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Warped Tour 2002: live in Bostonlive in Boston (2002)
Warped Tour

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Contributed by: JoshJosh
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While filing inside, Massachusetts natives Fake ID were performing on the Drive Thru Stage. I didn't catch too much of their set, but from what I saw, they had a lot of energy and seemed to get the crowd going. The first band I was looking forward to seeing was Reach The Sky at 11:45 on the Vo.

While filing inside, Massachusetts natives Fake ID were performing on the Drive Thru Stage. I didn't catch too much of their set, but from what I saw, they had a lot of energy and seemed to get the crowd going.

The first band I was looking forward to seeing was Reach The Sky at 11:45 on the Volcom stage. They finished with my favorite song of theirs, "Maybe Next Year". The lead singer Ian had the crowd going crazy(although their crowd was really small, despite them being from Boston). The rest of the band didn't move an inch during their set. RTS are worth checking out if you haven't already.

As Reach The Sky finished up, Thursday was taking the stage. I was not a Thursday fan before their set. I left that stage wanting more. I thought they were one of the best bands on the day. They play with so much raw emotion it's unfathomable. They were a great way to get in the Warped spirit.

Next was MxPx at 1:30 on the main stage. I knew this set was going to be shoddy when Mike Herrera(lead singer and bassist) announced that they had just woken up as soon as they started playing. I chose only to check out 3 of their songs since I had seen them before. They were "My Life Story", "I'm Ok, You're Ok", and "Responsibility". I gathered from the beginning that their set was going to suck. It had that aura.

Goldfinger took to the other main stage at promptly 2:00, and they rocked as always. Not many people can control a crowd like John Feldmann. I caught some of their set like "here in your bedroom", "superman", "san simeon", "open your eyes", and more. They were pretty solid.

We then caught some of The starting Line's set. I was not in to them at all, the only song I dug was their rendition of "I'm Real".

Next it was back to the main stage for Alk3. They pretty much rocked. They were sort of lacking energy, but the music was great. It was my first time seeing them and I had been looking forward to it. I will wait patiently til I get the chance to see them again.

We then checked out the beginning of RBF's set while waiting for Finch to play. I had seen them a few times before and it was the same old shit. Boring.

It was time for Finch. I had never seen them live and I was as anxious as a lil' tyke on christmas eve. I was not disappointed. Santa delivered with a sweet gift. They effin' rocked the stage (and their humungous crowd, well, for a side stage.) for about 30 minutes. They had more energy than any band that day with the exception of Thursday. They played my favorites off their cd such as "Letters To You", "Grey Matter", and "Perfection Through Silence". They were my favorite performance on the day.

We then killed time while waiting for one of my favorite bands, No Use For a Name, to take the stage. I had been waiting about 3 years to see these guys. I wasn't completely satisfied with their performance. Maybe it was the short set, maybe it was my fatigue setting in, but they weren't as good as I hoped. As soon as they closed out with "Justified Black Eye", we ran over to catch what we could of West Beverly on the Punkrocks.Net stage. These Connecticut punk rockers were great as always. If you get a chance, check them out on tour this fall with Amazing Transparent Man. You can get the dates from their page .

We left pretty much right after that. NoFx was off for the day, and their wasn't enough desire for me to keep sweating to see Bad Religion or New Found Glory.

All in all Warped rocked. See ya'll next year!


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Anonymous (October 1, 2002)

Hey, I'd have to say that Bad Religion was one of the only bands on the main stages worth seeing, alongside Flogging Molly, Alkaline Trio, and the Circlejerks. The bands on the lesser stages were great. From Autumn to Ashes put on a great show (even though there were a shitload of fat guys who kept almost falling on me and my friend Jackie). I'd never even heard of them and I just saw them because Jackie liked them, but now they're one of my favorite bands. Nicotine was another band I didn't know shit about who ended up rocking my fucking face. Plus, they made me laugh. It wasn't intentional, but every time the lead singer said "Domo arigato, Boston. We love you." in his thick Japanese accent I cracked up. The only band that I really came to see was Bad Religion, and they really did deliver. They had the most energy of any band I'd seen the entire night, and their songs were flawless. I flipped out when they started playing "American Jesus". All their songs are so much better live than on CD. When they played my day went from pretty good to amazing, despite the fact that I did not see Mr. Brett playing his guitar (maybe I missed it. It looked to me like he was just standing behind the amps, but I was behind a tall guy. Someone correct me if I'm wrong). My biggest complaint would be that there were way to many emo bands there. I think we should stop harboring to the goddamn 13 year old girls and limp-wristed love-lorn guys. In my opinion the warped tour should be 100% true unadultered punk! It didn't deliver that this year, but what the hell. I had a lot of fun anyway.

