Warped Tour 2002

Warped Tour 2002: live in Chicagolive in Chicago (2002)
Warped Tour

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Contributed by: maverickScott
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Finally, the Warped Tour has a comeback year! As an avid attendee since 1997, I saw the tour peak in 1998 and go steadily downhill since then. Last year was pretty lackluster, as well [you can read my review of last year's tour stop here], but as the bands for this year were slowly announced, I gr.

Finally, the Warped Tour has a comeback year! As an avid attendee since 1997, I saw the tour peak in 1998 and go steadily downhill since then. Last year was pretty lackluster, as well [you can read my review of last year's tour stop here], but as the bands for this year were slowly announced, I grew more and more excited. I hadn't been excited about Warped in a long time. Let's see how my anticipation paid off.

My friend Mike and I rolled in at around 1:30 PM, after getting lost and being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. We got in line [to the competing sounds of Tiger Army and Ultimate Fakebook] and checked in at the press tent and were out strolling the grounds by 2 PM. Luckily we had only missed one band that we wanted to see, No Use For A Name. We quickly marked down our schedules for the day and took off to rock out.

First up on our list was Dekalb, IL pop-punkers Amazing Transparent Man. I've seen this band grow from humble beginnings, and I have to say that they really have everything it needs to make it big in this business. We caught the last half of their set [which included a rockin' cover of Meredith Brooks' "Bitch"] and quickly moved on to catch Further Seems Forever.

It seems like we weren't the only people with this idea. There were easily 500 people crowding the tiny Punkrocks.net stage, providing for an electric atmosphere for the band. FSF opened up with a blistering version of "Pictures Of Shorelines," and then went on to play [in no order] "Snowbirds and Townies," "The Bradley," a new song whose name I missed, and "Wearing Thin." Mike and I had to leave their set early so we could catch Thursday, but after a quick glance at their setlist, I saw that they were going to close with "The Moon Is Down." They sounded absolutely fantastic, and Jason once again proved that Chris Carabba made the wrong decision leaving this band.
Interview: Further Seems Forever

During the end of FSF's set, we tore ass over to the main stage to catch the phenomenon that was Thursday. Being in the photo pit for this was insane, as the crowd was immense [and very, very loud]. I'd venture to say that Thursday might have had the overall largest audience of the day. Geoff, looking like he had just crawled out of a Chicago gutter, was all smiles as he saw thousands of kids singing along to blistering tracks like "Cross Out The Eyes," "Paris In Flames," and "Understanding In A Car Crash." The band sounded tight as all hell, and I can't wait to see them in a smaller setting.

As soon as Thursday finished, Hot Water Music cranked it up on the stage next door. Their set was very "No Division" and "A Flight and a Crash" heavy, with the only old song being "Turnstile." They also played some new material off the upcoming album, as well as "Wayfarer" off Punk-O-Rama 7. They also played "Rooftops," and surprise guest Matt Skiba of the Alkaline Trio took the stage and sang the whole song to a rousing ovation from his hometown crowd. Definitely a Warped Tour moment.
Interview: Hot Water Music

Keeping in the "heavier music" spectrum, I treaded over to the Drive-Thru stage to witness Finch rock the crowd pretty much nonstop for their entire set. They played all the best songs off their "What It Is To Burn" LP, which was nice. My only advice? Pull your fucking pants up, dudes. The singer and the bassist's pants were both completely below their crotches. How on earth is that cool? If you're gonna do that, at least wear cool boxers. Sheesh.

Moving on, [and again staying in the heavier music spectrum], I ventured over to watch Boy Sets Fire. As I waited for Death By Stereo's set to finish on the neighboring stage, I noticed that they stopped early. Why? So Chicago natives Rise Against could storm the stage and play an impromptu 3 song set for the small but rabid crowd at the stage. Tim's voice sounded dead-on, and I wish the band could've gotten a full half hour. Maybe next year.

So after the surprise appearance by Rise Against, Boy Sets Fire began to rip through their own set with ferocity. They played "My Life In The Knife Trade," which completely made my day. Singer Nathan also ripped into the Marines recruiting tent set up across the field [who let them in, anyway?]. The band played a few new songs in their set, which were amazing. This band gets more and more hardcore with each song. As the opening riffs of "Rookie" wafted over my ears, I ran back towards the Punkrocks.net stage to catch what might be the most underrated band on the whole tour, the ?ffect.

