Mest - Destination Unknown (Cover Artwork)


Mest: Destination UnknownDestination Unknown (2001)
Warner Music Group

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Contributed by: EddieEddie
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Okay, I know a lot of people here at this site hate Mest, but I really like this great pop-punk band. Considering all the articles I've read, and what I've heard people say about the band, I was expecting more ska on this album. And besides a few ska beats, and some light horns here and there, this .
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Okay, I know a lot of people here at this site hate Mest, but I really like this great pop-punk band. Considering all the articles I've read, and what I've heard people say about the band, I was expecting more ska on this album. And besides a few ska beats, and some light horns here and there, this band seems more like if Goldfinger lost half their band, and took in a half of Good Charlotte.

Which definitely isn't a bad thing, though. Mest throws out some really excellent, upbeat songs. They also have a variety of the fast pop-punk songs, some slower songs, and some ska-tinged songs, as I mentioned before.

The best songs on the disc in my opinion, though, are "Opinions," "Yesterday," "Cadillac," "Fuct Up Kid," "It's Over," and "Breakin' Down." All of them have a blast of punk energy, with great instruments and vocals. Which is something that some bands have been lacking lately. Hopefully Mest doesn't go that way, too.


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punkkim (October 12, 2010)

Destination Unknown is amazing! Mest's best music here i think
great songs all the way through

Anonymous (June 21, 2005)

Whatsername182 is back. I love you guys. Tonys B-day was yesterday. I celebrated it. ^_^ you no you want him ladys I do. I will say Mest is so awesome I hope they make it big. THERE GONNA BE ON THE WARPED TOUR!

Anonymous (May 6, 2005)

Dude Whatsername182 here I love Mest. I have Mo money Mo. I love em. To every Mest fan you rock and Love ya Jere.

Anonymous (November 16, 2004)

this is the worst review ive ever read, you said nothing about the C.D., you just named the songs you liked and made excuses about liking the band. Well, I hope it gets u to sleep at night

Anonymous (October 25, 2004)

These guys used to be in a kin head band, the kind that hates jewish people. I'm not kidding. Also, the singer knocked up some chick in high school and kicked her ass to the curb. She had it coming to her though for fucking a skin. Fuckin' pricks. To make matters worse they started playing this bullshit, as so they could find younger sluts to rape. Nice work, dicks.

FuctUpKid (July 18, 2004)

This band is one of my all-time favorites. Mest is a inspiring band. Inspiring other little punk-rockers that there is a chance of making it big. I first didn't like pop-punk bands, then I heard the song "Chelsea". (which wasn't really a "big hit") And I was quickly drawn into the band's music. I soon started looking up websites, CD's, articles, photos, all of that shit. And I know Tony Lovato was once a white-power kid, but for Christ sakes he was 13 years old, gemme a fucking break, besides he appologized for his actions and dearly and truly means it. Mest fans you need to buy every Mest merchandise you can possibly find. All the descriminating haters of Mest are just jealous because they are a good ass band that get's a lot of fame that they will NEVER have. Bottom line, Mest is one of the best pop-punk band I have ever heard, and I am dieing to get an autograph from the band. And I am desperately trying to get the rare album "Mo' Money Mo' 40'z". But yes, Mest fucking rocks in concert, All three albums kick ass from "Wasting Time", Destination Unknown", and the new self-titled cd (or "Jaded (These Years). Buy them all, and the Show Must Go Off! DVD of Mest live at the House Of Blues in Aneheim, CA. Everything about Mest is awesome, they know how to have fun and know when to be serious. Tony is one of the best talented vocalist I have heard in pop-punk, his voice just draws me even closer to all of their songs. Jeremiah has a really good voice also. Matt kicks ass at the bass guitar. And Nick is incredibly awesome at the drums. Mest really pulls it off live, their music sounds so amazingly great live, it almost sounds as if you were listening to a really loud CD of their's, the sound quality is insane, they sounds so awesome live. They rock, I strongly suggest to everyone, check out the best pop-punk band of all time. Mest Rocks!!!
- Scott (yes I am a guy fan of Mest)

Anonymous (April 29, 2004)

I think that everyone who made comments about tony/mest being horrible..is just flat out an ASSHOLE because HELLO..you dont even know tony. I think he is awesome. And I can say that because I HAVE MET HIM..and hes VERY nice. I own 3 CD'S, all of which are great..and yes this is all just my opinion..and you can all have urs too but GEES lets not assume that they're a bad band just cuz u heard 1 or 2 crappy songs..and everyone who doesnt like "pop-punk" music..probly just doesnt like it cuz they dont wanna follow the crowd or be trendy..which is LAME..like what you like..dont be queer and saya band is lame just cuz theyre 'pop-punk' ..i guess there just a lil too popular for you huh?