Anonymous (August 27, 2002)

it was the guitarist, not the bassist

SOYBOMB (August 27, 2002)

Steve fucking up on stage?.. Hard to believe, I saw them two nights ago at the Temple and he was on as usual making funny faces and clamping on things to his nipples.

I also spoke with him about the sound comment and he said that It sounded fine to him.


Anonymous (August 26, 2002)

To the person who posted the review below, if you had seen Big D's whole set, they said at the beginning how they had never been invited to play Warped before and it was cool that they were finally getting to play. The reason that he said, "Maybe this is why we never play Warped Tour" was because the bassist kept screwing up at the beginning of one of the songs, not because the sound sucked on their stage.

Anonymous (August 26, 2002)

i think 13 year old girls are hated more than any ppl's in the hidtory of thw world, more than balcks in the 60's, Jews in Nazi Germany, Native Americans during the Removal Act....

my god they're just little kids trying to get a piece of the "cool" pie, alot of them wont be into punk later on, but some of them will. whatever happened to Tolerance?

ltjskank324 (August 24, 2002)

being that the bosstones are from boston... i was wondeering how good there set at warped was culd some one tell me?

Anonymous (August 24, 2002)

What a terrible fucking review... Please learn how to properly review something before sending shit like this in.. It upinformative and pointless... "I didn't really like this band except for this song.." Jesus, nobody gives a shit if you liked them, explain there sound...

BostonMusicGuy (August 23, 2002)

As I promised a name change has been had. Look for my Piebald concert review coming soon... whenever they decide to put it up. Its almost as good as Duk's Warped Review!-the user formerly known as pat41-The BostonMusicGuy

Anonymous (August 22, 2002)

12cent played. but i fuckin missed them cause they played at 11 fuckin 15!

housewrecker (August 22, 2002)

Boy Pat - you really take a lot of shit on these boards. I (being someone whose given you shit before) would like to state that I think that it's cool that you're at least buying CDs and going to shows and reviewing them. Don't change your name for anyone but yourself.

Anonymous (August 22, 2002)

Yes please ignore me because my name is pat41... please ignore everything I have to say because in all of the leagues I have been in and teams I have been on I have worn the number 41. Before, sum 41 ever even thought of being a band. Please ignore that I have been using the nickname pat41 in many many things for just about half of my life. I have thought of changing my username more times than you can imagine but you know what I couldnt really care any less what you people think.Maybe my first review shouldnt have been of a sum41 album, maybe I shouldnt defend sum 41 like I do. Since the day I heard their album I liked them though and since the day that I heard someone say something bad about them I have backed them up. I dont care any more. Sum 41 sucks, they are not punk, they are too poppy, why do they rap? Is that what you all want to hear. Forget it.....That guy must have read my comment anyway to know that it was posted by a guy whose user name "references sum41". You know what? From now on I go by a new name... a name that will be revealed in the future when i do my first review under my new moniker. Piebald is tonight for free and I will review the show under a new name... pat41 is dead... the user formerly known as pat41

Anonymous (August 22, 2002)

Thumper said it best: "We're from boston, as in, 'FUCK YOU, we're from boston'" *snicker* i never read ANYTHING that someone wrote who's user name is a ref to Sum41. My brain goes: "WARNING! YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE SUBJECTED TO TRASH"

people not from boston - you need to understand that punk rock is basically dead here. I mean, there's punk shows sometimes, but scene? ah, no. So, you can just disregard any bostoners take on punk. Mine too. What the hell do I know?!

housewrecker (August 22, 2002)

I haven't read Duk's review. But I'm imagining it right now and it's really fucking good. In fact it's the best Warped Tour review ever. EVER!

