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Blue Meanies: The Post WaveThe Post Wave (2000)
Universal Music Group

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Contributed by: QuappisRyan Quappis
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It's safe to say that ska is one of the more bland genres of music these days. Bands like Less Than Jake and Mustard Plug have been making the same cd over and over for years, meanwhile bands like Mu330 have been making the same song over and over for years. But as a long time ska fan since the da.
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It's safe to say that ska is one of the more bland genres of music these days. Bands like Less Than Jake and Mustard Plug have been making the same cd over and over for years, meanwhile bands like Mu330 have been making the same song over and over for years. But as a long time ska fan since the days of the Ska Against Racism tour, the Blue Meanies have always stood out as something different.

From Kiss Your Ass Goodbye's polka-core madness to Full Throttle's near chaotic, yet equally perfect musicianship, they have always surprised me and shown that this ska movement might have depth after all. So when I heard that the Blue Meanies got signed to MCA records, I was excited to see what this seemingly flawless band could do with major label resources.

I remember anxiously and nervously removing the shrink wrap. Having heard nothing from this new cd, i had no idea what to expect. As the first notes creeped out from my car stereo speaker, my worst fears were confirmed...

This cd is entitled "The Post Wave", which leads me to believe that they are attempting to make music to start the new wave of ska. But isn't that what they've been doing for years anyway? The music on this cd can only be described by a word i never thought i would use to describe the Blue Meanies: Mediocre. Not only is the music highly inferior to that of their previous records, but the lyrics are pathetic in comparison to the off the wall lyrical attack of Full Throttle.

The only tracks on this dissapointment of an album that stand out as anything special are "Chemicals," with it's synth-pop-on-crack sound, and "Big Brother," which has a very nice latin section. Both songs feature Meanies-esque tasteful horn parts, but the choruses are just god awfully predictable. Even a "Smash the Magnavox" or "Acceleration 5000" could not balance out tracks such as "When We Were Queens" that make me wonder, can't the Blue Meanies tell that this sucks?

The Post Wave is by far one of the biggest dissapointments since Weezer's Green Album. The only thing that isn't predictable about this album is the idea of the Blue Meanies releasing a record this bad.

After intently listenig to every track on this album for some shining moment by the Meanies, the great hope of the ska movement, i came upon a harsh realization: The Meanies are dead, and ska is dead as well.


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Anonymous (September 11, 2004)

this is a perfect example of what happens to good bands when they sign to major labels:

"-they try something "different"
-they end up making a FUCKING SHITTY record
-they're bitter because they didn't cash in because they've been doing it for "so long and deserve respect and attention"
-they break up because they realize they are washed up and don't give a fuck about them no more.


damn. you have no idea what you are talking about. try again.

Anonymous (May 20, 2004)

this is a perfect example of what happens to good bands when they sign to major labels:

-they try something "different"
-they end up making a FUCKING SHITTY record
-they're bitter because they didn't cash in because they've been doing it for "so long and deserve respect and attention"
-they break up because they realize they are washed up and don't give a fuck about them no more.


Anonymous (September 2, 2002)

Hey, this is Ryan the reviewer here. Wow, i can't believe Sean from the Meanies actually read this review and commented on it. I'm sorry, Sean. I'm a huge meanies fan and i wanted to like it, i just didn't. No offense was meant and i'm glad taht it looks like there was none taken.

Anonymous (August 13, 2002)

Wow...cool to see people discussing music so passionately. The review at least accomplished that much.

I really only have one point to add to the discussion...Ryan, you really misread the intention of the title of the record. The "Post" in the Post Wave means "after" or "beyond" - as in, trying to take things in a new direction after living through (and participating in) the so-called third wave of ska.

On the whole, I actually think your review is pretty fair. You listened to the record, but you didn't like most of the songs. Cool by me. At least you gave it a shot, which is more than I can say for the nitwits at MCA. Anyway, it's too bad that the title confused you. Maybe you should give it another listen without any preconceived notions. You might find there's more than meets the eye.

