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One Inch Punch: Lost In What We LackLost In What We Lack (1995)

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Contributed by: LunkLunk
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One Inch Punch... What can I say about them? They are probably one of the best punk bands ever to have existed. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, they went through sevral name changes. Originally known as Downfall, thy changed their name to One Inch Punch in '95, then again to Mid Youth Crisis in '.

One Inch Punch... What can I say about them? They are probably one of the best punk bands ever to have existed. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, they went through sevral name changes. Originally known as Downfall, thy changed their name to One Inch Punch in '95, then again to Mid Youth Crisis in '97. Unfortunately they broke up in late '98, but they left behind some truly amazing albums.

Lost In What We Lack was their first full-length release, which is interesting, because it's the only album of theirs which is still available in stores. Containing all the tracks from their Downfall demo, as well as about ten new tracks, this album took the Australian punk scene by storm. The original 750 copies they pressed sold out quickly, and so it was re-mastered and re-released in greater numbers.

The artwork and overall presentation of the album shows what they're about: no-bullshit punk. This five-piece has a raw sound which matches their attitude and their lyrics.

To say they were a success would be a lie. They were never a commercial success, but they were recognised internationally as the best Australian punk band at the time, and they were a success where it mattered: in the hearts of dedicated punkers. They never sold out like recent Aussie punk successes One Dollar Short, or the shameful Frenzal Rhomb (Frenzal Rhomb were better when Jay was in the band, to quote Nancy Vandal), and they never stopped playing small gigs for small groups of fans. Their last gig in '99 was a sellout, as were their recent reunion shows (february 2002), which just goes to show: they made a lasting impression on everyone who experienced their magic.

Listen to this album and several things become apparent: They are totally uncompromising. You will find no fancy effects and tricks on this album (or on their other releases: 'ignorant bliss' and 'happiness and authority'). Strangely remenicent of late 80's and early 90's fast punk, yet with a feel all it's own, this album makes it's mark in time. Newcomers to this album invariably pick the final track 'Youthful Expression' as their favourite, and with reason. It is catchy as hell, and a lot less abrasive than the rest of the album. Steve's voice suits the music well, and while difficult to make out, the lyrics are very intense.

It's hard to determine exactly what it is about this album which makes it so impressive. I won't lie and say it's immediately accessable, but like all good music it slowly grows on you. Music which instantly appeals has a name: Pop music. If you like that stuff, then you shouldn't be here, and you certainly shouldn't consider buying Lost In What We Lack. It is what it is: great punk. It goes from fast to slow and back again, never sounds formulaic, and continues to satisfy long after you've familiarised yourself with it.

Some of the best beats and riffs i've ever heard are contained within this little gem of an album, and the singing is truly unique.

I think it's the best of their albums, so if you like the others then definately buy this. Hurry though, as I just got word that Shock has stopped pressing this album, and so before long the only copies in existence will be on the shelves of Punk record stores and in the CD players of dedicated fans.


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Lunk (September 11, 2002)

Ben, not Jay... shit. that's what you get for writing review at 3am.

punky (July 24, 2002)

yeah, its $20.It has 2 songs from each band that played last year like, The killchoir project, Irrelevant, Within Blood, Day of Contempt, DSM, Enbodiment...it's great!

Lunk (July 21, 2002)

Punky, can you buy the video at Resist?

Lunk (July 21, 2002)

I saw blueline medic when they toured with Bodyjar (Hi Standard cancelled-bastards)and NOFX in 2000. They were okay, but they are definately not a punk band. I saw them again last october, but they sucked.

I thought they stared out with two guys from Caustic Soda and one from MYC, but then one of the Caustic soda guys split leaving just that singer dude.

anyway, not a big fan of blueline medic. Members from two great aussie punk bands and they churn out mindless radio-filler drivel. To be fair 'a working title in green' was bloody awesome, but 'the apology wars' sucks the big one. I don't know what happened to them in the USA but it's had a bad effect on them.

I actually turned up to a Blueline Medic all ages gig (they were backing up Area 7, but I left when they came on stage) with my one foot mohawk. I stood out quit a bit. I think it was pretty obvious i was there because i'd been a Caustic Soda/MYC fan, and as a result I got a few conspiratorial looks from the band.

punky (July 21, 2002)

yeah, the comment below wyzo's was mine...and Restraint kicked ass.I have never seen them get a reponse that good.
They covered Pretty vacant by you know who, which was great.
It's a pity that OIP/MYC played reunion shows only in Melb.

wyzo (July 20, 2002)

One of the guys is now in Blueline medic, which has alot of caustic soda crew in it, delicious bands.


Anonymous (July 20, 2002)

hardcore 2002 was great.I killed the prom queen were better than expected. Irrelevant kicked ass as usual, and Mindsnare too.There might be a video for hard core 2002 as well, like for the last years one.

Lunk (July 19, 2002)

1. Status Remains
2. Concept
3. That Way
4. Fight
5. Anxiety
6. Four Hour Reality
7. Escaping the Goat
8. A Needle and a Thug
9. Can you See?
10. Fools who Pay
11. Justifiable?
12. Insult Your Intelligence
13. Youthful Expression

And as for descriptions: they are all brilliant songs. not one is sub-standard. The pick of the crop are youthful expression that way/fight, which are kind of linked. Can you see is also ace, but like i say, they all rock, and thy are all the same type of punk: hardcore.

Anonymous (July 19, 2002)

not to pick nits...but could we have at least a description of ONE song...i would prefer a track rundown of some sort, instead of a press release...

Lunk (July 19, 2002)

Yes, they are something special all right. Punky, how WAS hardcore 2002 by the way? I would have gone but i couldn't due to unfortunate circumstances. One of the guys from mindsnare was in MYC.

punky (July 18, 2002)

I agree, One Inch Punch were and still are the best punk band to come out of Australia.10/10 for this release for sure.Songs like Fight,Escaping the goat and Can you see will always be one of my favourites.

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