Anonymous (April 17, 2004)

the singer gets laid more than you. i think you're just jealous.

Anonymous (March 20, 2004)

sorry i forgot to give this a horrible score

Anonymous (March 20, 2004)

im sick and tired of this shit like this and another thing im sick of is the fact that skateboarding has also blown up wit this pop punk shit im sick and tired of every fucking time i go skating having kids come up to me and ask me what kind of board is that how much did you pay for it well my board was more expensive than yours so i must be a better skater blink 182 and simple plan rule blah blah blah man fuck you kids most of you cant even kickflip and you listen to gay music fuckin posers if you want some fuckin pop punk listen to the descendents jesus christ i hate feelin like a fuckin "skater boi" every time i step on my fuckin board fuck you avril lavigne you fucked up my only sport and only form of exercise! fuck this allllllllllllllllll

Anonymous (January 5, 2003)

A few weeks ago, this column profiled Tony Lovato, leader of Blue Island pop-punks Mest, as he celebrated the release of "Destination Unknown," the band's second album for Madonna's Maverick Records. Like many Chicagoans, I'm a fan. But the column prompted some disturbing e-mails and discussions on Internet message boards.

Eight years ago, when he was 13, Lovato played drums in a band called Confederate Storm. Initially, the other musicians were skinheads as a fashion statement, but they came to embrace that controversial subculture's racist attitudes, and the group's songs included white-power lyrics. I returned to Lovato to ask him about this, and he welcomed the opportunity to set the record straight publicly for the first time.

"Kids bring this up all the time, and the record label and publicity people are like, 'Let's not address it,' " Lovato says. "But I'm an honest person, and the more honest you are with your fans, the closer they feel to you--it's not like you're some singer who [messes around with] little girls, then turns around and acts like he's a Christian."

Lovato says he grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood, and his first girlfriend was African-American. Then his family moved, and he found himself isolated until he was drawn into the skinhead scene. Eventually, he started to think about its poisonous attitudes. He then split and paid the price, being ostracized and getting involved in fights. (He compares his experience to the film "American History X.")

"When you're 13, you don't think for yourself, and you just go with the flow with the kids you hang out with," Lovato says. "The scariest part about Nazi skinheads and that cause is that they get you at a young age, and they warp your mind. After two years of that, I was like, 'This just isn't right.' It wasn't like it wasn't cool anymore, and that's why I got out of it. I realized: 'This is [messed] up, these people are [messed] up, and I am being ignorant and rude to people.' "

In the liner notes to the band's first Maverick album, Lovato writes, "Sorry to everyone I hurt in the past from my ignorant ways--I hope you can forgive me."

Now, the group tours with representatives of Anti-Racist Action, and he steers fans to their information booth from the stage. "Because of what I did in the past, maybe I can turn this around and do a positive thing," he says. "The truth is, I hung out with these kids for a few years, then I had enough brains to realize it was wrong, and I hope other people can learn from my experience."


Anonymous (January 5, 2003)

It's one year ago. You're Tony Lovato. You front the Maverick punk band Mest. Your girlfriend just broke up with you. You think:

"I'm out on tour, I'm in a band and I'm single. This is every kid's dream."

That simple formula fuels the new Mest single "Cadillac," a summertime blast of snarling guitars, DJ scratch work, and a chorus that celebrates Lovato's simple desire to drive "with my top down/seat back/rolling in my Cadillac."

Anonymous (December 17, 2002)

"hey the album kicks so if you have anything to say about it.. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! or shut the fuck up"

This is a review board, not a fucking Mest fan club. MEST SUCK BALLS.

Anonymous (December 10, 2002)

this cd isn´t very good so dont waste your money on this, it isn´t worth it.....
buy a screeching weasel or a alkaline trio album instead and be happy...

Anonymous (September 13, 2002)

Concerning lyrics vs the music, there's an old saying ( i'm paraphrasing): Its the music draws you in, & the lyrics that keep you there.