Duk (August 22, 2002)

Relax little boys, don't get your pigtails in a twist. I'm only kidding around, having a little joke - here have a fuckin hanky!! WHAAAAAA-WHAAAAA YOU WHINING BITCH!!! WHA'S A MATTER, NO ALLOWANCE FROM MOMMY THIS WEEK!!! lol...kids...

Duk (August 22, 2002)

All reviews but mine suck.

Anonymous (August 21, 2002)

"You don't like the comment? Don't read it."

Uhh, ok.

SOYBOMB (August 21, 2002)

"It was time for Finch. I had never seen them live and I was as anxious as a lil' tyke on christmas eve. I was not disappointed. Santa delivered with a sweet gift."

I can't stop laughing at that.


evildeadalive (August 21, 2002)

I thought Pat's review was better than Joshes...

Anonymous (August 21, 2002)

Oh yea and by the way, I didnt write my own review because I had nothing of worth to say that would make you want to read my review so why would I bother. Oh yea and another thing.... Duk, no one cares about your review and the hardcore stylings of FATA, RTS, and whatever other bands you mentioned. If you ask me Reach the Sky was only ok, FATA, was mediocre at best, and Thursday blew some serious ass. -pat41

Anonymous (August 21, 2002)

You dont like the comment? Dont read it. Dont complain. Right your own comment. I never mentioned that I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE any band I saw. What the hell do I care what you think though. I forgot how punk it was to bitch and complain. I have never wished death upon anybody, and I still wont. But if I ever met half of you people I would surely have a good punch in the face for more than half of you. Why not try and be what you claim to be (punk) and stop complaining. Bitching and Complaining is not punk... fuckers! I hate you all.-pat41

Basket031 (August 21, 2002)

Are you gay???

Duk (August 21, 2002)

In my review I talk about the hardcore action of RTS, Thurs, Unearth, FATA, Death by Ster, and more!! No mention of pop punk, no mention of water prices, etc.
It totally owned, one of my finest pieces of literature to date, for sure. LOL!

Duk (August 21, 2002)

That wasn't my review...MY review of Boston is amazing.

Anonymous (August 21, 2002)

two posts down.. a shitty review that sounds like something I'd read in a 13 year old girl's LiveJournal. Noone cares what you paid for water, how many times you walked around the volcom stage, or what you sang during the train ride there. Would it be possible for you to actually post a REVIEW of a bands performance? Just like all the other reviews its 'this band played these 2 songs. then we saw this band, i THINK they played this song. then we saw this other shitty band and i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE them and they played these two songs!'


psychorudeboy (August 21, 2002)

if your gonna write a review for the show then submit one. don't write one in the comments section of somebody else's.

Anonymous (August 21, 2002)

