Reel Big Fish / The Starting Line / The Kicks

Reel Big Fish/The Starting Line/The Kicks: live in Chicagolive in Chicago (2002)
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Contributed by: MeganMegan
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I must admit, I felt my age last night. For a minute there I thought I'd returned to junior high for a few hours. Kids, so many kids... I didn't know what to do. If this review gets a bit strange, I do apologize, I'm breathing recycled airplane oxygen on my way to Seattle. The first band to pl.

I must admit, I felt my age last night. For a minute there I thought I'd returned to junior high for a few hours. Kids, so many kids... I didn't know what to do. If this review gets a bit strange, I do apologize, I'm breathing recycled airplane oxygen on my way to Seattle.

The first band to play was The Kicks from Little Rock, AK. Although the band would recommend downloading their album from the internet, it's not possible, I tried before the show and couldn't find anything by them, so I went into the show with no prior knowledge of them. I found The Kicks to be a highly enjoyable experience, however, I don't believe that they went over quite as well with the rest of the audience. I don't even know who to compare The Kicks to, other than perhaps Weezer, because they came out with a sound that was catchy, but not too poppy, they still rocked out. They played a quick eight song set including songs such as "mirror," "popstar" and "all good." The chorus in "All Good" was especially Weezer-esque. Overall The Kicks brought a different sound to the show that was definitely a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Unforunately, the next band was A New Found Glory. Oops, I mean, The Starting Line. Hailing from Philadelphia, this band's twelve song set was twelve songs too long. I'd heard a few of their songs before, and listened to in small amounts, the annoyance factor goes way down, but this set had me wanting to run for the door. They opened with the song "Given The Chance," a typical pop-punk get the crowd jumping song. Their third song was "Hello Houston" which is apparently about a porn star. The rest of the set consisted of "Saddest Girl Story," a cover of Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Real," "The Best of Me," "Cheek to Cheek," "This Ride," "Left Coast Envy," "Almost There, Going Nowhere," "A Good Night's Sleep," and "Leaving." I completely lost what little respect I had for this band when before "A Good Night's Sleep" the lead singer started ranting about his ex-girlfriend and how he hopes that she dies from a drug overdose. Nice maturity level buddy. Overall, the crowd was really energetic for their set, but I found it to be somewhat dull and predictable. Isn't one New Found Glory enough?

Reel Big Fish closed the night with a fast paced, bouncy set. Twenty-one songs later, they even had my friend (who hates RBF) admitting that they put on a really good show. The energy level was consistent from the opening song "The Set Up (You Need This)" to the closer "Sell Out." My personal favorite selections played from the new album were "Ban The Tube Top" and "Valerie." The band managed to keep the crowd up as much as they were for The Starting Line. The sound was completely on for every song. Towards the end the band played "Thank You for not Moshing" which would've been an appropriate song to have played during The Starting Line's set. The crowd heating up the floor of the show, obviously having a blast. The rapid pace of the songs kept everyone from getting bored and the excellent execution impressed even the parents of the kids dancing on the floor (somebody has to drive the little ones home at night). Overall, Reel Big Fish put on an excellent show, although I think the best part of the show was when one of the band members (I couldn't see which one) went off on a girl in the balcony for talking on her cell phone during their set. With city liquor license law curfews, there was no time for an encore, leaving the fans wanting more than they could have.

the set list was (i'm sorry I'm missing a song):
The Set Up (You Need This)
Ban the Tube Top
Down in Flames
Somebody Loved Me
Cheer Up
The Kids Don't Like It
Everything Sucks
Snoop Dog Baby
A Little Doubt Goes a Long Way
Thank You For Not Moshing
She's Famous Now
Good Thing
I Want Your Girlfriend to be my Girlfriend
Where Have You Been?
Take on Me
Sell Out


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axx (January 19, 2003)

that comment was usefull.. LTJ and RBF are two different bands, both excellent.
Im seeing RBF tomorrow here in Paris, it should rock my lame ass! :)
the setlist looks nice.. i hope the one tomorow is like this one..

Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

One comment:

Less Than Jake> Reel Big Fish

Anonymous (November 16, 2002)

One quick thing, Reel Big fish is one of the best most talented bands out if were not counting jazz groups and the like. Anyone who thinks any lame ass poppunk band is better than RBF should crawl into a dark corner and rot in your own ignorant feces (sorry for the gross imagery). Punk used to be a fairly respectable art but bands like Blink and new found have dumbed down the style so much its disgusting.