Blue Meanies

whendovescry (July 14, 2002)

Does anyone really care about this record? I'd rather listen to UNCLE TUPELO. In fact, that is what I shall do. The only ska I like is "Frankly, Mr. Shankly," by The Smiths. Yeah, I don't think that's ska either.

Anonymous (July 13, 2002)

o and everyone go to www.cutawaymusic.com and listen to their audio. This is new-school rock your ass , ska of the next generation. CUTAWAY ROCKS!!!

Anonymous (July 13, 2002)

what the hell dude? MU330's "Ultra Panic" did not show ska was dead. It showed that ska is more alive and better than ever. and im not gonna even go there with LTJ. (sigh) your a dumbass LTJ are a gateway band for people to find and listen to new ska bands!

Anonymous (July 12, 2002)

MU330 should start an army, because there sure seem to be alot of radical fans on these boards. I think they're okay, I wouldn't say they're as good as LTJ or the Mad Caddies. By the way, check out the Mad Caddies if they ever come to your town. They put on one of the cleanest sounding shows i've ever heard. i'm not the biggest fan of their music, but they play a really good show. Ska isn't dead. It's hibernating while everyone cries listening to dashboard confessional. screaming infidelities!!!!

SOYBOMB (July 11, 2002)

I think I shall just speak the truth right now by saying this thread is dead.

You people should stop thinking that you have enough clout to say or even determine that a genre of music is dead.


Anonymous (July 11, 2002)

dude the slackers, rxbandits, big d, are still putting out great cds. i just saw lynn taitt play last week and he was insane. so ska's not dead.

Anonymous (July 10, 2002)

hey fuckwits, this isn't a ska album. so it can't really foretell the death of the ska genre. and as far as predictability goes, this is the least predictable thing that the blue meanies could've done. they could've redid full throttle, but they instead made an album of pop songs. pretty good pop songs at that. and if you decide that the terms "pop" and "good music" are mutually exclusive, well then you can suck my cock.

SOYBOMB (July 10, 2002)

"i don't make the rules, i just enforce them"

hahaha, I've gotta use that line soemtime..


Anonymous (July 10, 2002)

hi, this is the reviewer. i didn't log in b/c i lost my password. i'm sorry for pissing off a lot of people, but reviews are OPINIONS and therefore will be disagreeable. With that said, here are some clarifications to some things i said:
1. As far as the reference to Mu330, first off i am a big mu330 fan. I've been to many of their shows, i've seen them at every show they've played since i've known of them, including one in Dan Potthast's basement. And i was very reluctant to say anything about mu330, but if you listen to their new cd (Ultra Panic), many songs sound the exact same. That's all i'm really saying there.
2. As far as LTJ, (who i am also a long time fan of and have much respect for) Pezcore and Losing Streak sound the exact same. Same thing with borders and Boundaries. I know, someone is going to say "if you like them and respect them, why do you bash them?" the answer: because no bands are perfect (except the dismemberment plan), and even bands i like there are things i don't like about them.
3. I think it's a pretty gutsy move for a ska band to name your cd "The Post Wave." It says to me they're in some way trying to reinvent something or kickstart something.
4. Don't pull this "the meanies aren't ska" crap. They are one of the most original bands ever, they incorporate polka, punk, metal, hardcore, pretty much everything into ska. but they are STILL A SKA BAND, just a very original one. there are NO ska bands that just play ska. Less than jake plays pop punk with horns, but they're a ska band. I'm sorry, it's the truth. i don't make the rules, i just enforce them
5. I've been struggling with the realization that nobody cares about ska for years, and when i heard this cd i lost hope. So TO ME, or IN MY OPINION, this cd made me lose faith for reasons i've mentioned in the review. Ska has been a big part of my life for years, so it's not like i'm just a "hater."
6. By saying a genre is "dead," does not mean that there are no good bands of that genre. It's not literal, as in there are no ska bands anymore. It just means that it's pretty much dried up. There are very few ska bands doing something different these days. The only ones i can think of are Big D and the Kids Table and Rx Bandits.
7. as most of you can tell, i'm an opinionated dick and pretty much nothing you can say will change my opinion about anything. if you really feel it necessary to tell me in person how mad you are at my abuse of freedom of speech, you can email me at Savingboyw@aol.com.