Warped Tour always means the best day of the year for me. I love going to it. I love watching the bands. I love the whole atmosphere. But this year was different. 2 years ago as Fat Mike, El Hefe, Eric Melvin, and the other guy... fuck why cant I ever reemmber his god damned name... anyway, as they were stepping off the stage after playing the last chord on the decline (i believe) i heard fat Mike yell, See you in 2 years! Turns out that 2 years may be a lot longer than we all thought. For some reason, unbeknownst to me because warpedtour.com and warped2002.com dont work on my browser at work and I have better things to do when at home, NOFX wasnt at the show. For weeks I had been waiting in anticipation to see NOFX for the first time... I missed them in 2000 except for the last song. For hours I had been waiting and waiting. On the train ride over I sang anything and everything I could think of by NOFX with my brother (and unfortunately his fucker friend that ruined the entire day for me... god I wish my friends liked punk). We entered Suffolk downs, by far the best place I have ever been to for an outdoor concert, with anticipation of seeing NOFX close out the best day of the summer. As we entered some stupid band was playing on the Drive Thru stage, couldnt tell you who they were but could definitley tell you they sucked hard. We ventured over to see the big board in the middle of the park, by far the best addition to this years warped tour. I failed to see NOFX on the list. This got me a little worried so I ran over to the NOFX merch tent and after looking for a minute to see if I could find their sign that said when they wre playing I asked the merch guy. "what time does NOFX go on?" "Oh... uh... they dont". Well my day was off to a pleasant start. So I checked out Reach the Sky. Definitley a good show. I have heard them before but couldnt name any of the songs for you. They had a good (but small) crowd going real crazy for them. After they played we walked around a bit, checked out what there was to do, spent $3 on a water (fuck me in the ass!), and caught the end of Something Corporates set. Thank god I was just walking by because, as much as I like Konstantine, they suck hardcore. I couldnt believe the awful sounds coming from the main stage. To say the least I was unimpressed. So as we walked I spotted the Big D and the Kids table tent. Getting very excited I ran over to see when they were playing. Came at a comflicting time with RBF and Flogging Molly but I had to check out the D for the first time in my life.As we waited for the coming of Flogging Molly Goldfinger was finishing up their set. Unfortunately I caught what has to be the worst concer stunt I have ever seen. Right after playing one of their formula goldfinger songs I heard the sinnger say "Who wants to eat a Twinkie out of Darrins ass?" passing this off as a joke I laughed but then I see Darrin come on stage twinkie in hand asking for volunteers. I was apalled that they actually had volunteers to act out this horrific event. I mean come on, its goldfinger... do you really like them that much? They closed their set with Superman, which is horrible live, at least without the horns, and 99 Red Balloons which was ok but couldnt make up for the shit I saw earlier. Anyway, Flogging Molly put on a great show but their set list could have been planned out better. Opening with my 2 favorites, Drunken Lullabies and What Left of the Flag. I wish they had saved at least one for the end of the show. As I have always thought their set got boring after about 4 songs and we left early to go catch Big D and the Kids table. Im sorry my first live Big D experience was at the Warped Tour because, as the lead singer said, This is why they dont play Warped Tour that much. The sound was horrible. Going through 5 kids down, the first song I caught, I was disgusted by the sound on the side stage and decided that I would be better to get my first live D at a club. So that will come later in life I guess. We ran over to the main stage to catch RBF... Run was the last thing I needed to do. I like the new album just as much as most of you but I mean what can ever beat Turn the Radio off. That album is flawless in my mind. I love every song off of it. From Sell Out to Trendy to Beer. Its still in heavy rotation in my album collection. With most of the songs they played coming from Cheer Up I was rather disapointed with the set. Its just not the same RBF. I was happy to hear Beer, Take on Me and Sell out, closing the set.Immediately after Reel Big Fish was Good Charlotte. I have seen this band 2 over the last year and I have to say each time I see them it always gets better. Most of the users on this site cant stand them but I have to say that I love them... every song. Another album that is in heavy rotation in my collection. Opening up with Little Things and heading right into East Coast Anthem I was immediately pleased with what I was hearing and my day was starting to look up. But right after hearing the first few notes in Festival Song my brothers friend starts to walk away. What the fuck. We run after him and his Sean John wearing, Eminem loving, ass and tried to get him to stop being such a bitch. (God I wish my friends liked punk). Either way you look at it, good or bad, I missed the rest of Good Charlottes set. I hated the warped tour this year and have vowed never to go with my brothers friend again. Last year was much better with just me and my brother. Maybe next time NOFX will actually play our date. Maybe next year it wont be 100 degrees out. Maybe next year... my friends will like punk. I doubt it though.-pat41

Duk (August 21, 2002)

My review of Boston was way better than this...too bad it didn't make it.

waste_elite (August 21, 2002)

"the best thing that happened to me at last years warped tour was when a girl walked, nipple-first into my cigarette"

that is the funniest thing i've heard all day

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

I almost - ALMOST - went. When I heard a3 was playing... But after the last two (Look, You stupid 13 year old moron - LEAVE THE FUCKING BACKPACK AT HOME! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! WHAT THE FUCK IS FUCKING WRONG WITH YOU!) - sorry - honestly, the best thing that happened to me at last years warped tour was when a girl walked, nipple-first into my cigarette. I decided not to go this year. Sounds like I missed nothing. Too bad.

I mean, god, you can only deal with so many hordes of 13 year old girls being led around by their dad before you start to question punk. And the obligatory idiot in leather. It's 95 degrees! You jackass!

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

no, it is not true at all.

psychorudeboy (August 20, 2002)

is it true that the drummer of blink 182 drummed for the casualties on this tour?

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

It sucked!

