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Anti-Flag: Die for the GovernmentDie for the Government (1996)
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Contributed by: Iridox
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Anti-Flag is one of the most popular bands in the punk scene today, and they deserve it. Unfortunately, their debut release isn't one of the reasons why. This album from 1996 has a few great songs, so you can hear the beginnings of what has become one of the best political punk bands, but most of th.

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Anti-Flag is one of the most popular bands in the punk scene today, and they deserve it. Unfortunately, their debut release isn't one of the reasons why. This album from 1996 has a few great songs, so you can hear the beginnings of what has become one of the best political punk bands, but most of the CD isn't that great.

The lyrics for some songs are intelligent, but some are simple and ridiculously exaggerated. The music isn't too different from the norm in street punk, although some songs like "No More Dead" are quite impressive. The main problem is that most songs lack the energetic punk anthem feel that their later albums are full of.

The first six tracks are a mix of different qualities - "You've Got to Die for the Government" is a classic and "Red White and Brainwashed" is great, but there are a couple of average tracks and a couple of tracks that I don't care for. The next eight songs are average at best, with "Punk by the Book" being the only exception. "No More Dead" is amazing, then the album finishes off with "Confused Youth" and "Your Daddy Was a Rich Man", two songs that would have been better left off the CD.

With 17 tracks to listen to, you should be able to find some songs on this CD that you can enjoy. However, if your tastes are like mine you'll probably skip over several songs when you play it. Regardless of whether or not you like this CD, you should check out Anti-Flag's newer releases, which I like a lot more.


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AmateurChemist (June 2, 2012)

Nearly 20 years later and this album still rocks. Fuck the haters; this and underground network were the punk rock albums of my childhood

Baxter (February 14, 2011)

Fuck police brutality was easily one of my favorites. I think the album is their best. This one or For Blood and Empire

HeroineBob (June 6, 2007)

This is the first Anti-Flag Cd I ever bought and I have been hooked on it ever since...

miff (December 7, 2006)

"What is Bush going to use my money for, hmm let me think education or health care something stupid like that"

you retard i really dont think you get what anti-flag are saying.
theyre not against paying taxes or not having health care theyre about fighting injustice and educating people about their rights and speaking out for those who cant. i read an article in a magazine you get here in britain called rock sound where they were asking #2 what he would do if he ruled the world and one of the things he said was that health care and education should be free for all in america. the only way your going to get that is by paynig your $20
its quite right of you to not want your money top be spent on arms, but not giving people what should be a basic human right is a criime. now if you want to keep your $20 or you think taxes should be different i dont no how much you earn or how much american minimum wage is but if you need the money fine but if you dont and your just being selfish well then thats fascism for you
dont just think about yourself
i dont mean to preach or tell you what to do as you ahve your own rights and can do what you wish but just think next time so that you dont give people the view taht your an arrogant selfish shit

upthepunx13 (September 26, 2006)

anti-flag is one of the best punk bands ever i love this album for its political refernces and how pissed off they are.

JohnnyTwoTits (August 29, 2006)

this album, is fucking grate. i stole it from my brother, and it was like the first punk musick i ever hurd... it took me a while to understand but once i did it was the shit

Anonymous (April 3, 2006)

I totally disagree this was one of anti-flags better albums!! their newer albums are to poppy sounding this one is more raw!!

Anonymous (January 15, 2006)

This album is great, I don't get you when you say the album has mediocre songs, they're all great, politically and easy to listen to. For me, none of the songs are less good than others...

Anonymous (March 9, 2005)

This album defintely rocks my socks. Best one made. BUY THIS FREGIN ALBUM!!!!

