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Sick Of It All: NonstopNonstop (2011)
Century Media

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Contributed by: SloaneDaleySloaneDaley
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Greatest hits collections or retrospectives (for bands with no hits) are sort of a musical sin. They take you out of the context and out of the moment and leave you with a one night stand that you realize you're being charged for only after the fact. Sure you know you are being charged here but what.
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Greatest hits collections or retrospectives (for bands with no hits) are sort of a musical sin. They take you out of the context and out of the moment and leave you with a one night stand that you realize you're being charged for only after the fact. Sure you know you are being charged here but what is the cost? The REAL cost? Anyways, there are a few occasions when these things are okay: 1) the band generally didn't put out that much to begin with and it is all out-of-print so the collection serves an easy official document or 2) the band has some truly truly great songs but in order to find them you have to sit through a bunch of boring swill. Take the Cure for example (Don't come attack me with oddly shaped flowers or something Cure fans; I love the Cure but it's the truth). I thought these were the rules, but then comes Sick Of It All throwing me a curve ball, in that they've put together a career retrospective but re-recorded all the songs brand spankin' new! In recent years a few bands have gone the same route, notably Social Distortion and Reel Big Fish, usually the case is the band recorded these songs spread across many labels or labels they can't get the rights to so here we have it. Sick Of It All end up presenting a mixed bag as some of these tracks needed the fine tuning of a modern studio and bigger budget; others, not so much.

I hear the peanut gallery yelling "Bro! Don't touch the classics bro!" But honestly, while Blood, Sweat and No Tears is a hardcore classic, it sounds kind of booty when you play it next to something made today. When you want to listen to aggressive music, you don't want it to sound like it is muffled through couch cushions. Thankfully eight of the 21 songs on Nonstop originally come from Blood, Sweat and No Tears. And it might be blasphemy to some but each one sounds worlds more pissed off and awesome when compared to the LP recordings. It is kind of funny when you think about it though, because Blood, Sweat And No Tears was actually significantly made up of re-recorded songs from their first EP, Sick Of It All. I would say I think the best recording of ""It's Clobberin' Time" is on that EP but the one recorded for this collection is great too.

Y'know what isn't great though? The extra remix of "It's Clobberin' Time" on the end, that should have been saved for some KRS-One compilation or a second part to the Judgement Night soundtrack. The regular re-recorded version of "Clobberin' Time" does have the added coolness of having KRS-One redo his intro, and the Teacha sounds more powerful than ever.

The places where Nonstop miss the mark are where take something that made the original great and remove it. The songs still sound technically good but they are no longer special. Take "Sanctuary" for example. The original had a great deal of melody that really came through in the guitars but the band's hard and faster approach muddies things up a bit. To me the best part of the original version of "Busted" was the bassline during the intro to the song, but the version here buries it in the mix and removes what arguably made it stand out in the first place, thereby obscuring why it might be included on a band retrospective. A few of the songs like "Scratch The Surface" and "Relentless" don't sound all that different from the originals and without the novelty of the re-recording why exactly would any fan of the band listen to this?

I suppose it is impressive that after more than 20 years for some of these songs, virtually the same band can make them sound fresh. It is even more impressive when you think of how little SOIA's sound has changed over time. Nonstop will probably be a divisive album for fans but there should be at least something for everyone to enjoy here.


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xfruitkillerx (October 2, 2014)

They should have remade The Bland Within from Yours Truly, or District. It's not a terrible album, just a bit bizarre (Souvenir anyone?, Armand, you're there to drum the fuck up and be the band's security). It also has a weird production that made me think I got a broken copy when I bought the LP (yeah even on vinyl it sounds a bit I don't know. It being remastered would do it great, like if Metallica weren't shitheads now and won't even consider remastering And Justice For All with the bass (and this product does exist, only 100 copies on vinyl of the platinum version of it but that's totally something else here...).

They should have Blood, Sweat...", Just Look Around (an album they ignored a lot live from Built To Last to about the Live In A Dive cd, which to me is criminal, it's so fucking good, that even other bands covering songs from it is alright...Bane's cover of a song they NEVER play live (We Stand Alone) is the shit, it's one of the best songs they ever made ffs, that and We Want The Truth which was about Iran Contra scandal, I don't like Unearth but they did a great job trying to make it more known. These days the album they ignore live that's also wonderful (Life On The Ropes, man that album was amazing, it came out during the peak of "gay" metalcore (not stuff like Converge who are obviously something else, well, they basically invented Metalcore that doesn't suck), i'm speaking of all the Atreyus of this world, man that period was as bad as when ska-punk was the trend. Basically 911 hurt the poseurs who were only into ska punk and were the people who turned to emo as it became popular thanks to the internet...it's true we're living in a massive transformation time but it's not the end times fgts....

Only album by SOIA I don't care much fore is Based On A True Story, not enough melody, I mean SOIA has always had different kind of songs, and I really love the new album cos it has some oi/punk songs too! An anthem of the kind they ignore, like I said they ignore Life On The Ropes is For Now. Also they should play Fakin' The Punk more, like I said that album came during a horrible time for hardcore punk, maybe its i dunno, some claimed also production problems regarding LOTR, I guess it's when the loudness war started for them, or was it Yours Truly? heh

They should remaster all their early albums as much as they should find a producer that sticks with them all the time that does it right (it was done great on Death To Tyrants imo).

Finally, they should play more Built To Last material than the first 2 songs live, songs like Laughingstock, Too Late, End Of An Era... all fuckin' A.

JillBryant (November 10, 2011)

It's one of the best albums of the year. I like this style.:)

----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
"If you are not inside a house, you don not know about its leaking.

Uggs Schoenen | Uggs Nederland"

Jeevz (November 9, 2011)

That's fine Telegraphrocks, to each their own. Why did Relentless make it then? Again, I love the album, the old stuff needed the boost.

telegraphrocks (November 8, 2011)

*played MORE from "Yours Truly" than...

telegraphrocks (November 8, 2011)

All songs just re-recorded, yet it still comes out as one of the best albums of the year.

And Jeevz, have you considered nothing from "Yours Truly" made it because the recording of that album is perfect? When I saw them earlier this year, they played from "Yours Truly" than they did from "Just Look Around", "Call To Arms", and "Life On The Ropes". Why? Because it's a GREAT fucking album.

tenwestchaser (November 8, 2011)

The cover art is atrocious. I mean, I get what they did, but goddamn it's done poorly.

SloaneDaley (November 8, 2011)

Well thats what most of this is Cos, also the songs from Just Look Around tend to sound good too.

cos (November 8, 2011)

So outside of the re-recordings from "Blood Sweat and No Tears", this is nothing worth listening to. Is that what you're saying?

Jeevz (November 8, 2011)

I like it, sounds great. It's funny how nothing made it from Yours Truly, reaffirming it's crappiness.

Sinman (November 8, 2011)

I have to say that that is what I like about it. I have always enjoyed Sick of it All and when they're a little amped, I have no choice but to appreciate that...

dktd (November 8, 2011)

My personal hesitation with this, although I'll probably get it for the Blood, Sweat & Tears stuff, is that their last 2 albums have sounded gash. Too loud, basically. There are no dynamics to them, it's just too loud. Almost as bad as Metallica's Death Magnetic. xTRUExVICTIMSxOFxTHExLOUDNESSxWARSx

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