The ?ffect is what the Faint wishes they could be. The ?ffect don't need fancy light and smoke shows, or matching outfits. All they need is some catchy, dancable beats, and all three members singing some really, really good lyrics. The crowd didn't get to into their slower stuff, but there definitely were some dancers in the crowd for their last song, "Burning in the Bed on Fire." Go watch this band, you'll thank me later.
Interview: The ?ffect

After I finished that interview, I gave myself a little downtime to do some record shopping. I did catch Lagwagon's set from a distance, and they sounded tight as ever. They also played "Violins," which made me a very happy boy. I picked up the new Fat sampler at their booth with 2 brand new Lagwagon songs on it - definitely a return to form.

After my break, I needed a band to get me back into the rock. Who better than the hometown boys themselves, the Alkaline Trio? The crowd was absolutely massive for this one, and singalongs were taking place on every song. From set opener "Clavicle" to set closer "97," it was like a big family reunion. They also played such spicy jams as "Queen Of Pain," "I Lied My Face Off," and "Goodbye Forever." The only downside to their set? Flogging Molly, the band who performed right before them, went over by about 10 minutes. This time came directly out of the Trio's set, so they only got about 20 minutes to rock the crowd. Talk about getting the shaft, and in front of your hometown crowd, too! Totally unfair. They still rocked out, and it was the best I had seen them since Glenn left the band.

A New Found Glory played next. I saw a girl puke during their set. That pretty much summed up my experience, too.

NOFX were the penultimate band for the day. Their set consisted of pretty much what you'd expect from NOFX - way too many stupid jokes and stage chatter, and the same selection of songs. "Soul Doubt, "Buggly Eyes," "Linoleum," and the end of "The Decline" all made an appearance. Any surprises? Not really. I didn't care too much, though, because the one band I really wanted to see was the last one: Bad Religion.

I'd just like to say something right here. The only thing better than watching Bad Religion live is watching Bad Religion live onstage, directly behind Brian Baker's amp. The only thing better than that? Having Fat Mike and Erik Melvin of NOFX on either side of you, singing the lyrics to all the BR classics in your ears. This made the band's performance all the more special. They opened up with "Stranger Than Fiction," then "Recipe For Hate" and "Generator" soon followed. After a short break, "21st Century Digital Boy" and "You" made appearances, as did "Supersonic" and "Can't Stop It." "American Jesus" was played to a thunderous ovation, as was "Kyoto Now!" "Infected" started to wind the band's electric set down. As my voice started to give out, the opening chords of "Sorrow" rang out, and the crowd's emotions started to pour out in the chorus. It was completely magical for me [shit, I'm getting goosebumps typing this right now]. The band sounded dead on, and Brian did a commendable job of covering Brett's guitar solos in his absence. What an amazing ending to a phenomenonal day.

Warped Tour finally made the comeback it needed. There were no *huge* radio draws this year, and about 95% of the acts somehow fit under the gigantic punk rock umbrella. Kevin Lyman, keep up the good work, and I'll be sure to be back next year.


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Anonymous (July 2, 2003)

Warped tour 2003 in Chicago was awesome! it kicked major ass! Mest was great you should check em out I'm a Mest crapphead so I have to spread the word. Wow I love Rancid they had a ton of energy and really got the moshpitt going. Although it was most of the time. Wow I really say to everyone that most all of the bands were awesome and your should go its way worth it! I got wasted and had fun! The bands were great! So you should go I rate this a 10!

Manman (June 28, 2003)

Warped Tour, like sites like this, show once again that punk is either dead or in hiding. Warped Tour was the breeding grounds for ignorance and rats(both varieties). The music just played on the sheep that attended: "We are so punk!" How can anyone call that anything but pitiful is beyond me. Too bad people wasted good money on that rather than supporting homeless children in third world countries. Kudos.

Anonymous (August 8, 2002)

cawknocker, the pittsburg scene sounds totally fucked up. At the Boston date when J5 played they were getting all kinds of cheers and whatnot. especially Chali2na... or however you spell his name. The one with the real low voice. I was definitley impressed. I wish Black Eyed Peas had played that date too but they had already finished up their part of the tour. Kool Keith is another hip hop act that kicked ass on Warped. Man that guy is fucking funny and an incredible performer... He put on a great fucking show. His album Matthew is kick ass too... I suggest if you like real, respectable rap you check that out.-pat41

cawknocker (August 8, 2002)

yea, but by the time papa roach hit pittsburgh they had a hit and people hated em here. boos, debris, etc. they were on right B4 nofx. brilliant right? a buncha antsy nofx fans and proach playing b4 them.yea i remember eminem, he was gone by the time it came to pittsburgh, one o f the last warped dates always..sevendust was another crappy warped act. and d12. but not all the non punk/punk type music acts are bad, as i said in my previous posts.

evildeadalive (August 8, 2002)

Yep. He was the reason Vancouver didn't have a warped tour for the last 2 years, as he had to leave the stage because of all the debris being thrown at him, along with the chorus of boos.
Another non-punk act that comes to mind is Sugar Ray. That was also before they came to fame. And lets not forget Papa Roach. Alla you motherfuckers were going crazy for them before they hit it big. It was embarassing seeing all the 'punks' luvin' those rap rockin' date-rapers.

