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Good Charlotte: The Young and the HopelessThe Young and the Hopeless (2002)
Sony Music

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Contributed by: ChaosXingChaosXing
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Just when pop punk seems to have left it's former glory days, Good Charlotte comes out with their sophomore album, The Young and the Hopeless. Their hair might be a little more gravity defying, they might have more piercings, and they might have lost their old drummer, but they do show a little mor.
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Just when pop punk seems to have left it's former glory days, Good Charlotte comes out with their sophomore album, The Young and the Hopeless. Their hair might be a little more gravity defying, they might have more piercings, and they might have lost their old drummer, but they do show a little more insight with their lyrics.

Highlights on The Young and the Hopeless include "The Anthem", which deals with being institutionalized in high school (almost a continuation of "Little Things"), "My Bloody Valentine", a twisted love song about a guy who murders the his true love's boyfriend, "Movin' On", which sounds more like it belongs on their self-titled album, and the title track "The Young and the Hopeless". An honorable mention is "The Day That I Die", which sounds like a country ballad at first, but then it moves on into imitating Social Distortion's style.

Good Charlotte tries enough new ideas to keep things interesting, while still remaining true to the sound of their first album without getting boring and repetitive. Fans will still remain fans (hopefully) and the people who hate them will, well, still hate them. I don't expect punk elitists to change anytime soon and realize that this is a good album.


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Cos (June 8, 2010)

This album is so much better than White Crosses!

ROCKon_and_F-CKoff (April 26, 2007)

Ehh.... I thought SOME songs were OK.... not the album as a whole though. I mean, if YOU like it, I don't care, but personally, only like two songs were good in my opinion.

rejectedbyrequest (March 3, 2007)

I laughed when I heard people considered this music. I also laugh at the fact that alot of the people who are GC fans and are bashing all the people who hate them posted anonymously so they could avoid the backlash. Hypocrital idiots. GC, please just..go..die, for the good of man kind.

Anonymous (November 7, 2006)

You can say whatever the fuck you want. this shit is not music!

GlassPipeMurder (August 27, 2006)

i'm definitely not gonna give this a score, but Anthem and Lifestyle were catchy as hell. and i think josh freese played drums (?)

I_love_Toe (June 1, 2006)

i dont understand how anyone can listen to this band they are fucking horrible i also dont understand how they got on MTV

Thane (August 14, 2005)

Better then the last piece of crap but not much.... But it is an improvement....Still they sound like a hundred other Bands of so what‚??s the point of having them in your CD collection? There‚??s not. The fact that you can say that imitating bands music is just fine kind of got on my nerves. Nothing original here just more of your mediocre pop punk fare....3 out of 10

Anonymous (May 26, 2005)

Posers. Fuck. their.music.

Anonymous (December 27, 2004)

poop taco's real score.

Anonymous (December 27, 2004)

Poop taco, with a side of diarreha. Topped with bacon. As good as it sounds, yes.

freekobe (September 9, 2004)

listen everyone is open for their own opinions but to say that they suck when you havnt listened to the cd is absurd. you can like what you like and if you dont like it then there isnt any reason for comment. people may relate to their music, share the same experiences and shit like that so if they want to like them than thats cool. if you think that they suck thats cool too, but there isnt any need to tell them to die. as for them being marketed and so-called selling out, you put a big fat check infront of me and i guess im gonna do the same thing and i can almost guarentee that everyone of you would do the same thing. if you say you wouldnt then you are either lying or are going to be living in regret for most of your life while you are working your 9-5 desk job.

Anonymous (August 28, 2004)

"Stop being mean they are just trying to make a living"

you r an idiot

Budde_Boy (July 28, 2004)

Damn, big old rift here, Some put 5 stars, other a half. Good Charlotte, no matter how they look, suck.

Kiwi (June 24, 2004)

Stop being mean they are just trying to make a living

Goodcharlottepunx (June 2, 2004)

Ok to all u ignorant fuckheads... Gc never said they were punk and to all u *supposed* fans stop liking them if u only think their hot nothing makes me more than teenie boppers so dont say i wanna fuck the lead singer cause hes hot or benji's so fuckin sexy say because their really good at their music and what they write! for fuck sakes! people need to get a life and get around the fact that liking a band just because their hot isnt liking the band! u like the band because their music is good not because their hot get that through ur teenie bopper skulls fuckin damnit! and to "felix" u dont even deserve to say that ur a little teenie bopper who only thinks joel *and yes his name is joel its not lead singer learn his name before u say anything bout him because ur nothing but a bitch... * is hot and u need to be shot thats it. Period

ObeyYourParents (May 31, 2004)

OH MY MOON-PIES!!! This is sooo brutal I'm going to write the rest of my feeble attempt to describe this record's "sheer-brilliance" in all caps.