Anonymous (August 13, 2002)

hey the album kicks so if you have anything to say about it.. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! or shut the fuck up

Anonymous (July 31, 2002)

I would just like to say this band is extremely, outstandingly, stupendisly not a good band at all. Try and listen to something that will be remembered not this bullshit excuse for music.

cawknocker (July 31, 2002)

yea, music is just as important as lyrics. some bands are great for their musicianship but have so so lyrics. some band are awesome lyrically but nto so good at music. the best bands give u great lyrics and music.but if anything, music is more important.neither mest's lyrics ro music is outstanding, but they are pretty catchy. reminds me alot of a cocky greenday crossed w/ some goldfinger.they used to be ska punk though.

Anonymous (July 31, 2002)

I was going to say something funny and offensive about mest but now I forget what it is... Anyone think that new Dana Carvey movie looks incredibly stupid but in a kinda funny way. "Am I not turtly enough for the turtle club? Turtle Tuuuuurtle" God that part gets me every time.-pat41

z9t87 (July 31, 2002)

To whoever wrote the post below, I strongly disagree with your statement: "music ain't about the sound. it's about the lyrics." I think you're way off with that line yo. Music is NOT just about the lyrics. Music would be nothing without instruments/sound. While lyrics do play a big part, the music itself is just as important, if not more. So I guess what you're basically saying is that everyone in a band but the singer and/or songwriter is useless? You've obviously never picked up an instrument in your life. I, being an amateur musician, always listen to the instrumentation before the lyrics. I haven't heard this album nor do I plan on ever hearing it, but I'm going to assume that Mest's musicianship blows ass.

Anonymous (July 30, 2002)

dude, i think this album fuckin rocks. i know that they are a pop-punk band, and most people hate that, their lyrics are great. and music ain't about the sound. it's about the lyrics. alot of people forget that.

Anonymous (July 30, 2002)

does this band remind anyone slightly of crazytown? Not the music, but just the way they come across. like, "you know we get laid alot, right?". Mest probably gets laid, but ill bet 100 bucks its by fat nasty goth chicks in bondage boots whose nasty camel toes could make up a 4-course meal.


waste_elite (July 29, 2002)

excuse me while i cross "coheed and cambria" off my list of bands to look into.

Anonymous (July 29, 2002)

great and pop - of any kind - don't go
together you fagoff.

since when have coheed and cambria not been poppy? i do believe that devil in jersey city song could be categorized with new found glory and this band.

waste_elite (July 28, 2002)

Mock Every Semite Tenaciously

Anonymous (July 28, 2002)

Wait a second here. The singer is a former white power kid? Spill some more info on that!


Anonymous (July 26, 2002)

yeah...mest is pretty bad..the only nice guy in that whole band is the bassist....the lead singer is a fucking jerkass...

Anonymous (July 26, 2002)

it stands for we lick balls

Anonymous (July 26, 2002)

What, exactly, does Mest "stand for"?

Anonymous (July 25, 2002)

z9t87 knows what he is talk about. i don't like mest because of all the stories i heard about them and because of what they stand for. and that trail of dead album is great.

cawknocker (July 25, 2002)

ok. first off, pat41 thanks for sticking up for me (but i'm 22, don't call me kid jk). sidelinedforlife, i was basically saying don't waste your breath on this stuff it'll go away. also i think people dislike this band for the wrong reasons. bad reasons are 1.they are 'sellouts' whatever 2.theyre on a major 3.they have shirts in hot topic 4.they have a sound appealing to 15 yr olds. greenday embodied all the above reasons to hate them but the majority of people on these boards got into punk becuz of greenday so they don't bash them. maybe mest is a good entry point for the 14 year olds of today to get into punk. also i listen to d4 dorkus malorkus and the lawrence arms and alk3 and lots of other good poppunk bands. i do think for myself. good reasons to hate this band are 1.theyre music sux 2. theyre assholes 3.theyre unorigninal. that i can see, just as i think poison the well is noise. so many people hate this band and nfg not becuz of the music or lyrics but becuz of the fan base, labels, mainstream exposure or some kid in the mall was wearing a mest shirt and he's not punk so fuck mest. thats just dumb bro. anyway stop typing in caps it feels like your yelling at me.

z9t87 (July 25, 2002)

oh yeah one more thing - don't forget: "arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics - even if you win, you're still a retard"

z9t87 (July 25, 2002)

Yeah I'm with Sidelinedforlife or whatever your name is (but stop writing in all caps mofo!). Dillinger Four fucking rocks my ass and their lyrics actually are pretty damn good. And I also agree with the fact that we can hate whatever music we want to. I don't like Mest but I checked out the review anyway because I wanted to know what other people thought of it. Is that a crime?