Anonymous (November 14, 2002)

some of you people are dicks if you think you can do better than start your own band and do it yourself. don't just say shit like that band blows ass and this band sucks vagina sweat. stop being a jealous critic. RBF has been around for about ten years so they must be doing something right so go fuck off!

Anonymous (November 8, 2002)

all i can say is if u hate the starting line or saves the day or nfg ur a friend of mine

RBF all the way!!!

Anonymous (November 8, 2002)

Yeah RBF kicks ass, but everyone stop hating on TSL, they are good, and they dont sound like New Found Glory as much as u say, altho Kenny does say the same things at each show which is kinda sad but still!,lol, I like em and who cares, u guys are jus really unhappy to hate a band for being good and making money, so shhhhhhh

Anonymous (October 21, 2002)

The Kicks used to be ASHTRAY BABYHEAD so you may not find a lot to download by the kicks. They just rereleased their cd as the Kicks. Hope that helps. And the Cd is pretty good-


Anonymous (October 20, 2002)

I just went and saw the kicks, starting line, and reel big fish last night in Philadelphia. Most of the crowd, mainly the girls...that I saw...left after the starting line got off the stage. It was really odd....just a stream of girls...leaving. I guess it was for the better. Who knows? I just hope everyone had fun. I did, as soon as reel big fish finally got on the stage.
I saw a lot of guys getting pissed off because people wouldn't skank 'correctly' as in -in a circle- we'd start one, or try to move people so we could start one, and a bunch of people would just break through not understanding...and a whole mosh'skank thing would start...but I did have fun.
Kenny, the Sl's singer, said the same exact thing about his girl friend too. No respect.

Anonymous (October 20, 2002)

Ska's good music, just underappreciated at the moment, and not cool with the majority of show goers unfortunately. I bet the person below me listened to it 3 years ago however, or at one point or another. Don't worry, it will probably have it's fame and glory again. One's thing's inevevitable in music.....CHANGE. Why does everybody have to have such a brutal opinion all of the time? RBF does put on an entertaining show I must say.

Anonymous (October 20, 2002)

Dear god. Reel big fish? Are you serious? Ska? I thought they were dead. Apparently not, but they should be. Megan, I thought your parents raised you a little better than that. If they ever found out you went to a show like this it would kill them. I bet they would rather see your drunken ass flashing total strangers at mardi gras. I bet they would even prefer your chunky ass getting groped at some frat party. Anything but ska megan. Here's what you do the next time you feel an urge to listen to ska. Take a shower with a hot girl. Or at least have one rub oil on your whale like body. You can have her pretend you're shamu and she's your trainer. Now I bet that would be fun. I'll tell you what, next time you want to listen to wrist-slicing music like ska, let me know and I'll throw you're fat ass some beads. twat

Anonymous (October 19, 2002)

"starting line is the shit, and u are a pussy ass fagat who wouldnt know good music if it was manifesting in your rotted ass vagina. Learn that you cant rate music, and u should quit your job. I also went to this show, and starting line rocked alot more than RBF. So, in conclusion, fuck you." The dumbest comment ever on this site. And who else thinks this is the bostonmusicguy who said but just forgot to sign in?

Anonymous (October 18, 2002)

Why The Starting Line Sucks:
They're unoriginal, boring, made to be on the radio, typical boy band crap, and just about everything that is wrong with (pop)punk rock today. Sure they're good at what they do, but that's not saying much. See, the problem is, people like you just don't see why this is a problem. Maybe the people who buy into this crap are the problem or maybe it's just a cycle. Who knows??

Anonymous (October 18, 2002)

well... some people are irritating me again! what the hell is wrong with TSL? i think this a great band and if you don't like pop-punk don't say TSL sux! you're also not gonna say Pavarotti sucks because you don't like classical music! it's just a different taste so please stop the 'TSL SUX' 'TSL ROX' discussion!! and if you think TSL is just for stoopit tieneegurs, act like an adult and stop saying TSL suck!

Anonymous (October 18, 2002)

Does anybody here think that when 13 years olds defend their favorite shit bands (good charlotte, TSL, ETC.) they ever notice they all say the same things that only include backwards logic and mispelled insults?

To the guy below me:
Your conclusion was funny, but you're an idiot.

Anonymous (October 18, 2002)

starting line is the shit, and u are a pussy ass fagat who wouldnt know good music if it was manifesting in your rotted ass vagina. Learn that you cant rate music, and u should quit your job. I also went to this show, and starting line rocked alot more than RBF. So, in conclusion, fuck you.

Rockinout (October 17, 2002)

yea HOB sucks. metro people are mean tho. fireside is the place to go.