If "Now! 12" Left you hankering for that "chugga-chugga" you so desperately desire then, baby, you're prayers have just been answered by this hunk of "laser-hugging" plastic. Enough breakdowns to rip Hartford to shreds. Ear-splintering gang-vocals that urge - no - grab you by your lethargic, suburbanite anus and throw you headfirst into some righteous head-bopping and hip shaking. This disc is the bible of everything that is good in modern music. A big "middle-finger" to an evil record industry that sends out watered down clones to mimic the best that Fatwreckchords has to offer.

Just grab the keys to your mothers minivan, order out at McDonalds, zip those hoodies up, and start kicking some faces.

Oh yeah!

boney (April 26, 2004)

that number that the stupid fucker put on is a fake i tried to call it and that number doesn't work. i hate stupid fuckers that try to do that u assholes.

boney (April 26, 2004)

good charlotte is the stupidest most cock sucking band of all time. all that they do is sing about themselves. like the rich and the famous lets see whos rich and famous hmmmm i wonder. these stupid little cocksucking bitches deserve to get their ball chopped off and their dicks burned off. i also say that we boycott the mother fuckers. whos with me. death and mutilation to good charlotte. i hate u fuckers with a passion.

Anonymous (April 26, 2004)

1 435 668 4377 cell number to a faggot who loves this band

Anonymous (April 20, 2004)

WHAT THE FUCK is with all u fags coming on to this site and trashing GC? Im not saying im in love with the band but what im saying is i dont see how u can come on to a bands review that u dont even listen to and say how u hate it. It just makes u sound soo fuckin dumb, if u hate it so much get off this site and get onto yer own fuckin bands review site. Im not gunna go trash Thrice, i dont even listen to them, what would be the point of doing that? God u guys are fuckin gay, If u hate the band or dont listen to thier fuckin music then get off this site!!! Dont sit here a trash a band just so u can sound like a badass... seriously guys need to get a fuckin life!!! =)

Anonymous (March 22, 2004)

"They also host a show that plays Nickleback and Default.....Martha Stewart is more punk than these guys."

just to comment on that, benji and joel hate nickleback, i saw them say something like "if they make us play nickelback, we'll find a way to relate it to NOFX" once.. do you think they enjoy being grouped with pop music? I'm not saying good charlotte is punk, or that the yound and the hopeless is a particullary punk album, but i think most people can agree that gc is more punk that avril lavigne.. not that that means much, which is the point

Anonymous (January 30, 2004)

Why is this album even reviewed on a website called punknews.org?

Anonymous (December 16, 2003)

They try to play themselves off as punk, and dont deny it either

Anonymous (December 9, 2003)

Good Charlotte never said they are punk...

Anonymous (November 19, 2003)

Unwashed mouths? Its your post that has fuck scattered all throughout it. And keeping punk alive? Good Charlotte is not keeping punk alive because they are not punk. It is bands like Good Charlotte that is killing punk. It is bands like Good Charlotte that are taking advantage of peoples ignorance (because these people have never heard real punk) by telling them their band are punk. Go listen to refused.

RiOtGiRL0485 (August 2, 2003)

i think the young and the hopeless video kick ass! i

Analog_Boy (July 8, 2003)

Ok, im a loser with no life.

I'm posting under the gc alblum reviews with a '1' to try to hint all of the persuaded young kids that Good Charlotte is indeed shit, pure shit at that. Thanks.. now... ctrl .. c and off to the other review. Thanks for reading guys!

since the reviewer gave this one an 8... i'm going to say.. .. FUCK YOU. I know i'll get flamed for it, fuck I never even read his review. But honestly, I don't give a shit. Any Good Charlotte which recieves a high score on a 'punk rock' site is dirt. Or something.. im tired. Later.

Anonymous (June 11, 2003)

I agree. My name is felix too.

-Felix The Fag

Anonymous (June 11, 2003)

I love Good Charlotte. Want to fuck the singer, He is so hot.