And about major labels signing pop culture bands, yes that's going to happen. It always has and it always will. They want to make $$$ by appealing to the masses, ie teenagers. I don't think Mest & NFG & bands like them are true punk bands. Punk bands (to me) are bands that play loud, fast music, embody a DIY attitude and just try to put out quality music at low prices. I can't say that a lot of major label pop-punk revolution bands (such as Mest) do all those things. But don't get me wrong, there are some really good bands out there on major labels, even if people think they "sold out". Check out Trail of Dead's new album, it's on a major and it's crazy good. So I guess what I'm trying to say is "eat my shit"

Anonymous (July 25, 2002)

Post below was me -sidelinedforlife

Anonymous (July 25, 2002)

To the guy 3 post down: actually asshole i did like mest but where your wrong is why i dont like them now. Like i said in my post: i have found new punk music by opening my eyes and realizing that there is better stuff out there, not going with everyone else. Perfect example: my friend loves nfg but i dont so how is that going along with other people. Now the comment that really pissed me off was about dillinger four. I didnt say go to cdnow. Com look at the song names (which are totally misleading to the actual meaning of the song) and assume. Your just being ignorant. They have some of the best if not the best lyrics around. Pat 41: i never said that i hate people that like this band. I said i simply dont like this band and suggested some good bands. I think its cool that you like this band but what set me off was the guy below me saying "theres a place for serious music. And fun music too. Dont hate it. " why not. We have our own opions. Im sure theres bands you dont like.

Anonymous (July 25, 2002)

he wasnt saying no one should think for themselves. What he was suggesting is that everyone that does not like this band good for you we dont really care. But dont give people who do like this band shit. Why bother wasting your time on a band you dont like or hate or whatever. If you dont like this band why click on the link to their review... you already know you dont like them why bother reading it. Its people like you that make the punk world such a joke these days. All you do it complain when something is "over-produced". Who cares if you like it... if it sounds good to you listen ot it. Maybe "under-produced" crap is what you are into. Maybe you dont like to hear your music in good quality... fine with me... listen to what you want. And thats all the kid wanted is for people to listen to what they want and to not bitch about what they hate.... its a simple fair and intellegent request. Punk culture would benefit. You are not going to get rid of these pop-punk bands so why bother with them... thats the most punk thing you can do... thats the only way they will ever go away. If you keep paying them so much attention they will never leave.-pat41

Anonymous (July 25, 2002)

hey is that goldfinger

Anonymous (July 25, 2002)

Translation of the post below: I used to like MEST until I realized other people hated them. Now I hate them too. But think for yourself asshole!

Look at you guys, who fucking cares, let the kids enjoy their fun pop punk overproduced whatever. Not every song has to mean something. And Dillinger Four, does the song doublewhiskeycokenoice mean anything? I'm not a huge fan, I don't know much about them (or even if that's what the song is called), but they don't seem to have to deep a message in the songs I've heard. So before you go saying how much cooler you are than the zealot sellouts out there, think about yourself. You're as sad as they are.

By the way I hate MEST too. But I'm not one to say no one else can like it.

Anonymous (July 24, 2002)

Ok everyone maybe the dude below me is right. No one should hate this band. Why do people have opinions anymore. Why dont we all start to like everything. We could be robots and share the same exact interest. Theres just one small problem bro. People think for themselves. I hate this fucking band and you like this band. Quit trying to say its wrong when people dont like this overproduced pile of shit for a cd. You want real pop punk mother fuckers. Pick up all of dillinger four's cds and fuck off. Because that is real pop punk. This stuff is fake. Ill be honest i use to like shit like this but being exposed to lots of branches of punk and opening my mind i realize that there is better stuff out there than nfg, simple plan, and something corporate who all mostly have no meaning to their music. Seriously though pick up dillinger fours new album or one of discounts albums because that music means something. Oh the cd. Never heard this but judging by thier other one its not even worth it to talk about it. Forgetable. -sidelinedforlife

cawknocker (July 24, 2002)

