The Misfits / The Ripcordz

The Misfits/The Ripcordz: live in Calgary, ABlive in Calgary, AB (2002)
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When I first heard one of my favorite all-time bands was playing in Calgary, I was totally estatic. I was expecting the basic post 1994 line up to play a nice mix of new and old tunes. I was especially stoked because this was the first time I was going to see them live. As I started to get more d.

When I first heard one of my favorite all-time bands was playing in Calgary, I was totally estatic. I was expecting the basic post 1994 line up to play a nice mix of new and old tunes. I was especially stoked because this was the first time I was going to see them live.

As I started to get more details about the show, I was shocked to see that Jerry Only wold be the only 'Misfit' appearing that night. Backed by Marky Ramone, and Dez from Black Flag, I soon got over the dissapointment of not seeing the 'real' misfits.

Doors were supposed to open at seven, but didn't open until at least 7:30, which drove most of us into even more of a frenzy. At about eight, the first band went on, a local band who's name I never heard. They were your typical opening band, an unoriginal sound of fast punk but they did seem to get alot o the crowd into there set. The band also seemed really excited to be on the bill, and their extra energy showed.

After about a 25 minute wait, Montreal's Ripcord came on. This is a band that I'd heard of, but never actually heard. The punk vets ripped through about 12 songs and recieved a great reaction from the crowd, and definitely sparked my interest in the band. Check these guys out if you like early eighties style hardecore bands like DOA.

After about a 30 minute wait, the Misfits (well, Jerry, Marky, and Dez) took the stage. To my suprise, pretty much everone in the building took to this all-star line up very well, regarding how most figured other Misfits would be playing (I even had some guy tell me that he was positive that Danzig was singing that night). But three punk legends on one stage seemed to be enough for the crowd.

The band ripped through song after song, a mix of Danzig era tunes (Last Caress, Halloween, 20 Eyes, Astro Zombies, about a million others), at least 5 Ramones tunes (Blitzkrieg Bop, I Wanna be Sedated, Beat on the Brat) as tribute to Joey and Dee Dee, and a collection of Graves era tunes (American Psycho, Forbidden Zone, Dig up her Bones). I had been told that Jerry Only could hardly sing at all, and how his voice would give out after 5 songs, but those rumors were put to rest as his voice is quite good and held up fine for the whole show. There seemed to be alot of energy onstage as well as off, the place went up when the band ripped through the favorites. To cap off the night, these 3 punk legends took the time to sign autographs for pretty much anyone who wanted, which was a great way to end the night.

This truly was an all star punk concert featuring 3 legends who put on one hell of a show, one I won't soon forget.


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Anonymous (June 16, 2003)

if you like danzig misfits listen to danzig if you like graves misfits listen to graves(graves has more misfits that the misfits really)and for those of you who said graves doesnt sound that good have you seen him perform i know u have not bucause there is no way you could say that if you did

Anonymous (October 5, 2002)

what's a fucktard?

Anonymous (August 28, 2002)

I DIDN't refer to the reviewer as a "NFG loving child. Nor did I say anything about seeing the original misfits. If I had i would have been 6 at the time. Get it right fucktard.

zeiter (August 28, 2002)

Yeah, I'm the reviewer, and I fucking can't stand NFG. Just because you don't agree with my review doesn't mean that I like crappy pop punk bands, cause the last time I checked, the Misfits wern't pop punk or on MTV ten times a day. So piss off.

Anonymous (August 27, 2002)

Your being ignorant has absolutely nothing to do with your opinions on the Misfits, past, present or future. It's simply because you use delicious little phrases like 'fucktard' and refer to the reviewer as an 'NFG loving child'. I'd say that's pretty fucking ignorant. It would be different if you were only 16 but as you said, you're 22. You should be capable of more intelligent and coherent comments than that.

As for your arrogance, which would you prefer? Your tirade about how everyone should know who Knucklehead is, or your badge of honour for seeing the original Misfits line-up?

Anonymous (August 26, 2002)

So wait... You're saying that edmonton doesn't have a punk scene, and you're calling ME ignorant? How does being able to admit that the misfits have lost it make me ignorant? Explain. I'm giving an opinion. an honest one. I could just go along with everyone who is afraid to talk shit about a sacred "punk rock" cow, but what would be the point in that?