Anonymous (June 6, 2003)

All you motherfuckers are gonna pay, You are the ones who are the ball-lickers. We're gonna fuck your mothers while you watch and cry like little bitches. Once we get to Hollywood and find those Miramax fucks who are making that movie, we're gonna make 'em eat our shit, then shit out our shit, then eat their shit which is made up of our shit that we made 'em eat. Then you're all fucking next.

Anonymous (June 2, 2003)

I didn't know bands like these guys exist. What is this shit anyways, "pop punk?" Fuck this shit. Listen to refused.Simple plan is just as bad...maybe worse.

Anonymous (May 27, 2003)

"Rezellos" as you call them made honest punk. GC have not.

Anonymous (May 9, 2003)

I really should stop coming to this website, because it seems that no band can ever get any sort of kudos at all.

Why fucking bother?

I mean I am a fucking punk rocker and have punched so many shallow people in the face but I am just twitching to punch some of these so called real punkers in the face for the utter and stupid fucking hypocracy that they blurt out of thier unwashed gums. It makes me fucking restless....I hate ignorant fucking people including you poor excuses for mohicans. Yeah, you are a punk when you love to be a homophobic. Sorry but at least this music is actually doing something to keep people interested in punk, what have Reagan Youth or the Rezellos done lately??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????no answer huh???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Ak3atarisriot (May 6, 2003)

"Lifestyles of the faggots! we are queers we have problems! we had no friends in high school so we have to write songs and sing about it so that people that have no friends in highschool can listen to our music we are gay!"
Good Charlotte

Ak3atarisriot (May 2, 2003)

yah i just saw some dick head say "oh if they sucked howd they make it to #1 on TRL?" that really pisses me off becuz halfway intelligent people know that they are marketed on TRL so people like you can buy there little wristbands and hats and Joel and Benji fucking barbie dolls our whatever they have out there, but thats the reason they are on there so u vote for them they get money and then they keep it to themselves and say "Hey look at those fucks giving us money all though we suck" they are exactly like Rap artists in every way only they play POP.

Anonymous (December 10, 2002)

u got that right! I don't have as much time as u tho. They do suck tho, but don't rip on Box Car cause they're ok

Anonymous (October 17, 2002)

hey dude, don't be an asshole... if you are asking what's so great about the guys in the band, how the fuck can you be saying how much they suck? you can't just dismiss stuff because thirteen year old girls like them and shit... that's really discriminating and really sad... try putting in your energy into something more productive than being negative all the time... you have your opinion and i respect that... just don't be an asshole dude... i respect whatever you choose to listen to... i don't really care (until you start being an asshole about it)... oh... i agree with with the dude that said that there are a few good songs on the album... i like it for the most part, but there are some that i don't really like... whatever

Anonymous (October 17, 2002)

Good Charlotte sucks cock, half the people at Warped Tour were there for GC and come people left right after GC was done. What's so great about those stupid twins, all they do is jump around on stage. Why don't you stupid ignorant 13 year old girls go back and listen to your Boxcar Racer.

StarrBlue (October 17, 2002)

i dunno how into the whole pop punk thing i am, but i dunno Good Charlotte doesn't annoy me as much as other bands. I used to like them like 2 years ago and when i heard they were coming out with a new CD i was curious and bought it. besides the REALLY annoy songs like "boys and girls" and "the day that i die" its a pretty nice collection of them copying other bands. I mean the song "hold on" could definitly be a Finch song while the opening of "my old man" is really Blink 182 and then turns into a more MxPx song. and the last song "moving on" the first like 10 seconds i swear are from and old Smashing Pumpkins song. but whatever its not horrible and there are a few gems on the album.

Anonymous (October 17, 2002)

some bitch down there just said "if they suck, then how did they make it to TRL?" what the FUCK??? are you kidding me? or was that just a joke post? You don't need to be a genious to know that anyone band or group on TRL is MARKETABLE, which by the way is a lot different than having talent. TRL caters to little shitheads like you so go on and cheer for Carson Daily. YAY!! AHHH TRL!!

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

Oh shut up you fool. I've heard this whinney album and it sucks the ass big time- zero originality, zero creativity. It doesn't matter if it's punk or not- I like all kinds of music, but this just reeks!