yea pop punk is the new hair metal. so what? its not really even punk. true metal bands didnt give much of a shit about poison or motley crue. bands like slayer and at the time metallica, true metal bands just waited for the fashion glam metal to blow over. its the same w/ pop punk. mest, gc,nfg all have talent. so did hairbands. yea they exploit the punk look. yea theyre in it to be rock stars. so fuckin what. its simple fun shit. serious music has its place. so does fun music. don't hate it. it'll go away when the market becomes satureated w/ warrants and wingers. and it is, just look at simple plan. the originals werent bad in the hair movement either. u can't tell me that girls,girls,girls and every rose has its thorn arent fun songs. its all the other corporate created bands that suck. they don't front like their some serious punk bands w/ convictions on society. theyre just guys makin music about chicks and shit, wanting to be rock stars. theres nothing wrong w/ it. therefore, as i always liked hair metal, i will like mest. its fun. i also listen to coheed and cambria, hot water music, nofx, lagwagon, newfoundglory, sick of it all, pennywise, recover, at the drive in, thursday, fugazi, the clash, bigwig and good charlotte. i love all punk styled music, its my niche. some is seriouis some is just to fuck around or put on at parties i have when the crowd reaction to dillenger escape plan would be less than positive. fuck it. let it go guys. just let it go.

Anonymous (July 24, 2002)

Initial recation to n'deso's comment... HAHAHAHA WHAT A MORON. Sure punk is supposed to be anti-major label... I never said it wasnt. I did however say that the guy below me was right when he said that Major labels go out with the purpose of finding popular culture and turning a profit on it. This time it happened to be punk and action sports. I do however disagree that this is a wrong thing that they did. I think that a label making profit on something that is obviously profitable is completely legitimate. Skater kids, Punk kids and the like all have money and they want to spend it... major labels/corporations are obviously going to put out a product that kids are going to buy. Whats the point in marketing something that no one wants. As for the Sex Pistols... Johnny Rotten was and is one of the smartest punks that there ever was. He knows what he is doing... the last tour they went on... in 96 or something... they admitted right off the bat that they were only doing it for the money. They could care less what anybody thought about it as long as they sold tickets. He knew what he was doing back in the late 70s when his manager (whose name fails me right now) gave him clothes to make into his own style and then had them mass produced and sold to the punk culture and punk culture wannabes in England. Just like places like Hot Topic know that right now punk and emo are the "in" things so they are marketing their clothing, accessories and music to that specific group of people. Who knows what the next big thing will be that the media and corporations try and exploit to make a profit... and frankly who cares. If punks werent so obssesed with major labels and corporations and trying to rebel against them then this site and the punk culture in general would be much better off. If punk still meant what it meant in the 70s then people would ignore the mass production of punk and emo and they would concentrate on what really matters.... the music. -pat41

Anonymous (July 24, 2002)

what the fuck is this bullshit. the dude some posts below me (NOT pat41) is right, the corporation DOES all those shit and make one thing popular. pat41, you don't seem to understand punkrock man. punk isn't a cult, but it's NOT for corporate shit either. it's not tradition or any shit man, it's just how it was and should be. yea go bla bla read punkbook bla bla but just listen, sex pistols got signed to EMI in the first place because they were dumb. why were they dumb? because they didn't know what else there is to life other than punk and middle finger. they thought it was gonna be some rad shit to do to make it big and piss everyone off with their attitude, but it didn't work, instead the corporate world turn them into some trendy shit that kids love. plus man, what's with sex pistols??? they were not the greatest or anything, not even close at all. they were just some dumbshit band the media exposed. and if you ask how do you pay the bill if you don't have money, then try to be good on your own without the corporate ink. plus... http://www.arancidamoeba.com/mrr/bencol.html

that was my 3 cents, fuck mest btw.

- n'deso

Luzzew (July 24, 2002)

This album is the reason that the half-star is available as a rating...


cawknocker (July 24, 2002)

hey who said i have no taste in music? eat me bro, just cuz i like mest, u and i prob. have scores of bands we both like, being that i listen to every form of punk. but i don't care. whatever, fart.