Anonymous (August 8, 2002)

Wasn't Eminem on the warped tour in '98 or '99?

cawknocker (August 8, 2002)

and there has always been non punk acts at warped for any dorky kid who thinks there hasnt been. sublime and 311 were on the first warped tour. limp bizkit (ok they suck, just making a point) was on 97 b4 they ever had a hit.oh yea, the other J5 singles were 'the influence' and 'jurass finish first'...i think.

cawknocker (August 8, 2002)

word! refreshing bros! i was ready to get shit on for liking a hip hop act! i posted that intentionally. fuck yea J5 are great. i saw them at warped and was like...holy fuck...tight harmonizing, great lyrics, awesome cd. black eyed peas, morgan heritage, 311, deftones are a few other great non-punk acts that have been at warped....not to mention warped tour 96 that had sublime on it. punk is just one shade of music, my favorite, but so many think its the only valid musical form. i remember people booing J5 and couldnt help thinking that the pittsburgh punk scene is racist. i mean shit. how can u not at least respect their hip hop as talented, whether u like it or not.

Anonymous (August 8, 2002)

Yea most people on here dont want to hear "its gottin hot in herre so take off all your clothes". But if you went out into the real world I am willing to bet at least 60-70% of teenagers in this country would say they like that kind of stuff. Jurrassic 5 was popular for like a week or 2. They hit number one on Direct FX for about a week straight.... yes I watched Direct FX a couple of times. Jurrassic 5 was on and they are in my top 5 groups/bands right now. That song Quality Control was there "hit". They had a couple others, 1 or 2 but thats about it. You cant say they arent big because compared to most groups in the music scene they are very big. Platinum album I believe.

Anonymous (August 7, 2002)

jurassic 5 is one of the most talented rap groups i've ever heard in my life. I just don't understand why they're not big..I mean..they're more worth listening to than that "give me a lap dance..let's get naked" bullshit. not everybody wants to hear that crap.

Anonymous (August 6, 2002)

u guys can enjoy other styles of music right...HAHA, at this site... its hard getting these people to enjoy another brand of toilet paper nevermind something that strays from the category of super punk. Jurrassic 5 kicks a hell of a lot of ass... Black Eyed Peas too!-pat41

TheOneTrueBill (August 5, 2002)

I was the kid wearing the shirt that said:
"I Eat Emo for breakfast"

yeah, i remember that... nice shirt kid

cawknocker (August 5, 2002)

if it's corporate who cares. u do realize that all labels are a capitalist venture right? even fuled by ramen, or asian man or deep elm. just enjoy warped for the oppurtunity it is...to see great punk bands from all shades of the genre, and maybe something else, like reggae or a solid hiphop act like jurassic 5....u guys can enjoy other styles of music right...

cawknocker (August 5, 2002)

any cocksucker that says warped tour is a 'corporate festival' or any other corporate cliche is a fuckin idiot. like the singer to bigwig said at the ltj show in pittsburgh saturday to a kid in the crowd.."THE WARPED TOUR'S CORPORATE? OH I BET THAT KID NEVER DRANK A COKE IN HIS LIFE RIGHT? OR WEARS NAMEBRAND CLOTHING OR SHOES....YOUR A DORK KID, WARPED IS FUN IF NOTHING ELSE....FUCK ME? I'M RIGHT HERE.....SHUUUUUT UP"

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

what pisses me off is that the unseen played at 12:15, and i got in at 12:30....
I was the kid wearing the shirt that said:
"I Eat Emo for breakfast"

Drizzt7_drek (August 4, 2002)

I want to mention again how badass the Deviants and Boy Sets Fire were. They were almost as good as the mighty Bad Religion.

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

obviously you people have no lives to just sit here, read reviews, and shit all over it. there's people here who actually enjoy this stuff so if you hate all of it so much...why do you waste your time all day sitting in front of the computer and saying how horrible everything is

SOYBOMB (August 4, 2002)

For all you lucky bastards going to a Warped Date that Andrew WK is playing.. damn you.

I honestly wish I could be at one of those dates.. ah well.


