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The Max Levine Ensemble

The Max Levine Ensemble: Goes to JailGoes to Jail (2002)

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[note: I can't find the cover art anywhere, so I used this cheesy photo from their webpage. If anyone wants to scan the cover and send it to scott@punknews.org, you would rule. - Scott] Among one of the best bands to emerge from DC´s none Dischord/Post Punk scene, The Max Levine Ensemble (TMLE .

[note: I can't find the cover art anywhere, so I used this cheesy photo from their webpage. If anyone wants to scan the cover and send it to scott@punknews.org, you would rule. - Scott]

Among one of the best bands to emerge from DC´s none Dischord/Post Punk scene, The Max Levine Ensemble (TMLE for short) plays great punk rock. They rock out with an obvious passion for what they do, and to give the kids one hell of a show.

Though the average age of the band hovers probably around the 18 mark, the band plays songs that show a wisdom far beyond their years. Taking on "Rock and Roll Assholes", the political establishment, and one bad assed cover of "Leroy Brown", TMLE get it done a sweet 27 minutes. Lead singer/ guitarist David "Spoonboy" Combs shows a knack for not only bitting observations, seen in tracks like "Leopard Print Girl" and "Dittography", but for intelligent political observations as well ("Tidal Wave", "Hollow Words"). Their horn player, Alex Mazer, also stands out on his own songs like "Stop" and "The Highly Effective Love Song".

Whether TMLE has what it takes (and I think they do) to take it to more people remains to be seen. Rumours have it that the band will be breaking up as members go off to college. However, the bottom line remains, if you´re a fan of catchy, quick witted pop/punk (with a horn!) that doesn´t require fart jokes to make it good, than The Max Levine Ensemble is for you.


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TheDoodlyMan (December 25, 2011)

were u pmsinggg????? or GOOING???????????
the doodly man has spoken

Anonymous (June 3, 2006)

i listened to your album and then i came blood

Anonymous (November 25, 2004)

tmle rules !!!!!!!! my friends and i listen to them all the time. They are AWESOME
-N.Y.C. girl

Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

Rejy is fat, and he farts alot, but that is ok, we still love him.

I have incriminating photos of Alex in a cowboy hat.

Bepstein is like an ancient greek god.

TMLE are really keen.

Anonymous (August 29, 2002)

I dont know who is gonna read this, but this is Sharon, and im sorry alex, i think that im the only one posting something on this site that doesnt want your body (girls and guys included). There is one body i do want though, and i think that, although the band is quite excellent, they would be better if they played "a lot of people here look like...........YOSSI MAY" a little more often. haha, well, what did you expect?

Anonymous (August 27, 2002)

Anonymous (August 27, 2002)

I love Alex I want his body, the rest of the band is pretty good too.

Anonymous (August 27, 2002)

the album is awesome- the music is great, but the website is seriously lacking some pictures of the extremely adorable max levine. please bring some more to the web site!!!

Anonymous (August 27, 2002)

I want to marry Alex Mazer- for his fan club go to www.alexmazer.com

Anonymous (August 27, 2002)

I would just like to announce to the world that I love Alex Mazer. He is the best trumpet player in the world- the max levine ensemble is my new favorite band- i can't stop listening to them!!!

Anonymous (August 27, 2002)

The Max Levine Ensemble is the best thing to happen to DC over the past 100 years. Their music is fly and their trumpet player is hot!!!! I LOVE MAX LEVINE!!!

Anonymous (August 27, 2002)

I love the Max Levine Ensemble. I thought that it was inspiring music. The trumpet player was really good and sexy.

Anonymous (August 27, 2002)

I love TMLE and poopoopeepee is an idiot. TMLE is hilarious

Anonymous (August 11, 2002)

Quit posting shit about warner owning 51% of Epitaph, ya whang.

ambiotical_sophisticrat (August 11, 2002)

ive only heard 1 song but god dam, this is horrible. though they did use 4 whole power chords!

Anonymous (August 11, 2002)

poopoopeepee will kill TMLE and anyone who thinks TMLE is good. TMLE sucks more dick than each individual member of the band does themselves, not to mention george michael.


Anonymous (August 10, 2002)

okay, bad band, bad review, bad everything, this has to be a joke

Anonymous (August 9, 2002)

i heard these guys wanted to sign with epitaph but the guys from warner bros (they own 51%) didn't like them. Hey, don't blame me, it's a rumor i heard.

waste_elite (August 8, 2002)

can't beat yoko in the "annoying voice" department.


evildeadalive (August 7, 2002)

Uhhh.... I believe the alltime biggest headache inducing singer would have to be Yoko Ono. It doesn't get any worse than her....

Anonymous (August 7, 2002)

i think they are awesome and they put on a great show... only those who have seen them live understand how good they can be. but yes, too much tmle will give anyone a headache... but too much of anything gives me a headache, so occasionally "goes to jail" get popped in my CD player and i listen to it until i get sick of it, then it gets stored away

MrSubliminal (August 7, 2002)

Geez, how can you judge them on Pizza Guy? That's a fucking JOKE SONG! That's like saying the Dead Kennedys song Kill The Poor is about them wanting to kill the fucking poor! Don't misunderstand me, I'm not comparing the two bands as far as music goes.

And second, the singer is the first person to give someone a headache just by singing? If that's not a stupid comment...I believe you forget the name of Mariah Carey. And I'm sure people had headaches even before her time...

Anonymous (August 7, 2002)

the guy in front seems to have problems (notice the drool on his shirt). plus, they really suck. I"M GONNA KILL EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!! "pizza guy, pizza guy"


Anonymous (August 7, 2002)

Question. Why can't they break up before they go to college ? Please!

Anonymous (August 6, 2002)

The people in this no name band look like a bunch of losers.

Anonymous (August 6, 2002)

It is my new life quest to kill every member in the max levine ensemble, especially the lead singer and the trumpet player.

Anonymous (August 6, 2002)

The Max Levine Ensemble is the worst band in the history of the entire world. Pizza Guy can go suck a dick. The lead singer is actually the first person in the world to give anyone a headache just by singing.


MrSubliminal (August 6, 2002)

Woo! Max Levine Ensemble is the greatest! But, alas, if anyone's even heard of them, let's get ready for the jokes about how high the singers voice is, and how "un-punk" it is.

Anonymous (August 6, 2002)

Absolutely amazing album and they are best guys ever. Rejy is my God of death!

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