Anonymous (July 24, 2002)

Oh good everyone can figure out that labels sign these bands just to make money off of them. Good for you. As far as I knew a label was supposed to make money. They were supposed to turn a profit and if they are going to do that by producing what the teenage audience likes then hey... isnt that what they are supposed to do? I cant stand when you blame the uprise of pop-punk on the label because its just so obvious. Guess what, one of the most admired punk bands ever, the Sex Pistols, was created for the sole purpose of of appealing to the new punk wave that hit England. All of the clothes that Johnny Rotten wore were then mass produced and sold in the Sex Shop because punk is what was popular and it was popular to dress like that. No one ever ragged on the Sex Pistols though because no one likes to accept anything new. Pop-punk is where the world is heading. 5 years ago rap was the target, 10 years before that hair metal was the thing to be into. Its always going to be something and its always going to make money so the labels are always going to sign it. Yea Mest isnt very good at all, but some of these pop-punk bands are talented despite what any of you say. NFG, Good Charlotte, Yellowcard (who I hate), The Starting Line (who I also hate) and even the most hated punk band ever, blink 182 all have talent. Maybe you dont recognize that with your head up your ass...-pat41

Anonymous (July 24, 2002)

this cd has to much reverb on the vocals and good charlot is very bad and goldfinger and mest sound liek them now. go fuck a goat.

Anonymous (July 24, 2002)

I agree completely with the guy before!
My housemate was playing the song Cadillac by these guys tonight. I don't know how anyone classifies this as PUNK.
It in no way, shape, or form resembles PUNK. " With my top down, seat back... rolling in my cadillac whoaaaaa " followed by scratching. It sounds like Michael Jackson singing Billie Jean with some half ass dj scratching in between riffs.

Anonymous (July 24, 2002)

This band and other bands like them (ie Good Charlotte, Simple Plan etc..) represent everything that is wrong with the new and "hip" pop-punk. The music is being produced for the soul purpose of generating the all mighty dollar. Right now in North America the demographic with the most disposible income is teenagers. So what have companies done in response to this ? They now hire lackys to go out into the public (streets, schools) and find out what is "cool". These lackys then make sugestions to thier bosses on marketing strategies they think kids will buy into. This is what they have found so far
1) Extreme anything sells
2) more specifically, Skateboarding and snowboarding sell
3) Alot of skaters listen to punk
4) Upwards of 80% of these people are male

So the record company begins signing and promoting "punk" bands with a friendlier more upbeat sound. This is to acquire more female fans as well as getting the odd sale from a rock fan who happened to find the song catchty (or maybe even trick a true fan of punk rock). They pay muchmusic/mtv and radio stations to play the videos. Just as expected the peon 12-18 year olds buy anything thier TV tells them.

ambiotical_sophisticrat (July 24, 2002)

but those are almost ALL poppy bands

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

i like mest. and i also like goldfinger, good charlotte, tsl, nfg, and soco. and hey...i also like different shit too. like poison the well, arch enemy, grade, shai hulud, further seems forever, no use, lagwagon, finch, the used...and countless other bands. so fuck whoever it was that said that anyone who likes mest only likes other "pop-punky" bands. fuck you and you stereotypes.

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

I believe you need to get your head checked because the only people who like this steaming pile of shit are kids who shop for cd's at HotTopic and WalMart.

If you want an embarrassing cd that you want no one to know about in your collection then buy Marky Marky and the Funky Bunch or Creed.

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

Mest is a great band (or they used to be). They used to be ska-punk with wasting time, and mo' money is a great cd. And to whoever said a good cd with parental advisory or whatever? Goldfinger. Every cd is great and they are parental advisory. PUMP UP THE VALUUM by NOFX also has a sticker so its QUIET TIME for you. MEST IS GOOD SO SHUT UP! They did sell out with this cd but its not that bad and their old stuff is great

waste_elite (July 23, 2002)

waste_elite (July 23, 2002)

as soon as i saw this new review on the sidebar i knew who reviewed it. thanks eddie we need more good reviews of crap.

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

This is one pop-punk band that I wont stick up. Not as bad as you guys are making them out to be but a little too prissy pretty boy for me. Not their look but the sound of it. Too sing songy and not even emotion. I can sit through this whole cd. despite the 3 or 4 good songs.-pat41

emptycauses (July 23, 2002)

holy shit cawknocker, YOU HAVE NO TASTE IN MUSIC

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

Put a shirt onP.S. Cadillacs rules!s

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

I read an interview with the lead singer guy, he acts like he's 15 and in highschool. He swears every other word (no, I'm not anti-swearing) and has a really lame 'I don't give a fuck about anything' attitude going. He reminds me of a little punk rock kid who never grew up. In the interview, most of his answers went like this. Mest guy: "I don't fuckin' know, fuck this shit cause I just don't give a fuck" Anyway, their music also sounds unoriginal and also reminds me of all the other bands that sounded like them 5 years ago.

evildeadalive (July 23, 2002)

Leave it to Eddie to review everything that is wrong with punk rock today. You suck Eddie.

