Matt Skiba/Kevin Seconds - split CD (Cover Artwork)

Matt Skiba / Kevin Seconds

Matt Skiba/Kevin Seconds: split CDsplit CD (2002)
Asian Man Records

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Contributed by: Death Star Droid
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While wondering around the Vans Warped Tour in Pittsburgh PA in a drunken/ stoned celebratory haze on my birthday, Aug. 13th, I happened to spy this C.D. for sale at the Alkaline Trio tent. As a huge fan of the Trio, as well as Mr. Seconds work in early 7 Seconds, I had been eagerly anticipating thi.

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While wondering around the Vans Warped Tour in Pittsburgh PA in a drunken/ stoned celebratory haze on my birthday, Aug. 13th, I happened to spy this C.D. for sale at the Alkaline Trio tent. As a huge fan of the Trio, as well as Mr. Seconds work in early 7 Seconds, I had been eagerly anticipating this album. I had been under the impression that it would not be on sale until late Sept., so having the opportunity to purchase it early was a pleasant surprise. After the show, I freed the C.D. from it's plastic prison and slipped it into my friend's truck's C.D. player on the way home.

There are 10 songs on the album, with Matt Skiba having the first five, and Kevin Seconds playing the last five. As I mentioned earlier, I am a big fan of the amazing Alkaline Trio, and Matt Skiba's singing and song writing in particular. His first song on the split "Good Fucking Bye" absolutey blew me away, and sets the tone for the rest of the album. A story of the aftermath of a relationship gone wrong told in a poetic way that only Skiba could manage: "I'm tired of being bored/I'm through with the headaches/and hiding my hands that tremble like earthquakes/under the table/under the daytime sky/good fucking bye" This is probably my favorite track on the C.D., it expresses feelings of relief at the ending of a bad romantic relationship that I'm sure almost anyone could relate to. Matt's next song "The City that day" is much more upbeat musically, and although a good song, it is probably my least favorite on the album. The next song "Next to you" begins with an almost hypnotic guitar and bass line, and a strange scratching sound in the backround like an old record that has been played too many times. once again the lyrics express bittersweet feelings of gratitude toward a lover that may be long gone: "Don't cry/ or stop to wonder why/ we crashed down like thunder/ on the floor/ or down from the ceiling/ it's been nice waking up next to you" "In Your Wake" brilliantly continues this relationship gone wrong theme, and Matt's last song "Soul To Keep is actually a 7 Seconds cover. (A tribute to Kevin perhaps?) Overall, Matt's tracks on this album are great, obviously very personal, and lyrically intriguing. He states in his thank you notes that he played all the instruments himself, and thanks Joey Ramone.

Now on to Kevin Seconds half of the split. I have to admit, I bought this C.D. mostly just to have the Skiba tracks, and had not heard any of Second's work since early 7 Seconds albums like "New Wind" and "Walk Together, Rock Together". I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually like Kevin's songs slightly better then Matt's! From the first notes of "Extra Something" to the closer "Motherfuckers" Kevin has assembled an sensational collection of heartfelt, touching songs that present a contrasting paradox of lyrics that continue the "relationship gone wrong" theme, but are set to relatively poppy, happy sounding music. Although it doesn't sound like it would, this actually works really well musically. Believe me, Kevin's songs on this split are AMAZING, and have become some of my favorites in my large collection.

I would highly recommend this album to any one that is a fan of either of these artists, or of good music in general. Everything from the awesome cover art (by K. Seconds) to the beautiful tunes you'll find inside makes this C.D. worth your hard earned dollars.


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BrickLayerJar (May 16, 2008)

you're all crazy..this entire cd is phenomenal

Adamsterdamned (April 19, 2007)

3 stars for Skiba. 0 for Seconds.

warningdevice (January 9, 2006)

I give the Matt Skiba side of this split the highest rating possible and more... mostly the songs "The City That Day", and "Soul To Keep". But two seconds into the Kevin Seconds side I shut off my record player, and never listened to it again.