Anonymous (December 8, 2004)

this cd is awesome why dont you like it, does anyone know who played bass in it because in the cd it says andy flag but on the website it says chris head played on it

Anonymous (February 13, 2003)

anyone who says this cd isnt great doesnt know good music if it slapped them in the face! this is great PA punk/hardcore*i only say hardcore cause they ditched the hardcore part after good old andy flag left* this cd has one or two songs that are ok to skip at the MOST! if you can find this get it NOW!

planaproject (August 5, 2002)

if this album came out now i dont know if i'd like it. but back in grade 9 when i saw them for the first time i thought it was awesome as well as the cd. this cd is still a classic in my books... not really into their new stuff and i saw them recently and wasn't overly impressed but when i was first getting into punk i liked stuff like that cuz it was new to me... you know, they're more of a gateway band i guess, i dunno. sry for takin' up ur time.

Anonymous (August 5, 2002)

political punk rock is a joke. so is randomly yelling tyrany, and 'i'm anti-establishment.' that 20 dollars of your paycheck, awww poorboy. it's called taxes stupid shit and we ALL pay them. get a little older and you start paying LOTS more. if you're going to be anti-establishment don't try to sound like a disorganized 13 year-old football palyer. 'yo, this guy knows whats up!' do you even know what george W. stands for and against? or is it just real fun and neat to say F the system(what, no old enough to say fuck yet?'. and for chists sake, don't say education, health care or something stupid like that, what did the grade three class go on a field trip to the big fun internet computer today? sound like a buncha meat headed bro rockers. morons. know what you stand for before you stand against.

waste_elite (August 5, 2002)

"What is Bush going to use my money for, hmm let me think education or health care something stupid like that"

the comment in question

waste_elite (August 5, 2002)


i hope you're joking

Anonymous (August 5, 2002)

This guy right here knows what is UP! Just a few days ago I got my paycheck and for some strange reason $20.00 dollars of my hard earned money was taken. This new kind of army talk seems to be the only way to stop all of this facist bullshit. F George Bush, F the United States Of America. It is time we take a stand here and now. Who's with me??? What is Bush going to use my money for, hmm let me think education or health care something stupid like that. As I said before and I'll always say it again, we need a few good men and women who are not afraid to fight tyrany. You've got to die, got to die, got to die for your government, die for your country that's shit.

A New Kind of Army Guy

Anonymous (August 5, 2002)

Anti flag is right, the government is stealing all our money right out of our paychecks. F the system man, this is bullshit. We need to unite and start a new kind of army to fight the fascist george bush and his cronie ashcroft.

Anonymous (August 5, 2002)

Listen to Crucifix-Dehumanization LP. They have better song writing and have more powerful musicians to back their singer. I think Crucifix are 100% better U.S. political punk band than Anti-Flag. I'm not saying Anti-Flag sucks but they're too over rated. If anything it was their band name that got them the most attention.

evildeadalive (August 4, 2002)

Their System Doesn't Work For You was actually originally released as a split with Vancouver's D.B.S.. It isn't a full length.

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

im surprised all you die hard punkers with opinions have failed to point out that "their system doesnt work for you" was in fact their first full length.

i like this is album, because it is easy listening and it did lead to the surgery to remove my head from my ass.

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

1. I went to highschool w/ them, the most prestigious in pittsburgh, mt. Lebanon hs
2. They suck
3. Theyre daddy's are rich men, but arent fucking dead
4. They preach and have little education to back it up
5. Chirs #2's side project 'whatever it takes' is way better and currently ripping up the scene. He's a friend, and knows i hate antiflag. 6. If only the legions of idiots that listen to this shat really knew.... Haha
7. Underground network is ok, the only dec. Album by them
8. Go go dancer, summer squatter.... Uh should i go on? Drink... Drank... Punk... Riiiiiiiight. Thats pretty fuckin cool dudes. If i was still16 and an idiot i would listen to thsi shit. Go buy dylan if u want a good political artist. -cawknocker

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

Youve got ot kidding, this was thier best album, and its a shame what happened to them after Andy left the band. To me the newer stuff is too poppy, but i dont hate them, for it. I think its good that they are trying to spread thier message beyond the underground punks, many people getting into the new AF most likely listen to blink or nfg and may not be exposed to ideas like this. i say more power to thme if they can educate some people that normally would never have heard any of these ideas.

to quote lars "a punk telling another punk that there should be a revolution is like telling the pope that chruch is on sunday. Its something that they already know."

