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Green Day: ShenanigansShenanigans (2002)
Green Day

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Contributed by: moldyMoldy
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With this "new" album Green Day have put all of their B-sides, soundtrack contributions, and cover songs on one convenient album. For those of us who are fans, but not into vinyl and single collecting, it provides and easy and cheap way of occurring these rare tracks. One thing that bothered me th.
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With this "new" album Green Day have put all of their B-sides, soundtrack contributions, and cover songs on one convenient album. For those of us who are fans, but not into vinyl and single collecting, it provides and easy and cheap way of occurring these rare tracks. One thing that bothered me that there were only 14 tracks, I would have thought that a band that has been around for so long, and has the money to get in the studio anytime they want, would have more stuff to include on this type of album.

The tracks sound like they were taken from the "Dookie", Insomniac", and "Nimrod" sessions. The songs all sound decent, no real terrible ones, and a couple of standouts like 'Ha Ha Your Dead", Scumbag". "Suffocate", and "Desensitized" that I'm surprised never made it onto an album.

Green Day also included three covers that ranged from excellent to poor. I thought that their version of Fang's "I wanna be on TV" was excellent, a great example of Green Day straight foward Punk Rock. Dee Dee Ramone's (RIP) "Outsider" is done in typical GD fashion, but still is a catchy song that I really enjoyed. The Monkee's "Tired of Waiting for You" is done like they were actually trying to make it sound like the original. I really didn't care for it, it wasn't funny, interesting, and I found myself skipping over it while listening to the cd.

Overall the songs all have the traditional Green Day sound to them, so dot buy this expecting GD experimenting with new sounds or directions. While this disc was a good piece of pop punk and helped me complete my GD collection, I felt that overall the album lacked the over quality that is found on their other albums, but then that's what happens with a collection of songs written over long time span. I would suggest this to people that are big Green Day fans, you really need to own a majority of their other albums to get the full enjoyment of this disc. If you're not a big fan or new to GD then skip this one for awhile and get an older one, it will represent the band better and justify the (deserved) hype surrounding them.


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Sceneskylar (July 28, 2011)

I Hate How NOBODY Has Realy Herd Of This Album, Mostly Just True At Heart Green Day Fans Have, Like Me ^_^, But Its Amazing To Never Really Been Herd :P

Gilpow (November 23, 2010)

Pretty good album, and don't forget that it's a b-sides collection. I'd give 3 stars only to Ha Ha You're Dead (a little bit boring) and Outsider (I know it's a cover, and I don't think it's one of the best Ramones' songs).

Petrrex (August 7, 2010)

I really enjoyed I wanna be on tv...

Anonymous (November 16, 2005)

the kinks wrote "tired of waiting for you" not the monkees you dipshit.

Anonymous (October 25, 2005)

Green Day you are the best band of the 12years I have bine
hear I love yall.

Anonymous (July 18, 2005)

Some songs were o.k . But they've had better albums

chelle (May 6, 2005)

i love greenday.......i give them a ten

UnunitedSA (October 29, 2003)

This is a great cd. I love all the covers on it. Especially the Ramones cover "Outsider". Every song on this CD is rad.

Anonymous (August 13, 2002)

This is probably GD's worst album. Songs like Tired of Waiting for You and Outsider piss me off. Thank God they did not release them on another CD. But Scumbag and I wanna be on TV are like in the top 10 GD songs ever. Why weren't those on an album?

cawknocker (July 25, 2002)

suffocate is an amazing song and shoulda been on an album. however it should be noted that scumbag is a warning outtake, and great song but didnt fit the feel of that album, its more classic sounding. the covers are ok, but dont' deviate from the original bands that wrote them sound. i wouldnt recommend this cd to anyone that doesnt have all their other releases already. this should be a compleation to your collection not a start. definately. ha ha your dead and rotting are also solid songs that coulda been on releases.the instrumental is filler poo.