Crookedsuperhero (May 23, 2004)

1. Of course the 7 seconds song was a tribute to Kevin, did you think it was a conicidince?
2. Kevins songs were awful. Each sounded the same and bored the hell out of me.

Bad review, get's 3 for the skiba half and the first kevin song, which was okay, although extremly cheesey.

ihateadam (October 26, 2003)

i doubt a Tuesday reunion with Danny would be happening anytime soon

Anonymous (September 12, 2003)

the matt skiba part blew me away, the kevin seconds part sucks ass.

Anonymous (September 30, 2002)


Anonymous (September 30, 2002)

Whoever wrote this review must be a sexy bitch. This guy seems to know what he's talking about and I am actually more influenced now to purchase the album. To the writer, you are an extremely talented soul with a refreshing approach to knowledge that you obviously contain an undying love for. Salutations!!!!

Anonymous (September 29, 2002)

i really enjoy this split too. skiba is amaing and so is kevin. i am also hopelessly in love with matt, so that adds to my love of the cd. musically i enjoy listening to the mellow acoustic side of skiba. it is cool to hear him like that.

Anonymous (September 29, 2002)

If tuesday gets back together, they should put Thursday out of their misery by KILLING them...

or just crossing out their eyes...

oh man, am I funny or what...


waste_elite (September 28, 2002)

i like both matt and dan's voices. they both have their own unique singing and songwriting styles and they're both really good.

Anonymous (September 27, 2002)

If Tuesday reunites, can we make Thursday break-up?

Anonymous (September 27, 2002)

I've brought this up before, but why does EVERYBODY who likes the album they're reviewing give it a "10". Next time, think to yourself, "Is this truely one of the best albums I've ever heard?" or "Gee, I wonder if this one will be like that other album I gave a 10 rating to three weeks ago that I haven't picked up since?"


Anonymous (September 27, 2002)

You my friend, don't know shit...

Dan is a better song writer than matt, and he always has been....you wouldn't know talent if it slapped you in the face...

plus, Dan's voice is so sexy....owwww


Anonymous (September 27, 2002)

I really have a hard time beliveing you turds LIKE Dan's voice?!?!?? Matt's voice and songs are the only reason the Trio are ANYWHERE!?!? Proven, once again-The kids don't know SHIT!!!

Anonymous (September 26, 2002)

i have had this since warped tour, and i love all of matt's songs.. but i find kevins strangely sarcastic.

"you got me thinkin thoughts that i never thought i'd think"

is he being serious? cause i would like it more if it was sarcastic.

Anonymous (September 26, 2002)

I believe Tuesday has been broken up for way longer than two years...i started listening to alkaline trio 5 years ago, and Tuesday was still on Hiatus back then...I believe they went on hiatus right after dan started playing with both the trio and tuesday...

I've heard rumors for a long time Tuesday was gonna start playing out again, but I doubt it would be with matt stamps (who is a fuckin excellent guitar player). He's got a wife and kid and job ect, which from what I heard he doesn't wanna leave....but those linear notes in the asian man comp kinda got my hopes up all over again...

still, Dan and Rob Kellenberger rocked some serious shit on dan's solo stuff....could be a beautiful thing in the making...


Anonymous (September 26, 2002)

Freed from it's plastic prison? Excellent writing skills. Makes it much more interesting. Thanks!

Anonymous (September 26, 2002)

I'd just like to point out that this was a very good review, we need to see more like this. I know I'm not the only one tired of reading some of the half-assed reviews on here =)

WussEmoRock (September 25, 2002)

once again that wasn't me who posted below, stop trying to be cool man, be your own person and stop trying to follow in my footsteps. by the way you made a stupid comment to, and even though I have not yet heard this cd, I am definetaly excited about it and this review made me want to check it out even more. and I liked your free the plastic from the prison comment, it sounded very intelligent haha


Anonymous (September 25, 2002)

As good as the last alkaline trio split.
This release is still lacking compared to pre Mabey I'll Catch Fire.

