin romance novel reading level is now to be classified as a nerdy wordy venture. They also use words like nubile, yielding to the touch, engorged, you know, "big words".

"Wyzo, go away with your college boy i watch masterpeice theatre and drink lattes...."

Alright, the last comment I made talked shit about art schools but im an art college kid with his panties in a bunch. *sigh* how much simpler can I be?

Please insult me because im acting all 'smart and shit, with your I read time magazine good looks and your I do book reports for fun manner', please be even more of the alpha male neanderthal hunting for berries protecting your territorial pissings.

Now everyone write back 'you come at us with your coherent sentences, and I just want to whip my big testosterone cock out and beat you with it and show that physical prowess still reigns supreme, lets all suck each other off, then be homophobic, brain hurt, slowing down, me big man, you must be little man if I disagree with you, cause if you weren't well then I might have to come to grips with the fact that people who have the right opinion aren't big golden aryan muscle bound sex machines and the people who are wrong aren't necessarily goateed 'wimps' with thick glasses and bad acne. Or maybe jewish people are greedy, black people just love committing crime, and all the idiotic prejudices I use to fight an argument are valid substitutions for rational thought."

If I dont like AWK, then i dont get laid, and im poor, and ugly, and Im 3 feet tall and I suffer from jaundice.


its too easy.

SOYBOMB (July 2, 2002)

"Quick tip for anyone who gave this album 3 stars or more, pull your head out of your ass, put down the braiwashing Andrew W.K. album, and find some real music to listen to."

Ok, just don't hurt me anymore master!
I will listen to whatever you see fit!..



Anonymous (July 2, 2002)

Usually I enjoy what Wyzo has to say, but attacking the Beastie Boys? You've gone waaaay to far.


Anonymous (July 2, 2002)

I haven't heard this album, so disregard the rating. But, in response to those who are creaming in their pants because someone 'finally brought fun, party music back', why don't you put in some D4?

Anonymous (July 2, 2002)

I can't believe what i have just read. I am bothered that there is even a review of this awful shit on this website. Andrew W.K. should be drug out into the streets and shot for somehow brainwashing people and convincing them that the retard, wrestler, rock that he calls music is good. This guy is not some fucking music messiah. People are trying to make him sound like he is a genius because he wrote all of the music on his album. Well i could record myself taking a shit over and over again too. Where is my record contract? Even if there was 1 track on here that was even close to being relatively tolerable, it would be dilluted out by the fact that every song on this cd sounds the fucking same. Quick tip for anyone who gave this album 3 stars or more, pull your head out of your ass, put down the braiwashing Andrew W.K. album, and find some real music to listen to.

Anonymous (July 2, 2002)

"I like it how all comments about me are based on male standards of supremacy. I bet you guys fuck your whore girlfriends and they wake up angels 10 times a day cause men are measured by virility, patriarchy rules!" Wyzo, i'd really enjoy beating the piss out of you for saying such dorkus college boy shit like this. go back to art school pansy boy, your defenses are more stale than my insults cuz i'm just being funny. like how your like snarf. u come back w/ social commentary and use your 'big' words like virility.and you still aint gettin laid bro, no matter how hard u hit the books. or maybe u dig manlove and havent found him yet. i hope u give me a homophobia social commentary now. its ok to be confused wyzo, you'll find your sexual identity soon, your in college now, getting enlightened, and i knwo freshman year wasnt kind to you, but its cool.you'll find art fart-ette soon. keep rockin to the limp biz beyyyaaach. bBEER RULES SO DOES THE WK WOOOOOOO!

Anonymous (July 2, 2002)

yea,wyzo quit typing so much. and your still a dorkus malorkus know it all like that lagwagon song. sorry about the not getting laid commment i can tell it got your panties in a bunch. i don't get the mop up my ass thing. what i do get is that when ists time to bparty i party hard! danananana da danana dana dananana dan dannanana! fuck yea! this album gets an 11 like the sound levels on spinal taps amps!!

50 bux sez wyzo listens to the limp bizkit beeyaaach!