Eddie (July 19, 2002)

I just know that I like "Tired of Waiting for You" and "Scumbag." Nice cover art, too.

cawknocker (July 18, 2002)

for that dicksmoker who said 'their actions arent w/ their punk ideals' whatever dorkus. fuck you. greenday play poppunk and wanted to reach a larger audience. they were never some hardcore political or social punk band. they sang about girls and if anything, their latest album had their punkest lyrics but probably least punk sound. punk ideals? whats that , sittin around, saying oi oi, panning for change and being elitest? thinking everyone is a sheep to the system and u are stepping out! fuck that, greenday was never like that, and to me, all punk is now is an open minded attitude towards appearance and preferences and being yourself. thats it. and greenday do that. punk is also simply a music style w/ many variations. punk that your talking about, and some of the other fucks on this board talk about i dead. and good riddance to it.

Anonymous (July 17, 2002)

alright idiots, this wasn't released to get out of their contract with reprise....

if YOU morons did your homework, you'd know they just signed a new contract with the label...WHOOPS

so we all know "tired..." is a Kinks cover, and everyone slams on the reviewer telling him to do his homework and then you spout out some untruthful comments yourselves...nice going chumps...

the Husker Du cover is amazing and should have been on here....

and so should D.U.I....it was supposed to be, but for some reason or another, the label decided to make it an import only song...thanks fuckers...

if anyone has heard it, how is it? I can't find a single mp3 of it anywhere goddamnit...and it still pisses me off that in the linear notes, they just "spraypaint" over the part where D.U.I is listed...god, taunt us a bit more why don't you? The least the label could have done is totally taken that part out of the booklet...


Anonymous (July 16, 2002)

this reviewer really dont know what he's talking about does he? well anyway - i, like most green day fans, already have pretty much every song on here from the single's but i bought it anyway for the previously unreleased track - ha ha you're dead, which in the end was such a good song i think justified the £13.50.

now green day released this, not because they wanted the money, more to neaten everything up a little which is along the same vein as what they were trying to do with their greatest superhits...

and hey why not? they do what they want and they tend not to care what you or i think, which in my opinion is very cool, and furthermore i see it as bein simple - if you like green day alot buy this album, if not - what are you doing buying a goddam green day album?!?!?!?

Anonymous (July 16, 2002)

i used to love grenday inside out. Their actions are not in line with their punk ideals.


guitarer1c2 (July 16, 2002)

Dude, you might want to check the COMMENT history before posting‚??about five people have already pointed out the fact that the reviewer got mixed up. Come on guys, no big deal. No need to bite his head off!

Anonymous (July 16, 2002)

The collection is great. One note of advice to the person who reviewed this album. Tired of waiting was done by one of the greatest bands of all time, the kinks not the monkees. Check your history before your try to write a review.

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

I enjoyed this album. nice to have a bunch of their b-sides in one place. but as some other people have mentioned it's lacking a few key tracks. like J.A.R from the angus soundtrack, which is by far one of their best songs. and also the cover of Fifteen's C#(tion) that they did would have been a nice addition to an already strong album

TheOneTrueBill (July 15, 2002)

that show where they played the Husker Du song aired once... i saw it on MTV2 and taped it, so i have proof

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

this cd is awesome! if anyone gets it listen to Ha Ha Your Dead! the BEST song...but if you want to listen to the best green day cd get insomniac

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

another great record.

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

Another amazing Green Day record. Every track on this album is different. I have to disagree with the reviewer, I think "Tired of Waiting For You" is one of the strongest tracks on this one. If you are looking for pop punk, go no further. With songs like "Ha Ha You're Dead", "Do Da DA", "Don't Want to Fall In Love" and "Suffocate" I think this is Green Day's best collection of pop punk since the early days. This is a great record for hardcore Green Day fans, and fans of their earlier work.

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

I love Green Day. They've been my favorite band for about eight years now, so I have a fairly large collection of import singles, live EPs, and the like. I already had every song on this release, except for "Ha Ha You're Dead," but I purchased the CD, anyway.