TheOneTrueBill (August 4, 2002)

i shouted somthing similiar to the "homegrown should grow some testicles" back in April when they opened for Millencolin... there was a deathly quiet in the metro, so i shout out, "let you testes drop then learn to sing, fucker"

it got some laughs, but the singer didnt like it, said "shut the hell up dude" then the other guy agrred, then went into a song

shitty live, shitty on record... overall a shitty band

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

i really wanted to write something good

but i am sunburned beyond belief and I think I am clinically dead...

quick run down
Bosstones Ruled, Lawrence and Dicky still love me
NOFX - boring...funny...but boring
MxPx - good at what they do
RX Bandits - should have replaced Reel Big Fish on the main stage
Reel Big Fish - their new stuff sucks, and kills the entire show, and for some reason they attract more meatheads than anyone else...wait...
Thursday - every meathead in a 100 mile radius shows up and makes me hate the band for it...they beat RBF for the meat to head ratio..
Homegrown - somebody give these boys some testicles
Finch - someone...just hit them
Borealis - ozzfest?
Trust Co - ditto.
Alkaline Trio - some of the best music on the tour
Anti-Flag - it's getting a little tired...but still such great energy
Flogging Molly - already seen them 7 times, but good show nonetheless
New Found Glory - good at what they do...
Good Charlotte - ditto..much more "punk" than i thought...i hate 15 year old girls though
Bosstones - Rocked
Bad Religion - not a fan personally...but they rocked out as only they can
No Use For a Name - I forgot how much I fucking love these guys...
Sugarcult - didn't like em when my exgf was talking shit about me to them...didnt like em here
Riddlin Kids - i like them...but i know why others don't
Casualities - fun, but fucking if I am going near that pit
The Unseen - Ditto.
Death By Stereo - you can't be that dark at 3 in the afternoon...
Tiger Army - they are nicer guys than they are talented musicians
Something Corporate - do i like them? i could...i'm not sure though
Ozma - horribly out of place on the main stage

and for my special treat today (cincinatti)
sweet god...i went into it with an open mind...hoping to have fun. He sucks. Straight up. However, he is also probably one of the nicest people on the warped tour. He got off stage and basically shook hands with every person who had been in the pit. Very cool.

that's my "warped report in fragments"
after two days of warped in columbus and cincy...


Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

Warped Tour has become a corporate "punk" (doesn't really exist anymore unfortuanately) festival with pop bands.

Geetarchick (August 4, 2002)

Warped last year sucked. This years was better. I'd think about writing a review but there were really only three bands i REALLY wanted to see.. the rest i'd seen before or was just indifferent about. Too bad you missed No Use, Scott, they rocked out very nicely! Thats what you get for showing up at 1:30... haha.

evildeadalive (August 4, 2002)

Your show too huh? What the goddamn hell was the deal with NUFAN playing before 2? My goddamned ticket said the show started at 2 and when I got there they'd already played. Sonsabitches...

I've seen every Warped Tour so far and will keep on seeing them as long as they keep on putting them on. Every year there are bands worth seeing, and there are new bands worth discovering. All you shittalkers are shiteaters as far as I am concerned. Get over yourself, go and have some fun.

A-Season-of-Shrubs (August 4, 2002)

How could anymone listen to OZMA? That shit is WEAK. If I wanted to be a carbon wannabe copy a band, I sure wouldn't choose WEEZER. This band sucks so bad its almost laughable.

emptycauses (August 4, 2002)

i thouht the warped tour had somewhat of a comeback this year. good bands = anti-flag, thursday, hwm, nufan, lagwagon, flogging, and brthe laggers were my fav, shoulda seen um scott

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

What a shitty tour, they should call it instead of "warped tour" the "conservative pussy bands" tour, because that is what it is. Just a bunch of pop bands that sound exactly the same. Bad Religion and Death By Stereo are the only good bands there.

TheOneTrueBill (August 4, 2002)

comeback year? nothing can top last years lineup... nothing

i too waited in line while hearing tiger army play... if you were anywhere near the Q101 jeep, and saw a kid getting into a near fight with a Q101 guy over some breadsticks, that was me

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

Alkaline Trio, HWM, and Ozma are the only respectable bands on this whole damn tour. It makes you wonder how they got caught up in this mess.

Drizzt7_drek (August 3, 2002)

I just got back from the Atlanta show.

The Deviates and Boy Sets Fire were fucking incredible. How come the Deviates's album is so weak when they are so amazing live?

Bad Religion was cool.

sickboi (August 3, 2002)

Much better line-up than DC's. Death By Stereo is gonna kick ass.

A-Season-of-Shrubs (August 3, 2002)

Generic cock rock, what the fuck man, shit

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