The Lawrence Arms / Small Brown Bike / The Arrivals

The Lawrence Arms/Small Brown Bike/The Arrivals: live in Chicagolive in Chicago (2002)
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After weeks of anticaption, the Lawrence Arms were ready to play their first local show after many months of waiting. It was to be huge with bands Ten Grand, the Arrivals, and Small Brown Bike. Even Fat Mike would be there. With just one day before Warped Tour, this seemed like the perfect opener. .

After weeks of anticaption, the Lawrence Arms were ready to play their first local show after many months of waiting. It was to be huge with bands Ten Grand, the Arrivals, and Small Brown Bike. Even Fat Mike would be there. With just one day before Warped Tour, this seemed like the perfect opener.

Unfortunetly, I arrived late to the Metro, a fine indepedant music venue. I missed most Ten Grand and most of the Arrivals set. Though from what I saw of the last 3 songs of the Arrivals, they were nothing great, only a sideact.

After buying an awesome Lawrence Arms t-shirt, I got a good spectating spot to see Small Brown Bike. Although I knew little of their material, they sounded like an early Hot Water Music. Half of the crowd seemed to like them, but it was obivious they were not stimulated by the new material. In fact, Small Brown Bike layed very little new material. They really did nothing for me, and nothing for themselves.

At last The Lawrence Arms opened up their set with the dynamic "100 Resolutions". The crowd immedietetly went crazy. My lip started to bleed a little after I got elbowed in the mouth. But the energy was amazing. Slamdancing and crowd surfing were enjoyed by all. They played a reasonable amount of songs from all 3 of their full lengths and some stuff from their splits. Brennnan, the leader singer of the band had a good connection with the crowd. With two songs left, they played a classic tune from the Broadways. They then finished I think with "The Northside, the LL, and a number of crappy apartments". Brennan left and said " I hope you all enjoy playing 4 bucks for water tomorrow".

100 Resolutions
Porno and Snuff Films
Chicago is Burning
Quintucple Your Money
Corposes of Our Motivations
Boatless Booze Cruise Part 1
Here Comes the Neighboorhood

If you have yet to listen to the Lawrence Arms, listen to their new cd Apathy and Exhaustion. It is absolutely amazing. They are sure to keep up their bittersweet anthems when they tour with Dillinger Four and the Plea For Peace Tour 2002.


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Anonymous (August 20, 2003)

they also did NOT play BBC part one.

roxyknoxy (November 10, 2002)

The Arrivals kick ASS!! what are you talking about! They were the best band there!!

evildeadalive (August 8, 2002)

Saw the Larry Arms and D4 last night. Interesting to say the least....

Mascat1 (August 7, 2002)

Well, I've got to agree with the guy a couple posts before me...the vocals sounded like shit...which I was willing to write off as a bad night until I heard them sloppily talking about some "all you could eat fish fry"..."and a lot of beer"...to top it all off I heard for days after that it was typical for them to be near too drunk to play when they play in Chicago...that's all just hearsay since that's the first time I've seen them live...I'll see them again, but if they're sloppy like that again, I won't be very happy...

Anonymous (August 7, 2002)

Stu is my holiday.

Anonymous (August 5, 2002)

Ten Grand kinda bummed me out but the Arrivals were amazing (don't know what your problem was). SBB kicks ass and the ARMS were on fire. On the other hand I thought the sound SUCKED and who ever was running the lights needs a good cock punch. BTW. The Arms are on tour right now with D4 and The Arrivals.

Anonymous (August 5, 2002)

I don't see why the lawrence arms aren't headlining material. They have 3 full lengths and like 2 0r 3 split EPs that's enough in my book, besides they sold out their last show @ fireside. It was packed and sold out really early so I can see why they moved it to the metro. Oh yeah, Small Brown Bike is truely an amazing band.

Anonymous (August 5, 2002)

Oh I see.

Really, i think everyone who was there had a great time. It was just full of energy. Support these guys by seeing them on tour Plea for Peace 2002!

Anonymous (August 5, 2002)

Well, don't take it soo hard man. It's a running joke now that people scream a Broadways song or Slapstick song at a Larry Arms show. It makes the guys really mad, well it used to, they kind of go with the joke now. So he prolly said that to joke around with what I'm sure were the many Broadways fans in attendants before they even had a chance to scream out a request.

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

I sincerely apoligize. I thought it was a broadways song. Brendan, (also sorry about spelling his name wrong) said that he was going to play a song from his earlier band, and I jumped to the conclusion it was a broadways song, because the Broadways are so well known.

It's my first review, I meant to do it justice, it's my birthday tomorrow, so please don't takr it out on me because I made a few mistakes.

sickboi (August 4, 2002)

He's right.

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

maybe on that given day they played better than HWM, but nobody, I mean nobody could blow HWM away.

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

small brown bike opened for HWM a while back, and im sorry, they are titillating and arousing and blew HWM away. HWm is great, I love em, but small brown bike is amazing live.


sickboi (August 4, 2002)

Small Brown Bike sounds nothing like HWM. They both have the indie-ish sound but so do about a gazillion other bands.

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

No it's not.

He heard 2 of the bands' full sets. I don't see the problem with reviewing that. He should have been far less harsh on the Arrivals review since he only heard 3 songs. I do believe he admitted that he was wrong in that anyway.

In conclusion, it is ok to review a show that you did not see all of, as long as you are fair to bands that you didn't see a full set from.


Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

What the..? you review a show that you didn't even see in its entirety? Thats like reviewing a cd after hearing half of it.

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

Ummm, I know plenty of people that went to the show and they MOST DEFINETLY did NOT play a Broadways song. Absolutly not. Didn't Happen. This kid doesn't know what he's talking about. Hell, he called Brendan 'Brennen' ahaha.

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

BROADWAYS song I meant, sorry. The BROADWAYS are amazing etc. etc. whatever I said right below...

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

WHICH FUCKING LAWRENCE ARMS SONG?! The Lawrence Arms are one of the greatest bands ever and I would kill to hear one of their songs live. So !PLEASE! tell me!! Thanks!

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

you sound like you know the band. /sarcasm/ his name is "Brendan", dude. anyway, TLA kicks fucking ass, though they prolly shouldn't be playing at the metro. They are the prototypical Fireside band. I love them. They rule. i'm drunk. hope you Chi kids had a good time.

Anonymous (August 3, 2002)

Looking back on the review I posted, I may have been a little harsh to the arrivals. That is true.

Also, I think the only reason the Lawrence Arms headlined this show is that this is their hometown. But I do agree, they probably need like another cd or two before they are like an official headling band.

Anonymous (August 3, 2002)

i used to really like the lawrence arms before this show. they were super sloppy and sounded like shit. i can't forgive them for wastimg my time, especially after all the hype. small brown bike was the best band there that night.

Anonymous (August 3, 2002)

The Arrivals kick ass. Lawrence Arms are ok, but are definately not a headlining act.

sockk (August 3, 2002)

those are some pretty harsh words directed to the arrivals considering you only heard 3 songs of their set.

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