Anonymous (July 10, 2002)

Why the fuck is this guy reviewing a former ska band if he doesn't even like ska? Don't dis the ska scene bro because it's not dead, it's just all the trend hoppers like you went on to something new. Fuck man, when you're off in your room crying your brains out to some random emo band I'll be bonin yo mom to some mu330 and some FAST off-beats

seek (July 9, 2002)

I don't have the patience to read all the comments below, because I know how fucking lame this discussion has to be. However, I noticed someone saying "ska isn't dead", which leads me to believe someone said "ska is dead". If someone said that, listen up shitbrick, ska has been around since the 60's. It isn't going anywhere any time soon. None of the stuff most people call ska is really ska, it is ska-punk, completely different. Ska-punk was good, The Clash did it, though they tended to do it a lot slower than bands such as Operation Ivy, who are often credited with the ska-punk sound. Ska-punk became the trend of 1997 that emo is now, and lots of shitty bands turned ska to cash in (lots of them can now be seen crying along with their new emo bands). Most of those bands are gone, that doesn't mean ska is dead, or even that ska-punk is dead. It just means it got rid of the fluff. Go listen to The Gadjits, or if you want something harder check The Citizens on my lovely label, Mediaocre Records. Erm, I agree with this reviewer somewhat, it wasn't their best work, but it was pretty good.

sickboi (July 9, 2002)

Let the shit begin to fly, but I never really dug the Meanies. Now that wrestler, "the Blue Meanie", he was fuckin cool.

Anonymous (July 9, 2002)

What the fuck? This is one of the most original and best albums ever. Why does punknews. Org post bullshit user submitted reviews, they all suck except the staffs' which know what they're talking about.

adam (July 9, 2002)

To emptycauses from a few messages below:

I think you miss the point. Ska's nearly 40 years old now, it survives and evolves and changes as all things do. Bands like RBF and the Caddies in no way hold "the keys to the kingdom." I'd much rather see a good rock band dabble in ska every now and again then feel obligated to do it 100 % of the time, THATS when the music grows stale.

Also, since I'm on this rant now (no longer directed at emptycauses)... There's plenty of ska elements in play on the new RBF record, not significantly more or less than on any of their others. All of you need to stop crying... its not like they recorded a nu-metal album...

Its really good to see the people who support this genra actually making their voices heard on this site in the past week or so. I'll try to keep the news flowing a bit more fluidly on the ska-front...


Anonymous (July 9, 2002)

Why is it every time theres a ska review on this site they say the same thing: "ska is bland, this band sounds the same as they did on their last album, ska is now officially dead". How many times can they declare a genre officially dead? And if theres still worldwide demand for the bands and the music does that really make it dead? check out www.skahoo.com and read about all the ska bands popping up all over the world and i dare you to say ska is dead.

Anonymous (July 9, 2002)

I love how non ska bands constantly get labeled as ska. Checking a show calendar for Los Angeles and the surrounding area I see that the Isrealites are playing this month. A couple months ago I saw Bad Manners put on impressive ska show (who needs distortion?) other bands that have shown up in LA recently include the Skatallites and the Slackers. There is a thriving retro ska scene in Los Angeles with many bands playing the more traditional bluebeat than this sugar buzzed OC nonsense. Ska doesnt die, it just evolves. And just because a band has horns doesnt mean they are ska. (Witness that nutty band from Alabama, Pain) If youre gonna call every band that played something remotely ska, a ska band we might as well start discussing Smashmouth and Homegrown. A lot of people embraced the style in the mid 90s, but in my mind that didnt make them ska.

emptycauses (July 9, 2002)

SKAs not dead yet, but with more and more bands turning away from ska (new reel big fish, rock the plank from mad caddies) it will be soon...