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

What's the Dillio?

rage (July 23, 2002)

To Anonymous (4-5 posts down):
"even if benji from gc didn't like mest, goldfinger still would love them (they made mest-well he did)--so you would still be shit out of luck."

Maybe you're just fucking illiterate but I don't recall anywhere in my post saying 'if gc didn't like them,' I said the lead singer of Goldfinger. Also, cross reference my post about this band making Goldfinger's albums even worse (from Goldfinger Live in Ottowa review), and you have yourself an argument.

I guess I'm the only one who has noticed that after looking through countless posts here, on Livejournals, and even on places like Face the Jury/Makeoutclub, the only thing to be said by their fans is 'MEST ROCKS!!' Point me out fans of theirs who aren't 14 year old girls who all love the same bands (NFG/TSL/Something Corporate) and maybe I'll start listening to this elaborately thought out arguent. In fact, if someone could actually point out one good thing about this band, it would be great, but all I've seen so far is 'well they sorta do that green day pop punk thing pretty well.' Pathetic.

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

There are plenty of good hip-hop albums with PA stickers...


cawknocker (July 23, 2002)

theyre also very good live. and to the first dork who posted in bold. dont' do that shit. dork. and the sex pistols were complete shit.fuck u dorks that alwasy through out 'the scene sux cuz of bands like this...blah blah...black flag...stiff little fingers...blah blah...major labels...mtv...blink182...the scene..teenyboppers...poseurs...propaghandi..' shut the fuck up. quit bitching go listen to different music if u hate punk so much.

cawknocker (July 23, 2002)

good albums w/ PA stickers? nofx-pump up the valuum. guns n' roses -appetite for destruction. theres shitloads more too dork. dont's say dumb shit like that it sets u up. n e way i actually like mest. sorry. yea i hear theyre assholes, yea they are on a major. but they do poppunk better than alot of bands, and considering the other bands in that genre their good, but not original. but i think they do dookie era greenday very well, and s/t goldfinger era better than they did. fuck it. theyre not groundbreaking, don't start comparing them to other bands. but if u consider sum41, blink, good charlotte and the like theyre not bad, and not quite as cheesy.

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

correct me if i'm wrong but can anyone name a CD with a Parental Advisory sticker that was GOOD?

sure, a lot of punk albums have swearing but the good ones are on indie labels that don't need PA stickers.

seriously, i challange you, think of a good CD with a sticker

my roomate would like this band. that's why i must keep them hidden from him. i don't need to hear this coming through the walls.


Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

ok dick wods...

first off...WHAT A HORRIBLE REVIEW! that just pissed me off reading it, I mean if you like the band so much write more than one sentence and naming the songs you like, jesus. BUT, mest does rock, and DO have a very good live show...and to the guy a few posts down...even if benji from gc didn't like mest, goldfinger still would love them (they made mest-well he did)--so you would still be shit out of luck. mest rocks!

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

last post was from me -SaYnE GuY

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

Mest = eeeeeeeevvvvvvviiiiiiillllll!!

rage (July 23, 2002)

The middle one (Tony) is the nazi, althought supposedly he 'realized the error of his ways.' I've had the uh.. privledge of listening to this cd over fourty times due to my ex-girlfriend thinking this band is the greatest thing since sliced fucking bread (of course she thought the same thing about Good Charlotte last year, you wonder how I put up with this girl). What it comes down to is this: The album has horribly repetitive chord progression (standard pop punk chords is a term that is overused but in this case it actually applies because 4 of the songs involve your usual 1, 5, (2)3, 3 progression) combined with a horribly repetitive singer, combined with horribly juvenile lyrics. Granted they're only 20-23, but they could at least write about things other than 'the top down seat back rollin in my cadillac.'

Their live show isn't much better, unfortunately. The lead singer stands up there and sings, then whines about missing his girlfriend and tries to impress some of the chicks in the crowd with some stupid jokes. Not much stage movement or anything, just boring. It's totally unfortunate that Goldfinger's lead singer loves them so much, because if he didn't, they would still be stuck opening for Tubring (great band btw) at the Fireside, and Goldfinger's recent album might not have been so bad (unless I'm the only person who noticed it sounded exactly like a mest album).