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

hey everyone... i can't believe that some people would actually judge a band without even hearing the music or listening to their lyrics. to tell you the truth, that seems really sad and pathetic... just be a little open minded and look a little deeper than appearances.... you can't just dismiss a band because they got on trl, just like you can't say that a band is good just because they got on trl... you can't say that good charlotte is good just because benji is hot... i mean, c'mon... i am not saying that anyone is stupid or anything, everyone likes their own things for their own reasons. i have my own reasons for liking good charlotte.... first of all they are really nice guys, i met them at warped in tahoe, and i hadn't heard them before but they put on a good show... they make really good connection with people who go to the show.... i like most of their lyrics, i can identify with a lot of stuff they talk about... then i figure that gc is a good gateway band... for a lot of people it is difficult to get into punk.... (i'm from mexico)... and if you start liking good charlotte you might realize that there is sooo much stuff going around... so that's cool... i think that this album is really good... there are a couple of songs i don't like... but anyways.. thanks for reading...

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

I don't care what any of you say but Benji is FUCKING SEXY. And if GC sucked all that bad then how could they have made it #1 on TRL. Answer that you fuckers, who have enough guts to get on here and trash Good Charlotte. They are going to be famous. You just wait and see.

-some one who acutely likes GC

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

I'm going to make sure all you people who wrote that GC sucked are going to be FUCKED to HELL!!! I LOVE Good Charlotte and if any of you don't you can kiss my ASS!!!


Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

ohh mines bigger than yours.....
no mine is.. no mine is....
but mines better.... no mine is....

fucking moaning part-time pussies.

Turn it in for fucks sake.

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

Shitty Review, Shitty Band, Shitty Album. Period.

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

To the dumb fuck gc ball suckin ass below me, learn how to spell before you rant-oldpunker-

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

this is pathetic you little suddo punk rockers listen if you kids are so punk why the fuck are you reviewing a good charlotte cd and why the fuck are you online involved with organized punk get the fuck back on the street and go work your dead end fast food jobs and live your uneducated lives. one more point if you knew anything about music you would realize you need diversity in what you listen to or everything you write will sound exactly the same and like ever gay punk band you listen

lates you punk ass bitches and have fun being to punk for your own damn good

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

I admit I couldn't define a 'real punk' but I am not naive enough to know that these guys are not punk at all. Its not the fact that they are on MTV, its more the fact that their record company wrote some of their songs for this album. They also host a show that plays Nickleback and Default.....Martha Stewart is more punk than these guys.

waste_elite (October 15, 2002)

anyone that uses the term "haters" needs to be slapped

Anonymous (October 15, 2002)

i hate the guy below him

silent bob

bemused (October 15, 2002)

I hate the guy below me

Anonymous (October 15, 2002)

i think that this review is a pretty good one, i disagree with one thing though, there not pop-punk, i would barley call them punk though, there just a rock band, and who the fuck are you haters, to go and say that they suck, honustly, if u knew shit about them, which you ovbiously dont (at least most of you dont), you would realize, that wow, they've actually succeded in making there dream, so here they are, selling CD's which alot of people happen to like, including me, and there makin it. so fuckin what if there on trl, does that instantly make them fuckin pop? so does that mean korn's pop, and green day, no fuckin way, there not pop. ahh all you people do is hate. and im sorry if i did in this comment, but i couldnt take it. but the way, wtf makes you punk in the first place?

Anonymous (October 15, 2002)

I know this is really O/T, but I don't pay attention to Good Charlotte anymore. Who's their drummer? I haven't heard anything from their new album... and I don't intend to.

Anonymous (October 15, 2002)

The fact that you even put gc and the mighty social d in the same sentence is a crime in itself. Oldpunker-

Tahoejeff (October 15, 2002)

Social Distortion rocks...who cares how straight forward their drumming is. It gets the job done. Mike Ness makes Social D anyway..you could have anyone drumming.

bemused (October 15, 2002)

Chaosxing you aren't serious are you? Please tell me you are joking when you gave this album an 8?
Fuck Me. Are you for real?
Well I haven't heard this album so I guess I'm not one to comment but your credibility as a reviewer has gone down the shitter by holding this piece of absolute Goatshit in such a hi-regard.
I think I'm going to record myself masturbating to 'The Sound of Music'and perhaps you'll give me a perfect 10.

waste_elite (October 14, 2002)

oh yeah? well Lars gave me a handjob. beat that (pun).

and yes, social distortion is awesome but who gives a shit about the comlexity of their drumming?

Anonymous (October 14, 2002)

Mr. Kenzington, you just wanted to mention that you met Lars. Well, he gave me a flyer for a Nerve Agents/Lars and the Bastards show and said "you need this." I said "yep"........