Anonymous (July 2, 2002)

Do I like him? Nope. Do I like the shtik? Nope. Do I appreciate his energy and thrashy live performance? You bet. I like it when a band challeneges you in the live arena: feeling a little turned and uneasy at a show is positive; being disturbed--as opposed to subdued--wakes you up. Now all the aformentioned crap...that doesn't necessarily relate to AWK; when typing it out I had the Jesus Lizard in mind. Yeah: fuck this; buy a Jesus Lizard record and beat you head against the fucking wall. AWK will never be a David Yow.

Anonymous (July 2, 2002)

jee fellas cant we stop worrying about whos punker, whos not punker, whos making fun of punker people and everything else and just love eachother? Hell you can be the kid with old dirty shoes making fun of someone with a dirty shirt trying to be hardcore. Stop making fun of people trying to be hardcore as you are doing the same thing just by acting high and mighty. jee wilikers get some tissues

sickboi (July 2, 2002)

My only concerns are as follows:

I understand that AWK gave his music to Nintendo and Coors for their own promotions, I mean come on, beer and video games? I would. But Expedia? *sigh*

waste_elite (July 2, 2002)

i didn't call you pompous because you don't like AWK, i called you pompous because of that long textual masturbation of a post about him. he does fit that image though, i'll give you that. reminds of the old guy your friend met while working construction. he's weird as hell but you hang out with him because he scores booze for you and your cronies. ah, memories...

for the record, i'm not even really a fan of AWK's music. it's catchy music, but it's not something i'd listen to over and over. i do, however, appreciate his presence in the mainstream. he's a nice, dirty middle finger to today's image of "cool". that's what the four stars are for.

i happen to like the whole avant-garde performace art thing. it's bizarre, confrontational, disturbing, provoking. call it the emperor's new clothes, i call it different and, most importantly, interesting. anything that pushes the boundaries is a plus. that whole shitting on yourself thing is old news though man. anyone remember "coum transmissions" and/or Throbbing Gristle?

Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

goddamn. how come people can't like a cd unless it involves thinking? i admit, i like intelligent music but have some variety guys. cheer up...have fun...listen to the W.K. he rocks hard.

SOYBOMB (July 1, 2002)


I salute you man,
The way you get your opinions across..
Fun reads to say the least.


Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

if I walk around shitting on myself on purpose, it doesnt make it smart anymore than a band playing bad music on purpose makes it smart.

Thats what all the art school performance art morons do. Im shoving a mop up my ass as a statement on consumer waste, or maybe your just shoving a mop up your ass.

I like it how all comments about me are based on male standards of supremacy. I bet you guys fuck your whore girlfriends and they wake up angels 10 times a day cause men are measured by virility, patriarchy rules!

Why is it if I name a band (slayer in the last post) im name dropping it. If I said winger or fucking pink floyd maybe im just naming a band, I dont know these bands, their records are as good as others, artists arent special people, and knowing them doesnt make their 'artistry' rub off on you. If you think I was name dropping slayer, good for you, not everything means something , and not everything defines me as a person.

As for pseudo intillectual, keep calling me a dork, or geek, a nerd, or maybe you all can graduate to faggot or fink, or square. What exactly was pseudointillectual about my post, I thought it was pretty straight forward fuck you stuff, no intilligence needed.

As for SOYBOMB, I enjoyed the pennywise fuck authority patch joke, I thought it was quality, I assume you understood the flight jacket thing of mine was meant sarcastically.

As for pompous, No one is alllowed to dislike anything anymore. Herd opinion dictates that nothing can be disliked. Well, no you dont have to just like every band, like me, I dislike alot of bands. But that doesnt mean I dont find the piano part in that one AWK song catchy, Theres more to an opinion than the two polar opposites of great and shit, everything fits within a context, and compared to everything else out their, AWK is low on the list.

waste_elite (July 1, 2002)

i don't really have a problem with AWK. the music is so stupid it's smart, as somebody mentioned before. a little band called the Ramones played the same card back in the day. stupidity as an art form. anyway, i'd rather listen to a band play dumb music on purpose than a stupid band (pretty much every nu-metal band) trying to play smart music.

wyzo, you're pompous.

cardhore (July 1, 2002)

Andrew W.K. is a good pianist as well

Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

i'm the rawkin dood who jsut posted. i leave mispells for extra punk rawk ness. when its ntime to party i party fukcin hard!!!!!!if u mix redbull and vodka it tastes good. cock rock rules. kill emo kids!!!

Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

ANdrw WK fuckin rAWKS , punk rawks, beer rocks, i rawk! this cd makes me want to punch myself in the face rip around a feild in my car, do a beer bong, drink a fifth of booze, beat someone up, go to hooters, smoke cigaretts, blow lines, fight afganistanians, get on chicks, and beat up every smart art fart college enlightened fucks. PAETRYTY!!!!

ps. 'this is dumbed down metal etx' so what. not everything has to be smart. sometimes its just cool to have fun and rock out. i mean really, when i throw parties at my apt. this cd gets a good reaction from my friends. not all are punks, but when its summer and your playing flip cup or quarters or some other 'dumbed down' behavior, this shit is bomb. i mean cmon, weezer's blue album gets the same positive party reaction. that shit isnt 'intellingent'.so fucking what. (ever listen to 'crab', yea brillian rivers, how much blow was up your nose on that one)
yea wyzo i was born in 80. i remember thunder cats. u remind me of snarf. dork.oh yea those other anti wyzo comments were all mine. i read your strung out review too. your a tool box. lets hear your bands cd.

Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

'small cock rock'...u should like these guys Wyzo

SOYBOMB (July 1, 2002)

Ok you guys are right, AWK is not "PUNKRAWK"..

Excuse me while I go put on my studded Leather jacket with its extra large Pennywise "fuck authority" patches.


QGJREVIVED (July 1, 2002)

b4 soybomb gets more attention


Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

Yes soy bomb..

some guy: This is shit. How could people like this?

Some douche: This KIcks ass!

Soybomb: Ha ha! This guy is a genius

Someone else: No he isn't. He's just well marketed.

Soybomb: LOL:)

It's not an issue of andrew wk not being punk. He isn't, but that's not what this is about.
He's not good. He takes dumbed down metal, dumbs it down just a little bit more, adds an electronic beat to hook in the dumbshits in pick-up trucks, and, in the process, makes the most dumbed down, lowest common denominator small-cock rock in the world.

Did I leave anything out?

QGJREVIVED (July 1, 2002)

ha nice thread

The main problem with this album is that his vocals sound really and deformed in the music.

SOYBOMB (July 1, 2002)


man this is quite a thread of comments we got going..


Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

oh yea Wyzo. quit being holier than thou. hahaha. i'm older than you. and cooler. i also get laid. i can read the fact that you don't right through your post.dont' worry. everything will work out for u in the end.

Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

Wyzo. your a dork. and no one cares. fuck you and your stupid pseudo intellectual comments.save it for the coffee house. hippy.

Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

oh this album isnt punk? boo hoo i guess it can't be good then right? fuck punk. punks are the new nazi's, their more elitest than cheerleaders. and most kids that think theyre punk are no more punk than me.people either love or hate this album, no middle ground. i love it. i love 80's hair rock, and this cd is basically that but faster. its fun, catchy, good times music. when i put it on at my parties someone usually busts out the beer bong and we all get sloppy by track 4. if u don't like partying or are an emo wuss that thinks this is dumb jock cock rock then u won't like it. 'its not intelligent enough'. whatever. not everyone has to be greg graffin. this shit rules. so does poison and the crue. no one makes fun music anymore, everyone feels like they have to make a statement. this shit is just fun. theyher not good live though.oh well.

adam (July 1, 2002)

Scott didn't "move" any reviews. He posted 15 new reviews instead of the normal 5 because he wasn't going to be able to keep the normal updates time this week... Thats why the ones on the list pushed down more than usual.


Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

this review is about as long as the original sinners one but noone seems to be complaining about this one. haha, and i like how scott moved it to the very end when it was only up a week.

Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

oh, and i almost forgot, sell your computer and give the money to a homeless guy.

Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

nice name drop on slayer. it really makes this review of an andrew wk music video a whole lot better.

Anonymous (July 1, 2002)

(Since SOYBOMB felt like I strained myself typing this rant on AWK, I might as well post it on the actual AWK review.)

Andrew WK is like the local band that really sucks but since you know them, your judgement is impaired, and you think their pretty good, when everyone outside of des plaines illinois really knows their just a shitty local band. Its like that but its everyones local band.

The whole band is comprised of the old guys who hang out with the high school kids in your town, and you didnt invite them and your not sure why their there, or why they still live there. They all look different but are all friends because of the common bond that no one else will talk to them.

