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Cave In: Tides of TomorrowTides of Tomorrow (2002)
Hydra Head Records

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Cave In is an incredibly talented quartet of Boston musicians, capable of mixing atmospheric guitar techniques and sounds with the simplicity of a catchy pop song. The band's technical skill can hardly be debated - every person who hears this band can probably say, regardless whether they like the .
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Cave In is an incredibly talented quartet of Boston musicians, capable of mixing atmospheric guitar techniques and sounds with the simplicity of a catchy pop song. The band's technical skill can hardly be debated - every person who hears this band can probably say, regardless whether they like the music or not, that the band definitely has chops. Singer Stephen Brodsky's voice has come a long way since the band's metal days - his range is phenomenonal, and his style is very clean and strong. The bass and drums on this EP pound away at each other, while still keeping reigns on the complex song structures the band employs. The guitars of Brodsky and Adam McGrath duel back and forth in guitar solos like two rattlesnakes in battle, each looking for the right moment to strike. The band is, if nothing else, incredibly tight.

The only problem is, there's just a lack of interest on my part in these songs. And that's a pretty big problem. To those who have not followed Cave In's career, the band started off as an insane metal band, and recorded one proper album and a bunch of 7"s with that style. Then the band "evolved" into their current entity with the "Creative Eclipses" EP, and completed their metamorphosis with their "Jupiter" LP. Now, I love the old Cave In, but the new stuff has grown on me too [but not to the extent as the old material].

My complaint about this EP, though, is that it fails where the band's last two proper releases succeeded - there's no emotion. On "Jupiter" and "Creative Eclipses," you could tell the band was wrestling with it's sound, and they weren't sure what to do. But they stuck to their guns, made the music they wanted to make, and made themselves happy. Songs like "Jupiter" and "Big Riff" get to me every time I hear them, because I can just feel the intensity the band played them with. On this EP, it just feels flat.

"Come Into Your Own" is a good opener, with soaring vocals by Brodsky as well as a driving tribal drum sound from drummer John-Robert Conners. "The Calypso" is a Hum-esque waltz through various guitar effects that succeeds to an extent, winning the award for second best track on the EP. The most exciting song out of the six is a cover of "The Callus" by the now-defunct Giant's Chair [best known for their contribution to Tree's Postmarked Stamps 7" collection] - it's kind of sad when the song that makes my ears perk up the most isn't actually *by* the band in question. Tracks like "Everest" and "Tides Of Tomorrow" seem to be too slow for their own good, though and both drudge along past the five minute mark.

The EP musically is solid as anything out there today. Like I said before, my only big complaint is the lack of effort that I believe is displayed on these songs. This is a mediocre effort from a band I know can do better, and I hope they're saving it up for their RCA debut next year. We'll all just have to wait and see.

The Calypso


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Anonymous (November 2, 2002)

Yeah, I heard this band did interesting hardcore, this is the only one I've listened to, and its fucking terrible.

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

every band is going to the majors now. Fuck, even the donnas got a contract. You could feasibly never get into indie labels and listen to a whole range of punk rock, from AFI to rival schools, to fucking less than jake (signing back to a major is a double sin cause you know better).


.....yeah im really looking forward to mars voltas full length on universal later next next, no one said i was perfect.

Fuzzy (October 28, 2002)

I just saw em a few weeks ago with Small Brown Bike and Sparta. They rocked. I have to say that I enjoy listening to it live a lot more than on CD though. But both this and Jupiter are solid...although I can see the view of "lack of effort" on this EP.

Anonymous (October 28, 2002)

I can honestly say I never hopped on the Cave In wagon. Never liked em, never will.


Anonymous (October 28, 2002)

"...they used to be hardcore. Don't buy anything by this band. C-R-A-P."

This was my last post. I'm sorry, I left out the part about just being bitter because I used to practice my pit dancing in the mirror to "Beyond Hypothermia" & my mom would yell really loud at me to turn it down!! Yea!! pissin off mom & dad is so hardcore. Then my crew would come over & we would have in depth discussions about who is & isn't selling out as we speak. Then we'd all practice our newest moves to "Until Your Heart Stops", while admiring our matching hoodies. Of course we'd argue over who's x's were drawn the straightest, but that's ok, we're still boys. But when "Jupiter" came out, that was just wrong. I mean how can somebody do windmills to this??!?!? Man, were's my Earth Crisis cds at?

Anonymous (October 27, 2002)

Lotsa SUCK kids, lots of it!

Anonymous (October 26, 2002)

I think this album is amazing. They took what they were doing with Jupiter and put it to more of a pop music structure. What you get are some amazingly written songs. I can't say I see the lack of effort in the songs. There is, however, a solid reassurance that they'll never go back to the Cave In sound of yesteryear. To each his own I suppose...


Anonymous (October 26, 2002)

They are "Space Rock" now hahahah. They used to be hardcore. Don't buy anything by this band. C-R-A-P

Anonymous (October 25, 2002)

Im new to Cave In and I was under the impressoin that they were a hardcore band with really good muscianship....can someone please explain to me why this EP sucks so bad?

Hamish (October 25, 2002)

While I haven't gotten my copy of this EP yet (it's in the mail), what I've heard is good. And the word on the street is that the band has way better songs than this, but they're saving them for the upcoming full length. So this EP is made up of "throwaway" songs that they thought weren't worth recording for the new album. I'm sure this EP is good, but the new album (based on the demos I've heard) is going to blow everything they've ever done away.

Anonymous (October 25, 2002)

What does Buddyhead have to do with this review? I don't get it.

Anonymous (October 25, 2002)

i like buddyhead but i hate this album.

Anonymous (October 25, 2002)

hooray for cave in, buy this album

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