Tahoejeff (October 17, 2002)

The Song your missing could be "Rock it With an I" They played it in Reno, it was kind of a slower reggae sounding song. Had a good groove to it. Great show!

Anonymous (October 17, 2002)

The starting line?? haha..oh man aren't those guys like juniors in high school? what the fuck do juniors in high school have to sing about but girls, breakups, and girls that have broken up with them.
go listen to some Planes Mistaken for Stars

Anonymous (October 17, 2002)

ok review. terrible show.
the starting line does sound like new found girlies though.

Anonymous (October 17, 2002)

I'm not even sure the Starting Line qualifies as Pop punk, they're really poppy. I still like them though.

It's just dumb to say they're like NFG however.....

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

hey new comer to chicago how had the first post, go to the venue called "The Fireside Bowl", it is my favorite venue, and every show there kicks ass!

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

I saw them last night in hartford, and they were really good.

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

to the person who talked about the whole toothpick-pogoing at pop punk shows-haha, you're right. it does look strange. i mean, i don't mind when you're in the circle pit and slamming and bodies are flying around in the air. but when its like a synchronized, all together-in unison pogo jumping exercise-then it looks retarded.

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

i saw the starting line in new orleans with yellowcard and thought they were good, guess im the only one eh?

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

I am supposed to be seeing RBF this Saturday in Philadelphia if everything works out right. The starting line (from my home town...aren't I privledged?)will be playing here, obviously enough. I don't enjoy them much, but it's not because they're supposedly pop punk or what ever..it's just because i simply am tired of hearing that same sound. The June Spirit, The Starting Line, New Found Glory...it's the same thing. Different people, you know? Yes, yes...I believe you do...So I won't dable there anymore.
The singer actually said that about his X girl friend? That drops my respect level quite low for him...you just don't say things like that. Ever.

Megan (October 16, 2002)

sorry about the five stars thing, i occassionally forget about that part of the form... anyway, i'd probably give this show 3.79 stars...

Geetarchick (October 16, 2002)

Am I the only one who thinks that when crowds jump at pop punk shows, they look like a bunch of toothpicks jumping out of their boxes but not quite making it? Lets just disregard the fact that toothpicks don't move around, but seriously think about it.

I wanted to go this show but i had to work. I'm not exactly fan-core about TSL, but I dont mind seeing them. They can get a crowd of pop punkers going, which isn't hard to do, but i'll give em that.

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

the starting line drives me fucking nuts. years ago (when they were called sunday drive) my old band played with them. i was talking to their guitarist online a few days before and asked him who they sounded like. he said that "it's hard to say who because they're so orginal, they don't really sound like any other bands." gimme a break. to top it off they acted like such rock stars at the show. from that day on i refuse to support that band.

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

they have a song called "somebody loved me" if thats what the last person was referring to. and to the reviewer and anyone else talking out of their ass about new found glory and the starting line... if you don't like pop punk, why the fuck are you at a reel big fish show!?! what? is reel big fish underground now? if you're gonna hate a band like the starting line, hate them because you don't like their music or what they stand for. don't hate them because you heard they're pop punk and being a close-minded punk, you automatically hate anything associated with pop. This is going off on a tangent, but am i the only one that thinks that rancid, nofx, bad religion, bouncing souls, and all those other punk bands have pop influence? alright, i'll quit wasting your time

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

its called somebody hates me...and that's cool they changed the set list a little from when I wrote the review of the LA date

*****Wuss-Emo-Rock***** (at school)

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

the starting line fucking sucks, and it's glad to see that others realize that one new found glory is enough.

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

Good Review i must say. But what the hell is with you giving everything 5 stars. Was it perfect? Well not unless you thought the Starting Line was good but you didnt therefore not perfect get it got it good.

CallingLondon (October 16, 2002)

so, i'm the one who won tickets to the show in rochester on the 14th, and as i'm on the way to the show MY FUCKING CAR BREAKS DOWN and i don't get done with AAA till the show was probably half over. i was so pissed. it would have been my 4th time seeing this band. as you can probably tell, i love this band and i love the show they put on. they really do know how to occupy a stage. i'm sorry for wasting those contest tickets

eyeball_kid (October 16, 2002)

Reel big fish puts on a good show. I would be surprised if this wasn't the first review ever done on a plane. Nice.

Anonymous (October 16, 2002)

good review, however as a new resident of chicago i must say that i fucking hate seeing shows at house of blues and i refuse to go back there ever again. the bouncers were assholes @ the catch 22 show and it deffinetly brings in more children than the metro / fireside .. good review though :)

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