Anonymous (July 9, 2002)

2 Things:
One, that was the dumbest review I have read here in a while. The Blue Meanies never intended to reinvent ska with this album, as a matter of fact, they have never really been a ska band as much as they have been kinda a hybrid of jazz/punk/polka and whatever else they feel like. "The Post Wave" is perhaps one of the best albums of any genre to come out in the last 5 years.

2nd, I'll give you Mustard Plug, but shitting on LTJ and MU330 is just not cool. Those are two of the bands keeping ska-punk alive at all, and keeping it interesting.

Fuzzy (July 9, 2002)

tha last post was by me, i forgot to login

Anonymous (July 9, 2002)

Having someone who obviously doesn't like ska review a ska CD is a GOOD idea. But having them shoot their mouth off with comments that are OBVIOUSLY wrong is ridiculous. Yes, Pezcore and Losing Streak sound similar. Because they were young, they rerecorded some songs, etc... But Rockview and BnB each have such a distinct sound, from each other and from the first two. Get a clue man. Next thing, you'll be proclaiming that the Bosstones are sellouts and they have only made the same music over and over again. From now on, can we get someone who knows something about the music to review this stuff?

Ska ain't dead. It's honestly got a larger percentage of good artists than punk I think, because it's not the trend anymore. Damn scenesters!

SOYBOMB (July 9, 2002)

Also.. Ejaculine mentioned how none of their albums sound the same and I couldn't agree more.

MU330's music has evolved and constantly changed from one album to the next.. Listen to Press, then listen to Chumps On Parade, then listen to Crab Rangoon.. Those 3 albums show the most drastic change in their sound in my opinion, not to mention their latest CD (Ultra Panic) which is also unique and great in its own right..


SOYBOMB (July 9, 2002)

That comment about MU330 crossed the line.

Making the same song? What the fuck are you talking about??? Have you ever even listened to their stuff?

Man.. You deserve a savage beating.


Anonymous (July 9, 2002)

Yeah, the album was a dissapointment and it only desserves a 4. I agree with you there. But your comments on ska just make you sound like an ingorant prick. The bands you chose as examples to prove that "ska is bland" aren't even real ska bands. And now ska is dead because the Blue Meanies (who were never a real ska band in the first place, as great as they may have been) made a bad album? Last time I checked, there were still good ska bands out there (Toasters and Bim are still holding it down, not to mention some newer and excellent ska bands) making good music. So in the future, please know what you're talking about before you make stupid comments.

Anonymous (July 9, 2002)

What did you say about MU330 you bastard? Same song, I guess you dont really listen to MU330 cuz none of their albums sound the same. NOne of Them! And if you think they sound the same, you dont know jake shit about music.

Anonymous (July 9, 2002)

What a stupid review. I guess you were expecting a band that once played ska to keep playing ska over and over again. Blue Meanies are not a ska band. They are just a band. And this album is one of the most original and creative albums recorded in the last 10 years. It's not one of my favorite albums, but it is very good, and the Blue Meanies deserve a lot more respect.

Anonymous (July 9, 2002)

I will hunt you down and have a giant bear ass rape you if see another insult directed at MU330. Better yet, I will have the Iatollah of Rock and Rolla' Gerry Lundquist hunt you down and rip your head off.

Anonymous (July 8, 2002)

yea this last cd of theres was not as good as the rest of theres. but i still like it. i am just really pissed they broke up for good

antsrkool on the efnet

Anonymous (July 8, 2002)

Ska is bland.
Yeah because Boarder and Boundires sound extacly the same as Hello Rockview.
Whats wrong with you.

adam (July 8, 2002)

Not to nitpick, but saying this was one of the biggest dissapointments since Weezer's Green Album dosent make alot of sense, since "Post Wave" is a year older than the Green Album.

I have disagree with your doom-saying too... Comments like "great hope of the ska movement" and "ska is dead" don't get you anywhere. The ska movement is still chugging along with lesser known bands a few purists (the Slackers) keeping it alive. After the late 90s hype died, the movement's more or less going to end up back where it was before it. The Blue Meanies were certainly an intersting band, but didn't carry the whole genre on their shoulders by any means.

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