I think this band can be summed up in one sentance: "Anyone remember 'Whats the d-d-d-dillio, dillio'?" Thought so. Worst. Band. Ever.

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

Ive never heard of these guys,should i have??? -oldpunker-

sockk (July 23, 2002)

y'know those guys on the album cover? which one is the nazi?

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

Dear god this band is horrible. Hell, this is not even decent pop music. I would rather listen to c c music factory than this garbage. Yet some people have the nerve to say punk around this band when the played on the fucking Jenny Jones show. Yes, the same show that was made famous by a homosexual killing his lover and washed up strippers showing off their coconuts because they were made fun of in high school.

The reviewer should hang his head in shame for even admitting liking this garbage

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

great review dork.

emptycauses (July 23, 2002)

o yea5th, dont make it seem like yellowcard are pop punk gods, there good, but they also sold out

emptycauses (July 23, 2002)

Many Things: 1st, this was not a good review at all2nd, why does everyone have to fight, and call people "fags"? what the hell are you thinking calling someone that, that's problee the most "unpunk" thing you could of done3rd, if you want some fucking ska dont turn too these fools or goldfinger, try the caddies, c 22. bosstones, ltg, old rbf or almost any asian man band4th, this is not a good band, and this review should not of been posted

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

guy two posts down:

you should try to be funny or something. because you sure sound stupid being serious.

iowanick (July 23, 2002)

i really dont know of a band that are bigger assholes than this. i saw them with goldfinger and a kid got up on stage and the singer from mest slapped the kid in the back of the head because the kid threw a plastic water bottle up on stage.

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

wow, you're an old school superstar, aren't you?

i hate mest, but whoever wrote that first comment - railing on TODAY'S punk scene is so played out.

go find some bands you DO like, find some OTHER music to like, or hell, listen to the same 5 records over and over. just let the kids have fun if they want to. mest is not good, this is the absolute truth, but hey, if people enjoy them... let them. and that was still a bad attempt at sarcasm.

yellowcard is awesome.

stop sucking up to punknews regulars.


delerium_trigger (July 23, 2002)

great and pop - of any kind - don't go together you fagoff.

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

I agree with the guy below me (Yellowcard) but not the guy below him (Scott is cool). PS i posted the first comment, which is longer than the review! lol ;)

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

Mest blows, I'm not anti pop-punk, but this is just pop-punk at its worst.

If you gotta have pop, make it yellowcard or something, cause Mest sucks ass.

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

Scott = fagaroo

maverick (July 23, 2002)

Wow, I'm only the 13th pageview and there's already 4 comments? You guys work fast.

Mest = suckaroo.


adam (July 23, 2002)

We're just throwing the term "ska" around these days like its nobody's business, eh?

Anonymous (July 23, 2002)

I think the first comment is longer than this review.

Anonymous (July 22, 2002)

you have got to be joking.

Anonymous (July 22, 2002)

What a great band. It's really great to see all these great bands coming to various towns across these here united states. It really shows just how much unity and togetherness we share in the punk community. It really, truly is an excellent and remarkable time to be alive, and to be into the punk music and punk scene we all love. I'm sure the forefathers of punk, like the Sex Pistols, would have wished that they could have been alive and around today had they known about how awesome the scene just is this very day. I'm sure they would have given anything to witness these wonderful times. I, for one, am certainly looking forward to catching a few shows from this incredible band; they certainly sound great based on my own research and the opinions of others, whom I really and truly respect, deeply. I hope that you, too, my friend, can scrounge up enough change, enough dough (times are tough), and purchase you and your best buddies some prime records by this great band. In fact, even if you don't have money, I really hope that you can sneak a copy, or steal someone else's. Just as long as you are seeing this wonderful and great band to be put on by these terriffic record labels. News like this just shows what a great time it really is for us all to be alive and well, and how these great bands are breathing new life into and shattering our preconceptions about music in general. Hats of, my friends, and enjoy yourselves out there. Take care now, and whatever you don't don't miss out on this golden musical opportuninty, this pot-of-gold at the end of the punk rainbow, this 20 carat diamond hidden 20,000 leagues under the ocean, or you will regret it. Even in death, my friend, amigos, chumps, and buddies.

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