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Seahaven: Winter ForeverWinter Forever (2011)
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After the Ghost EP, it was nice to hear Seahaven finally return with a full-length and as I recall the broody, dark tones of vocalist Kyle Soto back then, I wondered how much had this setting changed. Answer: Not much. This isn't a bad thing as fans of the EP should stick nicely to this release. The.
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After the Ghost EP, it was nice to hear Seahaven finally return with a full-length and as I recall the broody, dark tones of vocalist Kyle Soto back then, I wondered how much had this setting changed. Answer: Not much. This isn't a bad thing as fans of the EP should stick nicely to this release. They attenuated little things here and there but what persevered is Soto's unique sound and non-varying tone of disembodiment and dyastopian rule. It's a linear depression he sings about and his voice never fails to emit that tone. There isn't much audible variance in his words but his perception and indifferent mannerisms on the mic is what the band makes their strong point.

This is well exemplified on "It's Over," one of the album's better tracks with an acceptable post-hardcore range. His delivery is not as energetic or lax as depicted sometimes in his "drab" disposition, and I use that with no disrespect. Case being here, "It rained today inside of me / Rains are the dismay that blew me away as I felt the change in weather" shine with an utmost sharp intensity that's intriguing to say the least. He paints the world as dark, misogynistic at times, cruel and heartless. His words aren't one for optimism at times.

"Thank You" emanates a faster, punk feel and Soto's delivery again impresses in its own brand. Their intricate arrangement here speaks implicit volumes as it differs a bit from the usually "downtrodden" tone set on the album as this track offers enterprising qualities that reminded a lot about Ghost. "Black and White" is another spectacle that shows Soto's knack for a lack of audio light and while he transmits these songs of woe and sorrow a lot in his givings, it's a wonder how there's no hindrance to the manner in how the depressive feel and inner apathy is translated from the mic to the listener so easily. I joked that he's the anti-Dr. Phil!

"Come back to me, I won't be disappointed / You're fading now so what am I doing here / I know you say I can't be trusted but I need your faith / I've grown maladjusted" on "Save Me" shows they keep hope at an arms length as they render another sweet sound here. This conveys that sense of sentiment and redemption with earnest. "The End of the World" is the standout on the record and shines beyond the disc's realms as it doesn't emulate what the other tracks did. Sound-wise it's different and has a damn good feel. It's a good slap to the face as portions of the melancholy and morose scheme Soto loves to rant about do sink in, but the final sound regresses on the nonchalance that they sometimes offer. It reeks of one of the best songs of 2011 to me. I like!

Overall, Winter Forever was a decent listen. Seahaven seemed to focus too much on Soto's delivery for me, and while I recall Thursday using Geoff Rickly's lyrics and their sound rather than Geoff's voice, in this case with Seahaven, they have the depth and quality to rely more on something besides Soto's effects. There's a lot of potential still to be touched as I felt they just scratched the surface and next time around, I hope any semblance of a synthetic feel is cut away and hidden as they have a grand sound they represent. While Soto sounds a man apart with a post-hardcore yet indie or country sound to him, the rest of the band needs to focus more on musical rather than lyrical delivery, and that should paint an even better album the next spin around. Winter Forever isn't the most illuminating album but I'm sure they'll build on an already not-to-shabby offering in their arsenal.


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Jonny0110 (September 13, 2014)

I love the vocals! First thing that stood out to me. This album is awesome!

ericskool (February 26, 2012)

i understand the problem people have with the vocals .... i was the same way at first ... you just need to give them a few more listens, im telling you you wont be dissapointed ....im obsessed with seahaven now ... and this cd is amazing .... please im telling everyone give them another try .... but anyway i do understand the problem with it ... but i def dont think it sounds unnatural or forced at all ...it all flows together very well ..... GIVE THEM ANOTHER LISTEN .... SEAHAVEN RULEEESSSSSSSS .... THIS IS THE BEST CD OF THE YEAR ... AND IN A VERY LONG TIME

lowaction (December 11, 2011)

I don't know why, but I just love this album. Not quite up there with Ghost but I love everything Seahaven makes.

oldturds (December 6, 2011)

After first hearing Ghost, I was hooked on this band. They did so much better with that than this, but this isn't that big of a let down. As with any younger band, you have to expect them to experiment a bit. The vocals, which are what had made this band unique in the first place, are definitely a little more forced on this. You can't blame 'em for having tried to single out the aspect that made them unique and special in the first place, but they could've executed it a little better. Some of these songs are still pretty sick, though.

fattony (December 5, 2011)

I really want to like this more, but the vocals absolutely keep me from doing so.

big_guy (December 5, 2011)

Ghost is much, much better. Listening to the bassist sing on some of the tracks hurts my ears. Bring the old drummer back

keithybobeefy (December 3, 2011)

One of the best of the year.

keithybobeefy (December 3, 2011)

Such a good band.

Dante3000 (December 2, 2011)

Blackjaw hates it, that's how you know it's good.

Blackjaw_ (December 2, 2011)

Can't stand the vocals.

popsandchips (December 2, 2011)

I don't see anything wrong with the vocals, really. I mean, I suppose I could understand why someone may have problems with them. However, I feel the rest of the musical delivery should propel everything forward, even if you dislike the vocals, these are some really good tunes. I like this album a lot, but not in spite of the vocals, I think it's all great.

evanPGH (December 2, 2011)

I guess I should rephrase and say that the vocals don't completely turn me off to this album, but they definitely do keep me from enjoying some of it, most notably the first song.

I'm all for unique vocal styles. Hell, Jordan Dreyer of La Dispute is one of my favorites and a lot of people think he's awful and un-listenable. This one just doesn't appeal to me for some reason.

Dante3000 (December 2, 2011)

I really don't get the vocal problem. Like I legitimately believe when people say they don't like it but for me it fits perfectly and it doesn't sound like it holds the band back or they have to tailor their sound around his delivery, it all sounds fairly organic. But I feel like the fox in his own hole, like everyone else can smell it but me.

Icapped2pac (December 2, 2011)

Yup, the vocals ruin it for me too. I don't even mean that as "they should change it", just that it sounds incredibly awkward for me and keeps me from enjoying the music.

baseball (December 2, 2011)

I enjoy this album a lot. Kinda reminds me of Deja Entendu. I like the vocal delivery but get why people would be turned off by it.

eatdogs (December 2, 2011)

i saw these dudes live and they were pretty decent. and yeah, dante you need to review something sometime yo!!!

Dante3000 (December 2, 2011)

I have no one to blame but myself for this album getting a poor review. Figures if I didn't do it the guy who gave Patrick Stump 4 stars WOULD.

evanPGH (December 2, 2011)

Agree completely, the vocal delivery kills it for me.

This band has so much potential, but I gotta chalk this one up as a disappointment.

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