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

Once again I have to request that Warped Tour reviews stick to the usual format of 1-4 bands rather than running through each band the reviewer saw and giving each a one-liner. This would definately cut down on the huge number of finch, something corporate, and nofx reviews and would leave space for in-depth reviews of the other bands that were there. I mean fuck, I've seen Finch mentioned in every single warped review and they're the worst band there imo, at least give more than one line about the rest of the bands? Perhaps someone actually saw one of the bands on the smaller stages rather than running between drive-thru and the main stages.

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

wow that review was bad, even tho you saw barely any good bands..the bands you did see you didn't say one thing about except thursday and finch having stage presence. You didn't say anything except "boring" for rbf, or really fun for alk3, put some detail into your review.

now scott, wheres my ltj review buddy?

chris corradini

Basket031 (August 20, 2002)

Asshole... like if it wasn't enough read one of the worst reviews i ever saw on this site, this guy loses the shows of 3 of the best bands on this warped tour...

maverick (August 20, 2002)

To the guy below me:
Dude, Alk3 *never* plays Cop live. I've seen them... fuck, probably close to a dozen times [if not more] spanning back to April of '99, and I've never seen them play it. I would like to point out, though, that the first song I ever saw them play, "Clavicle," was the first song they opened up with at Chicago Warped. That brought back the memories...


Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

God this review sucks. Well, it doesn't really suck, but it's just the same as all the other ones. What about the Circle Jerks? They rocked. The Unseen and the Casualties were good too. Flogging Molly was fun to watch. I never really gave them a listen before, but after their set, I went to there tent and picked up their CD. Alk3 was kinda weak to be honest. I'm a tad bit disappointed that they didn't play "Cop" or " San Francisco". Guttermouth sucked because they blew out the power (even thought I don't think that they were responsible, I like blaming them because hey, their Guttermouth). No Use was good for what they had to work with, although their new songs suck. Lagwagon was a lot better than I hoped them to be. Saw them before and they sorta sucked (must of been a bad day for them). The Damned was pissar (yes, I spelled it that way for a reason). They are one of those bands that are from way back, and you feel that you will never be able to see them play live (at least I feel that way). Mighty Mighty Bosstones were good as always. Bad Religion was "Wicked Pissar!" as Jay kept saying. They defiantly played the best set there (or at least I thought so). And that's about it. I didn't see Big D, manly because I've seen them a couple times before. I also didn't see that many bands on the punkrocks.net stage cause I didn't want to push though all the people at the Drive-Crap stage to get there. The weather was a bitch as always (hey, its Massachusetts for god-sakes).

OK, I'm gonna end it here. I know my thoughts are all out of order and crappy, and there are a shit load of misspellings (and I use the parentheses WAY too much), but live with it. I'm tired; I'm going to sleep. -SaYnE GuY

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

Since you were meandering throughout Warped's 9,000 stages I don't think you caught that the guys running the main stages forgot to fill the generators with diesel fuel and the power was out for about 20 minutes during No Use and Guttermouth. Nice work, fellas!

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

I am blown away by the previous commenter's amazing knowledge of the English language.

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

this review sucked, if people were being honest even if they did'nt like them, something corporate was one of the best bands, my favorite bands are bad religion, mxpx, nofx, nufan alk 3, but some corp was awesome no denying, these guys need soem credit, i seen them in columbus, all my freinds thought they were great to, so it was'nt just me, good charolette done the best at getting the crowd into it, but bad religion took the cake, i've never seen them live, they ripped, thats it i'm out

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

I could only review what I had seen. I've seen Big D numerous times, and thus, did not feel the need to see them again. People have different tastes.

Fuzzy (August 20, 2002)

this was a really lame review. i was there and there was a whole lot more stuff going on than what this guy talks about. Boston had a far greater variety of unknown and smaller bands compared to the Columbus, and Cincinatti dates i went to.

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

i saw big d and the kids table once with the pietasters when i was like 13. i remember them being quite good. yeah, shame you missed them.

StabbingGoldfish (August 20, 2002)

Bid D, rocks hardcore.

SOYBOMB (August 19, 2002)

You were at the Boston date and didn't see Big D And The Kids Table?

My friend, if there is a hell, you're definitely going.


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