Bowling For Soup - Drunk Enough To Dance (Cover Artwork)

Bowling For Soup

Bowling For Soup: Drunk Enough To DanceDrunk Enough To Dance (2002)
Sony Music

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Contributed by: subisubi
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Now, first off, don't get me wrong. There is a lot of pop punk I have soft spots for. True, i really don't like the majority of it... but stuff like New Found Glory.. they are nothing but the best. Pop punk perfection. Kind of like Ludacris, except for they are white boys. Anyhow, on with the re.
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Now, first off, don't get me wrong. There is a lot of pop punk I have soft spots for. True, i really don't like the majority of it... but stuff like New Found Glory.. they are nothing but the best. Pop punk perfection. Kind of like Ludacris, except for they are white boys.

Anyhow, on with the review. So I pop the cd in... and within the first minute I puke. The first thing that struck me about this band is that they are not all cute skinny pretty boys. One of the members is at least 300 . And I totally think that is great. Fight the mold of skinny boys in converse and the next-county-overs little league team shirt. But if you are going to try to break the mold, at least be good.

So yes. Basically, this band is 4 slightly overweight guys singing every single song about girls. Except one, which is about a "Rock Show." That means that indeed there are 15 songs about girls. Way to break the mold. Seriously, I hate to bash on bands because it's a lot of work and dedication - but these lyrics are lyrics I wrote in the 6th grade. Swear to god I could go in my closet and go through it for about an hour and present you with lyrics I wrote in the 6th grade. Although some of the sounds are a tad bit catchy... any of the good that the music made was just smashed by the horrible atrocity that is the lyrics.

Now on the upside, yes, I do have a soft spot for some pop punk, and I did think some of the songs were ok. Some. I liked tracks 6 and 12. They were alright. But yeah, my final thought is that unless you have horrible music taste, save the $13 and buy some beer. Because guaranteed, your night will be a lot more entertaining than with this cd.


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literamaniac (May 19, 2010)

Not gonna lie, I really dig "Girl All the Bad Guys Want"

last_ashes (December 20, 2006)

love this album the songs are great becausae what they sing about is the truth

drums54 (September 3, 2006)

dude what is wrong with you people? This cd was awesome, so they sing about girls big deal!!! They are happy fat people sharing the happy.....and occasionally the fat. Do any of you have a sense of humor? And stfu about them being on mtv! Big frickin deal. Over all, this band is awesome, this cd is awesome, and(some) pop punk is awesome.!. But you are right the bass player is usually fat. not the f--kin drummer!!!

Anonymous (July 15, 2004)

they should have called this fat enough to dance.

chrisafi (June 26, 2004)

I agree with the reviewer.

This album is
A) Too girl based
B) Too immature lyrics
C) Annoying.

The actual playing on this record is good, and there are some decent riffs. But it loses all gained respect by simply saying
"All I wanted was to see her naked" and other such rubbish

Anonymous (May 4, 2004)

I really liked this cd. It is good if you want to listen to lighter music. Most of the songs sound similar but its good for a laugh.

Anonymous (April 22, 2004)

Hey skanky hoe below me... SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! Your soo fuckin gay! if yer soo tired of hearin about it, dont get on this site no more. Take yer wanna be brittney spears ass over to a backstreet boys concert and stay there!!

Dont diss fuckin real music.

Anonymous (November 3, 2003)

Is anybody else really tired of people coming on here and saying that everything is shit?

"Oh my god! these guys suck so much! They sing songs about girls!! OMG! You can actually HEAR THE lyrics, fucking losers! Are these teh guys on MTV? oh my god, such fucking sellouts! I hate these guys, their music suck balls. Let's listen to more Bad Religion, even though it all sounds exactly the fucking same!!!"

I am sick and fucking tired of everybody hating poppunk, just because "normal" people like poppunk.

All of my friends loved Good Charlotte's first album, but as soon as they heard The Anthem on the radio, suddenly Good Charlotte sucked. If you heard Rancid on the radio, you'd think they sucked. So seriously grow up, who cares? it's just a CD.

And before you go 'you're obvious a 13 year old girl.' I'm not. That won't stop you calling me one, so go ahead.

But seriously what's the big deal? If somebody hears Blink182, Sum41, BowlingForSoup or Good Charlotte on teh radio, buys that album, likes it, then it leads them to buy a rancid album, and that leads to a Descendents album. Really what's so bad about Pop Punk?

And i really don't need a reply to that, so please nobody send another one of those 'Sixteen Reasons Pop Punk Sucks' essays. For craps sake.

Anonymous (January 26, 2003)

QUOTE: Didn't this band do the theme song to that Max Keeble movie?

Nah, actually I think it was New Found Glory.

Anonymous (October 14, 2002)

i've never heard of this band until the other day when i saw their video.

the music sucks.

the video is actually pretty cool, they spoof staind and limp bizkit on it. it's pretty funny.

subi (October 14, 2002)

if you listen to this cd enough, it becomes infectious. you can't help but love this overly-stereotypical pop-punk (or power pop.. what have you) band. uh huh.

Anonymous (October 13, 2002)

Didn't this band do the theme song to that Max Keeble movie?


Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

ok i take it back. fakebook is really good. but this is still better than the last 2 releases by weezer, wait last 3, and its better than piebald. and it sounds nothign like whetus. i wonder what happened to wheatus. i think the singer works at the local burger king.

