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ACxDC: Antichrist DemoncoreAntichrist Demoncore (2014)
Melotov Records

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Contributed by: JohnGentileJohnGentile
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Since their very inception, ACxDC have been criticized by a small, but extremely vocal sect for being "false grindcore," (Just visit any of their facebook events to see the bizarre and hilarious non–ironic attacks on their status as a band.) Well, you know what– ACxDC isn't "true g.
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Since their very inception, ACxDC have been criticized by a small, but extremely vocal sect for being "false grindcore," (Just visit any of their facebook events to see the bizarre and hilarious non–ironic attacks on their status as a band.)

Well, you know what– ACxDC isn't "true grindcore" and thank God for that. If you look at the grindcore originators– Siege, Repulsion, Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, and Carcass– each of them saw grindcore as way to break the rules. That is, grindcore, or whatever each band respectively called it at the time, was a way to break free of standard punk song structure and examine tension, contrast, and unpredictability in music without the constraints of 4/4 time signature. That is, grindcore was an abandonment of the rules, not an outline of them. In fact, if you look at each of the originators, each of them have made music far beyond the narrow strip that is considered modern grindcore. The message is clear– grindcore has a code and that code is you can do anything to make interesting music.

Yet, somehow, where grindcore once suggested infinite possibilities (most of them being sonically aggressive), now it has been reduced to a set of cans and cannots. After a decade of releasing singles and eps that were funny, twisting, off kilter, and generally badass, ACxDC has apparently become tired of the critcism that they aren't true to form. Thus, on their debut LP, Antichrist Demoncore the group abandons an adherence to the rules that have been shackled around their feet and create an album that plays by the rules as much as it breaks them.

While earlier ACxDC tracks were spasmodic blasts of noise, reveling in piling sheet of discord on top of discord, there is a striking amount of appreciation for the more classic, traditonal styles here. "Blood" stomps along like a Southern California thrash tune before splintering into a shambling, rumbling racket. "Paid in full," with its mountain sized riffs stomp forward in homage to the powerful textures created by metal titans like Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse. But, more often then not, just as the band establishes a theme saluting their forefathers, they suddenly pull away the carpet and explode into fractious riffs with vocals that tumble on top of the music as much as they fit in.

The reverse is similarly true. Album opener "Destroy Create" opens with a constant stream of aggression and piss. But, just when it seems that the band will be going the full noise route, they clack down into a low, heavy, rumbling rhythm that gradually slows down.

Mirroring the band's quantum leap in musicianship, vocalist Sergio Amalfitano has expanded his own style. He still has his basilisk screech, sounding more like a rabid animal than a human. But, perhaps less concerned about how the group will be received, he drops the shield of trve cvlt and goes for a straight up hardcore rant. At other times, he's backed by a death metal howling, matching the high pitch off the rumbling low. Not only does it give the album a wider range of emotion, but it makes each song have a purpose that drives the LP forward.

That is to say, Antichrist Demoncore is entirely unpredictable. Just when you expect it to establish a groove, it cuts it in half. Just when you are prepared for a 45 second sonic beating, they launch into a circle pit stomp. The irony, of course, is that by pushing aside the strict grindcore requirements, the band is more explosive and advanced than those of stricter adherence. When everything is random, nothing is really random because you know to expect the unexpected. ACxDC knows this, and teases the listener with just enough stability to make the shattering of that stability that much more interesting and exhilarating. Funny is it that by following the spirit of the original grindcore bands and not the letter of the law, ACxDC achieves the same exhilaration of Scum and Reek of Putrefaction while the more cvlt acolytes just seem bland.


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xbat-mitex (March 5, 2015)

I would consider this more powerviolence than grind, but thats just me.

Skibz777 (October 6, 2014)

Months later, but apparently I was wrong, as I did find the original post I claimed was missing. Still, it's worth noting that the guy who wrote:

"grindcore has a code and that code is you can do anything to make interesting music"

...also wrote:

"I'm going to lose a few punx points here, but all grindcore basically sounds the same to me. A band smashes along for 40 seconds, making a discordant racquet, some guy shrieks, and the song is over."

greg0rb (June 25, 2014)

No, I said it. Grindcore is unlistenable.

Skibz777 (June 24, 2014)

I know tastes can change; in the last several years, I've come to love genres I used to hate and I've become well-versed in genres I never knew existed. However, the operative word there is "years"...it took years of countless albums, live shows and research for me to become intimate enough with a genre that I could definitively talk about its history and what comprises its "spirit", not a couple of months. Plus, I did it out of personal interest, not just out of pretentious spite to show up some people who yelled at me after I made some boneheaded comments (I assume).

What mostly bothers me is how the post which would immediately void John G's credibility in this review is now mysteriously missing. Obviously another person remembers it, so I'm not just having a psychotic hallucination. I'm hoping I just overlooked it, but knowing John G is the type of guy who doesn't even apologize when he makes an objective factual error, it wouldn't surprise me if he's actively deleting old posts of his.

danperrone (June 24, 2014)

did johng say that? what a clown

greg0rb (June 24, 2014)

Grindcore is unlistenable.

nedsammy (June 24, 2014)

I always assumed these guys were PV, but then I've only listened to them once, cos they had a song about The Big Lebowski.

I wouldn't rule out that 'ya boy' (he's probably called himself 'ya boy' at some point, let's face it) John G put his foot in mouth one time. But, when writing reviews on albums I like I've often listened about in genres I'm less familiar with to help better the review. Plus tastes just change, I guess. It's fair enough.

GuiltyofBeingMike (June 24, 2014)

I have to agree with Skibz, it's more than a little fishy that JohnG gushes over this album and "true grindcore" and all that...when it wasn't that long ago that he got completely lambasted for calling it "just noise," in quintessential JohnG chipper attitude.

To the matter at hand, I am really enjoying this album, as it is far more than cut and dry grindcore.

Skibz777 (June 23, 2014)

So....why can't I find the "Tonight We're Going To Give It 35%" from a few months ago where John G blatantly said he didn't listen to grindcore, thought the whole point of it was just to make noise and then called Napalm Death the only good band of the genre, and then endured total vitriolic hell from comments left by actual grindcore fans? Seriously, it's completely disappeared from the site.

Just think the tone of this review is tad suspicious considering how much flack he got from that post.

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