Theres the guitarist in the hawaiin (badly spelled im sure) shirt, hes the old guy who buys alchohol and lets people drink it as long as they dont ask him directly for liquor, cause hes a fun loving guy whose just hanging out, and its not cool to just use people for beer.Hes the equivalent of the middle aged moms with tye dye shirts who get a belly button piercing at 40.

Theres the bald bassist, the guy who went to prison for something fucking stupid but acts like he killed a guy, and his girlfriend is still going into the 10th grade. Maybe with the royaltys he can pay child support.

You have Andrew himself, the stoner kid who made people believe he was 'really smart' cause he knows everything about Nirvana and has a shitty band despite the fact hes a moron. He dicked around with a guitar living in the shadow of classic rock and whatever rolling stone found cool. He's really good at writing songs cause he 'jams' all the time, and like you really feel its not the 100th time youve seen someone cover 'sweet child of mine'. His music is SO fun, like fucking malibu beach party fun, like people born in late 80's who wear shirts from cartoons from the early 80s because despite being nonexistent they're fucking nostalgic for them. I was born in 1982 I remember the thundercats, if you were born after the show was broadcast quit telling me you remember growing up to them in the womb.

Now where was I....

They sit around, go to your keggers, and you want them to leave, but they never do, they just drink, cheat on their girlfriends with their exgirlfriends who they have a kid with that they dont pay child support for, and they go mudding in their trucks except the hawaiin shirt guy whose more 'sensitive' and burns incense all day mellowing out.

But they 'party hard'.
Its about time for the meatballs movies to get their due isn't it?
If I want boring songs about partying, I'll listen to FEAR, or that one beastie boys song that everyone played into the ground when they were fighting for their right to party over their civil rights, remember, fuck the poor, party hard.

Buy reebok instead of nike, drink pepsi instead of coke, be rebellious like Andrew WK.

Andrew's dance moves look identical to any 12 year old kid at an earth crisis concert who has yet to learn that he doesnt have to be the alpha male to dance.

"Did you see Andrew twitch his face on SNL?"

What? No, I didnt fucking see a guy twitch a facial muscle, are you that easily impressed, I bet you think that all those professional wrestlers are really sweating that much during interviews, "dude, did you see the hulkster on RAW, he was totally covered in sweat, and dont tell me it was sprayed on cause they cant fake that shit". Yes, face twitching makes one a bad mofo, kind of like wearing wife beaters, or sticking your chin up in the air while tensing every possible neck muscle, why are you listening to Andrew WK, when your obviously in love with cock rock and death metal, cmon, your missing out on decades of tough guy gimmicks and built up 'crazy' people. Andrew WK doesnt just take shits, he takes 'crazy wild fun' shits!

and im not holier than thou, honestly you'd think people would realize how stupid that sounds after the 1000X time. Or call me punker than thou, cause when arguing, always use the most juvenile phrases of rhetoric. You never hear anyone say hippier than thou, hip hoppier than thou, or nu metallier than thou do you? cause its fucking stupid.

Im going to go listen to slayer and pin patches on my flight jacket, any replies better be toasty with wit or dont bother. wow me.

Anonymous (June 30, 2002)

he deserves a bloody nose

SOYBOMB (June 30, 2002)

He is the man..
You guys should check out the Q&A section at his site where he answers his fans.. One guy asked him why he sucks so much and his response was nothing short of humorous.


Anonymous (June 30, 2002)

Gotta give the guy credit, he's pretty athletic. I can't do those jumpkick things he does.

Anonymous (June 30, 2002)

anyone see him on SNL when he flipped out and he started twitching his face. this guy's nuts.

SOYBOMB (June 30, 2002)



Anonymous (June 30, 2002)

Pure Genius.

CallingLondon (June 30, 2002)

the last thing andrew w.k. claims to be is "angry and crazy". it's more like just "crazy". i have this album and i quite like it. yes, the music is pretty ridiculous, and yes, i think it's hilarious that one CD could have the track names "party hard", "party till you puke", and "it's time to party" on it, but in the end, it's really fun, music. the last thing you people should be complaining about is the fact that the music is simple, and the band members don't know how to play their instruments very well. someone else said "this is PUNKnews.org, right?" or something like that. well YES this is punknews.org, and guess what. punk rock was founded on musicians that played simple melodies to create an awesome sound. that's what this is. it's the pop party metal of rob zombie mixed with rancid, and i love it. now excuse me, it's time to party.