Anonymous (October 11, 2002)

Anyone else notice the fat guy takes up part of the other guy's little section on the cover? h0ahehaeha0he0ah

Anonymous (October 11, 2002)

ok so weezer and piebald suck but ultimate fakebook --- NO!!! why put them in that list?

and some of the other commetns here are way funny

Anonymous (October 11, 2002)

morbidly obese...

and morbidly sexy

Bryne (October 10, 2002)

And that guy to the far right is more than slighty overweight.

Bryne (October 10, 2002)

Kinda like that guy from Wheatus. He really sounds like a girl. If you didn't know better, you'd think it was some kind of lesbian love song.

Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby...

Masakari (October 10, 2002)

Mr. B your a funny man i like almsot ever pop punk band your our here goin DIE DIE DIE...although i agree with you so...ill shut up

Anonymous (October 10, 2002)

Give your sister a break, most girls like shitty music. Besides, how else is she going to drown out the sound of her giving hummers to everyone living within 20 miles of your house?

JimmyArndt (October 10, 2002)

my sisters been listening to this shit insesantly. god it fucking sucks.

FloggingDay (October 9, 2002)

I've never heard of these guys.

Anonymous (October 9, 2002)

i think i'm the one guy who likesthis album. its pop punk, butmore like power pop.so what if they are pretty popular? their lyrics are funny, and their just a good times band,not tryin to be all serious or anything. this is way better than most pop punk releases of this year, and better than weezer/piebald/ultimate fakebooks new releases (power pop). so fucku. bro.

TheOneTrueBill (October 9, 2002)

they aren't even good for a laugh, like andrew WK

Anonymous (October 9, 2002)

Die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die- mr. B

waste_elite (October 9, 2002)

D4 is sort of pop-punk. i don't know, they throw all sorts of crazy shit in their songs so it's hard to pin them down. sorta like gritty, arty pop-punk with a shred of hardcore and dissonance thrown in for good measure. i fucking love those guys though. their compacted wrecklessness never ceases to amaze. nobody sounds anything like them.

paddy is the man

CallingLondon (October 9, 2002)

why do people call Dillinger Four pop punk? i never really understood it.

Anonymous (October 9, 2002)

Nothing wrogn with a girl singer, provided the singer is actually a girl. In this (Shitty) band's case, the singer is a guy that sounds like a girl. I remember seeing them open for someone better a year ago. They were horrible to the highest degree. I really wish I hadn't stuck around so long figuring, "HEY! They have a big fat guitarist. They HAVE to have 1 good song"

No luck. They just have a dozen shitty songs that sound like one really long shitty song.

subi (October 9, 2002)

uhh yeah the singer is a boy. hence the 4 boys on the front cover.

and what's wrong with a girl singer anyway?

Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

Bowling for Soup.. how did they ever get popular?! Whoever was talking about them having horns in 98 I believe you're mistaking them for Lets Go Bowling because I saw them in 97 with Less Than Jake and The Graduates (two ska bands) and BFS had no horns.

Now on to the review, I will admit they're a fucking horrible band, but you have to give them credit, even thoguh they've sucked all along they have stuck with their style playing small shows and finally made it somewhat 'big.' Probably the most well known band to come out of dallas in the 90s since... Hootie the blowfish? Either way their lead singer is a girl, 2 thumbs down.

Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

Paddy of D4. Now thats a fat bassist and a damn good one. And unfortunetely if youve seen Dillinger Four live then youve seen Paddy half or fully naked. Oh by the way dont buy this. For good pop punk buy Lifetime, Dillinger Four, Decendents, Inspection 12. Theres a few real pop punk bands._-Rock

Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

Havent heard it but on the note about FAT band members, i think it is usually the bassist who takes the cake.

And 22 Jacks had a fat guitarist

Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

This band is horrible period. That guy should get stapled quick.


Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

bassists, in my opinion, are usually the second fattest in the band. or the fattest if they have a really good skinny drummer

kirbypuckett (October 8, 2002)

It's about time someone mentions Ludacris on this website. Real hard hitting, incredible Punk Rock there.

- Scott
(Wondering how many people will download...)

Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

I don't know...I always thought the fat guy was the bassist...maybe that's just my experience...

oh, and this band sucks...hard

You didn't *really* puke though, did you? Liar


Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

you know they use to be a ska band with horns? that was until ska got uncool in 1998. bastards

Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

this has gotta be the fourth review i've read today that's like "I usually love [this band and**] pop punk, but this album sucks"

**: insert where applicable

Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

yeah, why is it that the fat guy in the band is usually the drummer? nobody tell me about poison idea because i already know.

Anonymous (October 8, 2002)


Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

They are pretty awful

They're getting carried along on the crest of a wave due to a highly unfunny gimmicky music video (where have I heard that one before?) and dont deserve anything.

Whats even worse is that some of you think that these bastards are ENGLISH! Fucking english! Not a chance. Dont ever insult us like that! Jesus ....

Ross Punktastic

punky (October 8, 2002)

I've only heard one song...it sounded like punked up NSYNC

maverick (October 8, 2002)

This album is god-awful.

At least there's a guy fatter than me in the band [and he *doesn't* play drums] - they get one star for that.


Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

yeah, i could barely stand the first track let alone get through it. i was thoroughly unimpressed

Anonymous (October 8, 2002)

i've only heard one of their songs. it wasn't so bad, just not anything i could listen to for a whole cd.

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