Social Distortion is sweet, but I wish their drumming was a tad more complex.

Anonymous (October 14, 2002)

The kid below is good. If i was that old guy i would be pretty upset. especially seeing how right he is. And good charlotte. I went with some kids to warped that liked good charlotte a couple years ago. Didnt see them much. They spent the whole day at the nu-metal radio station booth. They missed good stuff like ALK3 and finch and lagwagon. They're loss. If kids want to subject themselves to that crap, more power to them.

Anonymous (October 14, 2002)

Street punk - times have changed. You're old. You're being discarded. You're no revolutionary, you're a reactionary. You have become the opposite of everything you once purported to stand for.

You have no use. You're an obstacle to progress and you'll soon be extinct. You are already an unfortunate parody of what you once were.

Anonymous (October 14, 2002)

at least bands like NFG know they are for girls, dont pretend to be all punk and tough. GC thinks people actually buy the mohawk and how they are real "punk", not like the other bands that play their style. They should fuck off and die cause this band is really really shitty.

fakesmile (October 14, 2002)

"This album fucking sucks!

Where's the creativity and complexity?!

Kill ALL Sony/Epic artists!!!"


What's wrong with major label artists who do put out good records?..

Tahoejeff (October 14, 2002)

Ah crap I forgot to rate the album in my last post. And I agree..to the guy a couple posts below who said this album rocks..GET HELP!

Tahoejeff (October 14, 2002)

Interesting that you'd miss the warped tour because of one band. Thats why there's more than 1 stage you jackass!! If you didnt want to watch GC you could go to another stage...worked great for me. Maybe you were just afraid of getting your ass kicked in the GC pit..because we all know how "Intense" they are...I hope you're picking up my sarcasm cuz I'm laying it on pretty thick. You are an idiot. GO FUCK YOURSELF you pompous I'm punker than you piece of shit!

Anonymous (October 14, 2002)

You got problems kid.


Anonymous (October 13, 2002)

This album totally rocks!!! I love Good Charlotte!

Anonymous (October 13, 2002)

since everyone's quoting ages, i'll say mine, i'm 23.

what do we have to get over exactly?

Anonymous (October 13, 2002)

u missed the whole warped tour cos 1 band was on it u didnt like - DAMN U R PUNK

or just stupid

Anonymous (October 13, 2002)

i personally think this band it worthless, i remember they were at warped tour two year ago and it was pathetic.....them and warped tour. They were on it again this year so i decided just not to go. Who cares who's punk enough or whatever bla blah, i hate this band because i don't like them. Thats my opinion, you can like them if you want

Anonymous (October 13, 2002)

I am with the guy/girl who is 22. I too am 22 and everyone needs to get over it.

And mr street punk who has been there since the beginning, I didnt know street punk had its roots in some rich private hospital in 1986 when u were born

And wuss - go listen to your creed cd

Anonymous (October 13, 2002)

This album fucking sucks!Where's the creativity and complexity?!Kill ALL Sony/Epic artists!!!

TheOneTrueBill (October 13, 2002)

i hate you punx

Anonymous (October 13, 2002)

any band that isnt on a major or mtv is being categorized as punk.

Anonymous (October 13, 2002)

depends what u mean by "punk"

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

ahhh. punk isn't tops. just because it might be better then other genres doesn't mean it's good.

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

This is pathetic (not Gay), but punk isn't. A lot of punk rock blows the shit out of other genre's weak offerings.

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)


Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

Fucken hate all punk! punkers are the biggest pussyshits in the world!!!!

borntolose (October 12, 2002)

Arby's is punker than you bitch.....

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

I like taco bell. I can't resist those Grande nachos.

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

McDonalds? YUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKK!!! Fast food= American Trash

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

You know, I used to be real skinny and kids made fun of me for it. I used to go into McDonald's and just eat as many fucking hamburgers as I could to gain weight. One day, Lars from Rancid said to me, "What are you gonna do? Eat the whole fucking menu?". I guess it all boils down to this: Just be yourself and keep on playing that fucking shitty pop punk music.
Mr. Kenzington

evildeadalive (October 12, 2002)

"What next, country folk trying to say it's punk and then people defend that it is?"

Social Distortion could be put in that category, and they're punker than you'll ever be mr. street punk.

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

"A street punk who's been here since it all started, that's who. Ya fucking kid."