Anonymous (June 30, 2002)

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe that this SOYBOMB guy is sucking Andy W.K.'s dick...it's veritable, he's a groupie. I know it. I'm not surprised to see someone spending their short five minutes of fame making millions ripping off Glenn Danzig's image. A genius? No thanks. This is just another soundtrack for the steriod generation. I could just smell the 14 year old's screaming the lyrics to "Party Hard" and puke after their first beer. Go use your money on something worth buying...like a russian mail order bride.


Anonymous (June 30, 2002)

Andrew WK IS LAME>>>> ' Look at me, I party hard, and I have a bloody nose...I party hard!
and what makes his CD reviewd on a punk site is beyond me.....

punky (June 30, 2002)

To be honest I've only seen one vidio clip from Andrew W.K and thats about it.
And now from what I have seen I could only classify as 'LAME'...I don't get this really.The music is bad...He poses like that guy from Incubus...And yeah 'He's soooo angry and crazy'...

Anonymous (June 30, 2002)

Please tell me you were being sarcastic when you said "It's punk RAWK, not punk ROCK"...Please...

AtomicGarden (June 30, 2002)

Normally I don't care what people listen to, but this is fucking hair metal. I can't believe anyone would honestly listen to this. Why?

Anonymous (June 30, 2002)

Go bitch somewhere else.

And it's punk RAWK, not punk ROCK!!

Anonymous (June 30, 2002)

So wait, this is a Punk Rock review site right?

Anonymous (June 30, 2002)

Oh Please! This is so not good. Overhyped like that "Who Let The Dog Out" group. See, even I don't remember their name. Andrew W.K. is a passing fad.

relay1112 (June 30, 2002)

If you like him, fine, but honestly, they can't play their instruments very well at all. In fact, I laughed when I saw their video, and laughed much harder when I saw them perform on SNL. They just play simple music and make funny faces. I have nothing against them, but don't say they're more talented than most bands. Because Andrew pounds one key over and over on a lot of his piano parts, and the guitar is extremely simple/powerchord based in all songs I've heard.

Anonymous (June 30, 2002)

i'd rather that people listen to this than limp bisquit.

SOYBOMB (June 29, 2002)

The mans a genius. No question about it.

He doesn't prove it by spouting off about political jargon or about how oppressive society is either which is pretty impressive.


Anonymous (June 29, 2002)

it's so stupid it's smart

tgarn (June 29, 2002)

I would puke listening to this cd long before I puked partying.

Anonymous (June 29, 2002)

I don't see how he's entertaining. It's all marketing. He's the Madonna for 14 year old males. I had hoped that people here could see through that.

Anonymous (June 29, 2002)

Were you talking about punk or Andrew W.K?

This guy is much more entertaining and can actually play their instruments better than countless punk bands. But we all know what you're about and that's when your friends leave after blasting anti-flag all day, you'll turn up the stereo and scream to the masses how hard you want to party.

Anonymous (June 29, 2002)

Wow. I didn't think anyone who frequents this site would like this garbage. This is music for people who don't play music and don't enjoy thinking.

SOYBOMB (June 29, 2002)

I can't wait to see AWK live..

He played on a Tuesday night (!) at Irving Plaza and it was sold out!! Thats Partying Hard right there..


Anonymous (June 29, 2002)

I as well first dismissed AWK has mainstream garbage. But after giving "Party Hard" an extra listen to two, I became hooked to the man/band.

Anonymous (June 29, 2002)

i should hate this guy, but something draws me to him. his album is worth picking up. party till you puke.

iowanick (June 29, 2002)

i've yet to see AWK, but i know a lot of people who have and he's the nicest guy in the world. he stays around and signs autographs for everyone that came to see the show and takes pictures with everyone.

Anonymous (June 29, 2002)

if you want your children to drown in a swimming pool, take them to a member of motley crue's house.

Anonymous (June 29, 2002)

This guy is so fucking over rated... you want cock rock..buy a Crue album...

SOYBOMB (June 29, 2002)



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