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Over It: Timing Is EverythingTiming Is Everything (2002)
Lobster Records

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Contributed by: pastepunkPastepunk
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Setting: Four teenage lads are currently in the middle of a band practice. All four of the youths have recently purchased OVER IT's brand new release, "Timing Is Everything." A discussion has erupted between the members on how the band needs to improve. We now go to the scene... Band Member #1:.
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Setting: Four teenage lads are currently in the middle of a band practice. All four of the youths have recently purchased OVER IT's brand new release, "Timing Is Everything." A discussion has erupted between the members on how the band needs to improve. We now go to the scene...

Band Member #1: Guys, I really like our band, but man, our songs need to be catchier, like OVER IT.

Band Member #2: OVER IT's songs are catchy, definitely, but they are also very aggressive and energetic...

Band Member #3: The drummer in OVER IT is just awesome - have you noticed how the production on the new album, done of course, by the great Cameron Webb really enhances the percussion backbone?

Band Member #1: Dude, you sound like a freakin' cd reviewer - what the hell?

Band Member #3: I just think the drums sound cool - when we record a cd, I want my drums to sound like that. Layoff man...

Band Member #4: I think we need to improve our lyrics - notice how we have a song that goes "oh baby baby, i need your love tonight?" Well OVER IT pretty much says the same thing, but so much better...like the song "Fall" - where Peter goes, "were our stars dim when we set sight? / or were we too lost in each other's eyes / to ever care at all? / I promise I'd try / I'd sacrifice all my time / If I could fall into you for tonight."

Band Member #2: Did you memorize the whole song?

Band Member #4: Yeah, I guess I did, I just find it to be kinda touching, ya know?

Band Member #3: I know dude, I know...I played it for my mom...

Band Member #2: Dude, that's wrong...

Band Member #1: Hellooooooo...guys, this is still band practice, ya know...for our band, not OVER IT...

Band Member #2: I just can't focus, I keep on singing OVER IT songs in my head, and some of the guitar hooks are huge. And why do all of our songs sound the same? We've written like four of them and I can't even tell them apart...yet OVER IT can write 11 different tunes and they all seem completely original?

Band Member #3: Anyone else here getting depressed? I think it's time to call it a day, and I want to go home and listen to a certain band's cd anyway...

And so the lesson goes, OVER IT probably write better songs than your band, and it's most likely going to make you sad at your own failures. In any rate, for tight, agressive, fast, catchy, hooky, fun, pop-filled goodness, you need to look no farther than "Timing Is Everything."


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thatswack (January 7, 2005)

one of the most excellent displays of musicianship i've heard in awhile.

Anonymous (January 2, 2003)

First off this cd is amazing. Over It take the "pop-punk" genre and take it up a step with great vocals, lyrics, musicianship, and a level of agression previously missing in pop punk. Oh yeah, and its incredibly addictive. There's also a healthy amount of variety in the songs. Buy this now!

A-Season-of-Shrubs (September 14, 2002)

I finally got this in the mail from Lobster today. Let me just start out by saying HOLY SHIT. I've already listened to this CD 4 times, it just keeps getting more and more incredible. Technical, melodic, great lyrics. This is music with an edge, best emotional punk album I've heard.

The awesome people at lobster also sent me Mock Orange's The Record Play for FREE. If you like Jimmy eat world, counterfit, no knife, or anything in the indy rock realm, check this CD out.

Fucking incredible day

Anonymous (September 12, 2002)

If you c jordan, punch his bitch ass in the face for me becouse he writes shitty music

evildeadalive (September 12, 2002)

Haha, best name ever.

Anonymous (September 12, 2002)

Wuss, you really seem to have taken that hard.

On a side note, this album is wonderful.


WussEmoRock (September 12, 2002)

to the guy below:

Ever seen the t-shirt that says "i hate reel big fish", well, it is suppose to be a joke but a lot of people take it seriously and wonder if you like the band then why do you wear the shirt, same goes for my screen name, it is the same sort of thing, I like pop punk I admit, who gives a shit, and who cares if my name is gay.

also dipshit, how the hell would you know by one comment that I make if I am in a band or not, and yes I am, but who cares if you believe me or not. once again, good review, I sent it to a few people, they liked it as well.


Anonymous (September 12, 2002)

hey wussemorock, you sound like a nice boy. Why dont you quit bullshitting us, we know you arent in a band. fucker with a gay name

WussEmoRock (September 11, 2002)

what a great review. jordan, you rock, haha I was laughing the whole time, sounds like one of my band practices except we are always yelling at each other about bands we do or don't agree on liking. haha great review, I am going to check out this band


Bryne (September 11, 2002)

I just found out Over It is playing here in my town in a few weeks. I'm gonna go check them out because of this review. Yay for me.

Anonymous (September 11, 2002)

over it are amazing people making amazing music. congrats on a killer record...and yes, i just said 'killer.'


Anonymous (September 11, 2002)

i saw them live a year ago and they could've been good, but i couldnt tell cause the pa kept breaking. the best song i've heard of theirs is "80s movie anti-hero." m/!!!!!

Anonymous (September 11, 2002)

Great Review. Over It rules.

aubin (September 11, 2002)

I love this record. I think Jordan really did it justice.

Anonymous (September 10, 2002)

over it are really nice guys and they kick ass live....everbody needs to pick up a copy of this cd.....

Bryne (September 10, 2002)

Best review ever.

Anonymous (September 10, 2002)

jordan here - i just wanted this review to appear on punknews b/c their web traffic dwarfs mine, and OVER IT is a band that needs to be heard. glad y'all dug the review...

Anonymous (September 10, 2002)

Jordan always crack me up with his playwrighting, but why they have to post the same review on two sites. Anyway, great album that shouldn't be ignored.

Anonymous (September 10, 2002)

I love you Jordan.

Hilarious review.


maverick (September 10, 2002)

Jordan, you rule. If I were a woman, I'd want to have your baby.

Over It = hooded sweatshirt rock.


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