Also, at what point did I say I was mister punk? I don't recall bragging to anyone about how punk rock I am. If you can show me an example, I'll eat my hat.

Some angry guy from Edmonton.

Anonymous (August 26, 2002)

I apologize on behalf of all Canadians for the ignorant moron from Edmonton or wherever the fuck he lives, it's really irrelevant. Don't confuse his hostility for anger, it's just bitterness. He lives in the middle of nowhere and unfortunately, he has absolutely no one to brag to about how punk he is or direct his clever little insults towards, until now. So carry on, we're all in awe!

Vien (August 24, 2002)

I was a big wrestling fan, and I remember the days when jerry and Doyle appeared on WCW monday night nitro, when they backed up a wrestler called Vampiro. They came out looking all creepy and buff, but it was the funniest thing, because they got thier asses kicked! I wonder how much they got paid.

Anonymous (August 24, 2002)

And I'm not from that town you fucking idiot. Did you ever see the original 'Fit's my friend? No, obviously not...........I did. So watch your mouth you NFG loving child.

Anonymous (August 23, 2002)

"To the angry young man from Edmonton:

1. If you think Danzig's new album is good, you've got bigger problems. The man is a creatine-binging parody of himself at this point, and anything he's put out since Danzig III or so has been really silly shit.

2. Here's your medal for being the punkest 16 year-old on the planet. Knucklehead must be proud.

3. You used the same stupid comments on indecline when you reviewed the show there. Get some fresh material, you tool."

1.Did I mention the new Danzig album? No.

2. I'm 22. Thanks for generalizing.

3. I didn't review the show on Indecline, but nice guess.

Try again fucktard.

Anonymous (August 22, 2002)

To the guy one down.....Danzig 7 is great, and I'm no "punk" with what punk is called today you jackass. Danzig 7 is great and the Newfits are a joke, you're obviously some little highschool kid who only learned about the 'Fit's through Jerry Only's joke.

Anonymous (August 21, 2002)

I also saw this show a while back on the big 25th anniversary tour where they only played like 3 shows and made it sound like it was going to be only those shows. But anyway, it wasn't that great. Doyle was there which helped but I saw them at Warped last year and having Jerry be the only Misfits was horrible. I don't have a problem with what they're doing, but it shouldn't be called the Misfits.

Anonymous (August 21, 2002)

To the angry young man from Edmonton:

1. If you think Danzig's new album is good, you've got bigger problems. The man is a creatine-binging parody of himself at this point, and anything he's put out since Danzig III or so has been really silly shit.

2. Here's your medal for being the punkest 16 year-old on the planet. Knucklehead must be proud.

3. You used the same stupid comments on indecline when you reviewed the show there. Get some fresh material, you tool.

Anonymous (August 21, 2002)

I saw them in Edmonton and they were really good. All the opening bands sucked dick, especially the ripcordz!!! Jerry did a great job of playing the old songs, he sounded just like fuckin Danzig.

Just because Red's is a shitty venue with a bunch of apes for security beating up kids cuz they stage dive, doesent mean the show sucked....

waste_elite (August 21, 2002)

i got something to say...

i love that song
fuck jerry only

wyzo (August 20, 2002)

when i saw the misfits play warped last year with the same lineup, Jerry sang the wrong lyrics to 'last caress'. They can't even beat a dead horse right.

Their not even good at being has beens, at least the sex pistols probably remember their lyrics.


Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

It was the ripcordz

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

It's a joke..........period......this is four old guys trying to cash in on something that WAS astonishing. Danzig WAs the Misfits, his voice and his dark lyrics set the band apart from the rest. The albums with Graves have their moments (Scream, Dead Kings Rise) but overall it just is not the Misfits, the lyrics are just way too corny (the Misfits originally were funny and goofy at times, but it had a very seriously dark undertone, plus Danzig's lyrics were gold) and Graves just doesn't sound that great. But now, it is just awful. I mean, I like Jerry, but shit, he's a total fraud. First he's "Mister Satan", then he was "Mister Jesus" and now he's "Mister Satan" again. The problem is that he doesn't take it seriously, and I think Danzig did- Danzig's new album blows any of the Newfit's crap away anyway. I just saw Danzig at the Grove and he tore the place up big time, like he hadn't aged and was still full of energy. These guys are just like box cut outs on stage. No offense Dez of course, he was great in the Flag, but no Rollins.

evildeadalive (August 20, 2002)

Was that the Ripcordz, or is there acctually another band from Montreal with a name that close?