Guess what? They left out a handful of b-sides! Although, for the most part, I'm guessing that there were reasons for this. "Brain Stew (the Godzilla Remix)" was probably dubbed too cheesy to be included, the demo/original version of "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" was probably deemed pointless (because everyone already has the finished version), and the demo/live recording of Husker Du's "Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonely" (found on one of the Warning import singles; it's a great cover, too) was probably never "officially" recorded as the MTV special it was set to be included on was cancelled or just never aired. So don't be tricked into thinking you have everything. I'm fairly certain that you can find these ones on-line, though.

joshcore (July 15, 2002)

"The songs all sound decent, no real terrible ones, and a couple of standouts like 'Ha Ha Your Dead", Scumbag". "Suffocate", and "Desensitized" that I'm surprised never made it onto an album."

just a minor point, i believe "desensitized" made it onto the japanese version of nimrod.
although i don't own this cd (i've collected all of these b-sides over the years) i think it was a decent idea for green day put this together. my only real complaint is that green day has a lot more b-sides than appear on this record ... then again maybe that's just a little gift to the fans who've bothered to buy all the singles over the years.

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

well they may be money hungry (then again dad religeon opened for blink on an arena tour) but they DID release this to get out of their album contract, same w/ the greatest hits. they want to go on their own label which they have the money to do now. they had the ol' 7 record deal or some shit to fill at reprise first. i hear this is for hardcore fans only, but desensitized and scumbag are both awesome songs that shoulda been on releases. scumbag is a warning outtake i believe. not sure where the rest are from, but a trained ear can tell, billy joes guitar sounds different on all releases (varying distorion levels, from heavy on insomniac to barely any on warning). being that greenday was the band that got me into punk back in 7th grade when dookie came out i always kinda hold these guys in a high esteem. so go get it if youre like me.
-cawknocker (to lazy to log in today)

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

"Tied of Waiting For You" THE MONKEYS! hahahahaha. its a classic kinks song!!!!

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

This CD is horrible! Listen to the new song "HAHA You're Dead", the bass line is the exactly the same as the one from "The Longest Line" by NOFX. And the prechorus is a rip-off of Green Day's "Maria". This song is a cut and paste rip off job. After releasing a Greatest Hits CD, followed by a B-Sides CD, I have realized that Green Day are money hungry jackasses. Thanks!

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

just to be the third asshole
its a kinks song, chucklehead...

ps: can you start screening these reviews for dumb mistakes like that?


Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

well duh...that's cause they were b-sides.....songs that never made it onto an official release...Green Day is obviously just fullfilling thier recording contract so they can get away from Reprise and onto a smaller label or even thier own

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

I bought this cd like a week ago and i was pretty dissapointed at my favorite band of all time,ths cd lacks of the traditional greenday sound that i've always loved. The thing that annoyed me the most was that most of the songs are slow as hell,weezer type of thing,so the cd gets boring with the first three tracks. There are some decent tracks too,like "i wanna be on tv" and "haha you're dead" which resemble the old kerplunk sound. I only recommend ppl to buy this cd if you're a really hardcore greenday fan.

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

i think the sales over,i got it last saturday for 8 bucks. they also had the new weezer,white stripes,and jimmy eat world cds all for 10. best buy can be a pretty cool store for buying popular major label "punk" cds most of the time.

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

tired of waiting is a kinks song..do your homework geek.

maverick (July 15, 2002)

I really, really like that cover art.

Does anyone know if this is still on sale at Best Buy? I know it was like 7 or 8 bucks last week...


Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

tired of waiting for you is a kinks cover.

this cd is really good.

TheOneTrueBill (July 15, 2002)

already had all these songs (except Ha Ha You're Dead) but i still got it anyway, and i still love it. what can i say, i'm a green day whore

Anonymous (July 15, 2002)

whew! g-day rules! whew!

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