TheOneTrueBill (September 25, 2002)

good to go is a damn fine record

Anonymous (September 25, 2002)

fuck Kevin Seconds he is a waste of sperm he shouldnt be aloud to make a cd after 7 Seconds


Anonymous (September 25, 2002)

Jimi: Apparently Tuesday has just been on hiatus for the past two years and hope to release something soon. Don't believe me? Check out the new Asian Man Records Compiliation "Mailorder for the Masses" and see for yourself in some Tuesday liner notes!

Trio Hugger

Anonymous (September 25, 2002)

I share 'jimi's opinion that the new alk3 stuff isn't as good, but unlike him, I really dug the skiba songs.

"Next to you" and "good fucking bye" are great. One of the things about the songs is how short and simple they are, but the way he does it, you dont want complicated song structure, he gets in, says the chorus, and gets out. Next song. Here it works.

I still haven't heard Dan's stuff, but hopefully the next alkaline album will take off where their solo stuff hints at.


Anonymous (September 25, 2002)

freed it from its plastic prison? stop trying to sound cool.

bostonmusicguy (September 25, 2002)

Alkaline Trio.... eh.... maybe i will download an mp3 and give it a whirl.-BostonMusicGuy

Vien (September 25, 2002)

I'll give it a whirl. Better get that vinyl version, limited to 1000(I think).

Anonymous (September 25, 2002)

Being a big fan of the alkaline trio, I was excited for this split....the trio just haven't been the same since Glenn got booted, and I had always wanted to see Dan walk away and get mr. Stamps and mr. Kellenberger to get the ol' band back together....so when I heard both Matt Skiba and Dan were gonna do some solo stuff, I was excited...maybe they might finally part ways and lend their talents to two great bands instead of one...

Then I bought this cd and realized how much matt's songwriting abilities have gown out the window...not one song on this cd interests me, and I've tried...I wanted to like it, but I can't just like it because it's got Matt's name on it....this is crap...I can't believe you fool's fell for this...

Dan's split with Mike Felumlee rocks much harder, and it was awesome to hear Dan do a punked up version of "Let the Stars Play" and a real version of "Lucky Smoke Rings..."

All I can conclude is that Dan still rocks out like he did years ago, and Matt needs to lay off the druqcts or something....

go buy the dan/mike split instead...you'll get a better value for your dollar...


Anonymous (September 25, 2002)

The Skiba songs are INCREDIBLE and make me so anxious for new Alkaline Trio material. Although I do enjoy from here to infirmary, his songs on this split remind me of older Alkaline Trio. I think that the Kevin Seconds songs are mediocre at best, but whatever.

Trio Hugger

Anonymous (September 25, 2002)

sounds interesting

your friend drives a truck how unpunk is that?

Anonymous (September 24, 2002)

Cheers to Skiba & Pittsburgh!

- Scott
(not as ugly as an emo helmet)

Anonymous (September 24, 2002)

Ya totally, I got the cd in the mail a couple months ago from AMR and I only wanted it for the Skiba songs, but I really liked the Seconds songs too, i was pleastantly surprised.

StabbingGoldfish (September 24, 2002)

I was going to review this cd a while ago. I'm lazy, never got around to it, but you did a good job with the review. I love this cd. I bought this cd for Matt's tracks and ended up really liking Kevin's stuff too. That happened with thier Hot Water Music split also. Good stuff.

SOYBOMB (September 24, 2002)


The Kevin Seconds songs do pretty much suck.

I got this at Warped Tour also from Mike Park, and I believe Skiba's portion of the disc is MUCH better.

Ah well, its a matter of personal taste really.

Party Hard/Peace,

maverick (September 24, 2002)

Eh, the K. Seconds songs don't do much for me, and some of the Skiba songs are pretty uneventful, too. "In Your Wake" is the best track.


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