I saw this in Vancouver last night and while the sound wasn't that great, and there were quite a few fuck ups( a lot of them by Marky on Ramones songs which was kind of funny), I still thought it was pretty damn cool. You failed to mention they also played a couple Black Flag songs, as well, with Dez on lead vocals.

Should they call themselves the Misfits? I don't know. But if you ask me, they've got to be be one of the greatest cover bands ever assembled.

I thought Jerry did a pretty decent job with Graves' vocals actually...

seek (August 20, 2002)

I don't think The Misfits died when Danzig left, but they certainly did when Graves left. I mean, one original member? Fuck that, at least the DK Kennedys are 3/4 original Kennedys (well, not technically, Peligro wasn't there first drummer, but he was their drummer for the longest stint).

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

i heard these guys really suck together and if I would have seen them I'd probably agree with that

zeiter (August 20, 2002)

To the guy all pissed about me not knowing Knucklehead, two points: 1.I live in Canmore, not Calgary, and we have a pathetic punk scene and I really dont know as many Calgary bands as I'd like to. 2. I was really focused on reviewing the bands on tour, not the local opener, because people reading this wont get a chance to see Knuckelhead, just a local band.

Magnoon-OWI (August 20, 2002)

where the hell is doyle?

great review and thanks; you saved me from wasting $25.

Nom_Anor (August 20, 2002)

Jerry Only singing Graves songs, thats a scary thought. I can imagine how fucked up dig up her bones would sound with him.

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

It's like the dk kennedy's they shouldnt call themselve the misfits. misrepresentation maybe. everyone knows the real misfits died with danzigs departure. - bigjerk

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

Also, the opening band in Calgary Was Knucklehead. If you're doing a review, you should Get the names of all the bands. Also if you live in Calgary, you should have heard of Knucklehead. Fuck. I'd heard of Knucklehead up here In Edmonton when I was 16, still listening to my Fat Wreck Chords Sampler. It's not like they're a big secret. I'd see them over the ShitFits any day. At least they still care. And their shows Don't cost 30 bucks.

Eat Shit.

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

I saw them the next night in Edmonton. They were FUCKING TERRIBLE!! I mean, I wasn't expecting too much, since I'd seen them twice before in the new misfits era, and they were okay, but not great. Then, on Saturday, I was raped in my ear by this terrible show. They tried to play everything too fast, which, in turn led to Fuck up after fuck up. And what the fuck did they do to the ramones songs? That was the worst thing ever. I didn't think it was possible to fuck up the ramones, but BAM THERE IT WAS!

Me: Did they just fuck up the ramones?
Buddy: Yes. Yes they did.
Security: You were stage diving. Now you must die.
Me: Oh shit.
Nurse: What happened?
Me: I went to Red's.

Dez Cadena moved a total of Ten Feet the whole show. T-shirts were 35 bucks. Wrist bands were 15. Tickets for the show were 30 bucks. Was the show worth 30 bucks? No. I've seen all the opening bands at a show and it was 5 bucks. The misfits were worth maybe 5 bucks, if that.

They shouldn't change the name. They should break up. And Jerry Only should apologize to the world for fucking up the Ramones.

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

I dont get Jerry Only...he spent years in court to get legal use of The Misfits name....and then be basically chases everyone else out of the band in the end anyways


Although, after seeing the "new" supergroup Misfits a handful of times in NYC I have to say it's well worth the money and they are great together...yeah, Jerry SHOULD change the name...but after the battle he had to go through with Danzig I think he atleast deserves it

People really should stop going on saying that the "new" Misfits are so horrible and suck and all that crap. When else are you going to 3 living legends on one stage again?

Dubar (August 20, 2002)

I'm fairly sure danzig and jerry only dont get along at all... if you thought for even a second that he would be singing at that show you... well you were way off.

Anonymous (August 20, 2002)

I completely agree...

No Danzig, no Misfits. Only a bunch of wanabe wrestlers.


TheOneTrueBill (August 20, 2002)

they shouldn't call themselves the misfits... get some new name to symbolize the super group they really are

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