Oh, I forgot all the street punks have internet connections and computers in their run down apartments...they must have gone a few days without the ramen noodles...

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

This Cd sucks and ENOUGH with this childish "I'm punker than you....hahaha" bullshit. None of you must be any older than 15 I swear, I'm 22 and I never bitched about that stupid shit! Just let people think what they want, it's just their opinion.

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

i feel sick

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

i've got a "New Idea" GC can try:

kiiiiilllllll yourself!

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

Kill Kill Kill Kill Die Die Die Die Destroy Destroy Destroy Destroy Annihilate Annihilate Annihilate Annihilate Obliterate Obliterate Obliterate Obliterate All Corny Music!

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

This review sucks....there is no detail and it doesn't even talk about half of the songs on the album. Who's running this show anyways? Did they put up another review just so there could be more posts? I can't imagine them putting up this review with the intention that it would be read, because it doesn't say anything useful about the CD.

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

"who are you to say what is punk and what isnt?..."

A street punk who's been here since it all started, that's who. Ya fucking kid.

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

"putting labels on music is gay... who are you to say what is punk and what isnt?... music is music... like what u like... and if u slam my music... because it isnt "punk enough"...then fuck off... cause your hopeless... oh yea and ignorant"

Who the fuck said it was all about music? No shit music is music. And punks are punks - music aside. It's always about the music. IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MUSIC. I'M TALKING ABOUT THE PEOPLE. And that, I know. You, do not. The only one who is ignorant is you, KID. Like I said, music aside - you wouldn't know a punk from the hole in your ass.

Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

"haha, funny shit. it's funny how a lot rich suburban kids i know actually act that way."

Why do I highly doubt that any of those fucks have ever even seen a street punk before?

I'm just sick of kids toda thinking punk is a spikey top head, dickies shorts, a skate shirt, and some chuck taylors. That's fucking preppy....

"I don't agree.."


Anonymous (October 12, 2002)

yea sure this cd is good if you like catchy uninspired derivative music with bad lyrics. and no im not a punk elitist. and whoever said punk changing or expanding its sound is a bad thing, well youre an idiot. if all you listen to is street punk then i feel bad for you.

Anonymous (October 11, 2002)

I reviewed the other one, and I just have to say this guy is completely wrong. I was a GC fan and this CD is beyond horrible, it is so boring, dull, and has the worst lyrics I have ever heard, they are not insightful at all. get a clue


Anonymous (October 11, 2002)

a second review of this piece of shit was a waste of time. i didnt even read it. i just wanted to let you know that. shit, im wasting my time commenting right now. but oh well. who cares, really?

Anonymous (October 11, 2002)

I said this on other review of this shit. If music was "just music" it wouldn't have the unbeleiveable social and cultural impacts that it does. Think about the way it influences our culture and tell me that's all it is.
PS. What's with people telling people not to label stuff? Making irrational judgements is wrong, but puting a label on something is a fact of life. I'm a sure alot of us have been through this scenario: I don't listen to much of anything on the radio, so when people ask me what style of music do I listen to? Hmmm...well, I don't know. Rock music? Then they are going to think I like Creed or some other radio made slop. Oops! that's a label too...Don't label me! WAAAAAAAHHHHH, fuck you.

-your pimp

maverick (October 11, 2002)

Purposely misspelling words and using the word "gay" out of context makes you both hopeless *and* ignorant.


Anonymous (October 11, 2002)

putting labels on music is gay... who are you to say what is punk and what isnt?... music is music... like what u like... and if u slam my music... because it isnt "punk enough"...then fuck off... cause your hopeless... oh yea and ignorant

psychorudeboy (October 11, 2002)


haha, funny shit. it's funny how a lot rich suburban kids i know actually act that way.

Anonymous (October 11, 2002)

I don't agree....

Anonymous (October 11, 2002)

Shit like GC exists. Think about that for a second? Punk has been disgraced on ever level possible: skateboarders fucking up the scene with their baggy pot smoking ways, adding pop punk. Then emo walking around holding hands with pop punk, now flat out pop says it's part of punk too. What next, country folk trying to say it's punk and then people defend that it is? Oh wait, Avril Lavige does exist.


sickboi (October 11, 2002)

Second GC review, yet no sign of my One Man Army review...eh, it wasn't that good anyways.

ambiotical_sophisticrat (October 11, 2002)

this didn't need to be reviewed once, let alone twice.

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