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

i happen to really like all their albums. if underground network was the same as their first albumns, then bleh, they would be one hell of a boring band. why buy the new cd when i can listen to the old one?

so good for them for evolving like every sinbgle thing on this earth naturally does.

also, theyre whole thing is about spreading knowledge right? theyve even got that song "weve got the numbers!"...so those pissed off about them getting popular really confuse the hell out of me. if they dont get popular, then the lose their battle in spreading "the real news" (or what ever cockeyed take on life tey wish to share) and will never have "the numbers".

on his guitar strap, "#2" has the word "revolution"... in order for a revolution to occur, you need massive support... so yes, children, they must get popular for their dream to happen

(note: im not saying i want their revolution to occur or not... im just justifying their actions)

evildeadalive (August 4, 2002)

I hate you Iridox. You suck. This is by far their best album. Their newer ones absolutely suck. Anti-Flag has become a mockery of what they once were. ...Andy was the best thing that ever happened to this band. And the dude who said you should see them live was right. The songs you called average were amazing live. I saw these guys 6 years ago in a coffee shop in Vancouver, BC with D.B.S. and it was pure punk rock insanity. Nothing like what these guys have turned into...

Oh, and Confused Youth rules by the way.

Oh yeah... and I don't actually hate you. Calm down.

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

who cares?

punky (August 4, 2002)

Good stuff, but their newer stuff is way better.I might not be popular by saying that, but this album is full of pretictably arranged chorous and verses.
Rotten future and safe tonight are the best songs on here-they are not a ground breaking band when it comes to politics either.

waste_elite (August 3, 2002)

the only reason people shit on anti-flag is because they are popular now. seriously, if these guys were still underground and making music like this the majority of you would love them. their new shit is fucking horrible though, underground network is political pop-rock.

people mock their political ranting and write it off as unintelligent sloganeering. but how many political punk bands are there that do it any better? honestly, i can think of only a few. these guys are in the limelight now and they have the opportunity to spread their message. it might not be incredibly in depth but if it causes some people to pull their heads out of their asses and do some research, more power to em.

oh yeah, it's "...gotta die for your country? that's shit". get it right. not poetry, but political punk has never been about being vague.

Anonymous (August 3, 2002)

I'm sorry, but who are the people dumb enough to think that this is good in any way? The lyrics are an insult to anti-establishment music. They're poorly written and seem more concerned with yelling slogans than giving actual reasons for being against the system. "Gotta die for your country, that shit?" Did he write those lyrics when he was in middle school? The music is just generic, third-rate, wannabe '77 punk. If this music is so rebellious, how come it sounds like every other band? For such "revolutionairies," they sure seem afraid to break the mold. Utter crap. This is the kind of music that makes me embarassed to be "anti-establishment."

seek (August 3, 2002)

this was anti-flags best release, but that isn't exactly saying much. the title track is catchy. yeah.

Anonymous (August 3, 2002)

Andy is also a great vocalist. And if you called songs like "Drink, Drank, Punk" and "Fuck Police Brutality" average, you obviously never saw them played live.

No, I haven't seen them live. If I had it wouldn't have made a difference, because I'm reviewing the CD, not a live show.

Anyway, I don't like how I wrote this. I like the CD more than it sounds like in the review. Oh well.

Anonymous (August 3, 2002)

This is definitely their best album. A New Kind of Army was good too, but not as great. Undergound Network was crap. The whole album follows practically the same formula. As for "Mobilize!" it was forgettable at best.

This cd, however, is really great. I like the less produced sound of Justin's vocals as in "Safe Tonight" better than the davey-havok-sounding stuff on the newer albums. Andy is also a great vocalist. And if you called songs like "Drink, Drank, Punk" and "Fuck Police Brutality" average, you obviously never saw them played live.

Anonymous (August 3, 2002)

personally I think this is there best album after the split with dbs. I think their early stuff is alot better than their new stuff.

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