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The Transplants: The TransplantsThe Transplants (2002)
Hellcat Records

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Contributed by: RipperWalkRipperWalk
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I remember this album being marketed as "a very original idea." A bunch of punks got together to make an album with a skinhead. Together, they create a punk/rap band. Didn't the Chili Peppers do that over ten years ago? And didn't at least 200 bands do that in the past three years? I love Tim.
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I remember this album being marketed as "a very original idea." A bunch of punks got together to make an album with a skinhead.

Together, they create a punk/rap band. Didn't the Chili Peppers do that over ten years ago? And didn't at least 200 bands do that in the past three years?

I love Tim Armstrong, I think that he is amazing, but I did not find much on this album that blew me away as original. In fact, every song sounded like a great Rancid song or an okay Fishbone song.

Rob Aston, the skinnyhead, lead singer, needs to find a new way to vent. His vocals, along with Tim's did not work very well together. Tim, with his usual, jamaican/english/drunk style of singing mixed with Rob's rapping/cursing/"smokin' chronic style of shouting didnt mesh very well. Maybe that was the point, but I don't care.

In 'Weigh on My Mind', Rob actually sounds great. I am not sure if it was done on purpose, but he actually sounds like he is losing his voice, I think that it sounded tolerable, one of the best songs on the album which included Brody, Tim's wife from the Distillers, on backup vocals.

The songs 'Sad But True' and 'California Babylon' are amazing songs. THey feature mostly Tim on vocals, but I can actually stand Rob on these songs only because the music is so strong. These songs give me a rockabilly/dancehall reggae feel. Very amazing songs.

Lars Frederiksen sings back up on one song, while Davey Havok sings a song with Rob. A lot of guests throughout the album which makes each song feel different.

In the end, after a few listens, I recommend this album. I do not recommend it for originality or creativity, but for a great listen.

It takes a while to get used to the rapping, especially on track 11, which is a complete rap song, but the music is powerful enough to overcome the rapping.

I do not love this album because of the, at times, terrible lyrics about killing people and smoking dope, but overall, the album is a great listen.

If you like Rancid, buy a Rancid album, if you like rap, buy a rap album. If you enjoy a mix, buy this album.

Nice job, good album, okay, now concentrate on Rancid.


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Anonymous (May 20, 2004)

the fact that you took up that entire story about how much you didnt like rob aston, makes me wonder if fucked you old lady, or your mom, how about your sister......robs lyrics where real......anyone who actually has any street cred whould tell you the same...so some pencil pusher writing a story like that is not suprisin...you prob. got bullied alot as a kid......

sonicice (January 24, 2003)

Looks like a few people need to fix their sarcasm detectors.

moldrottenmilk (December 24, 2002)

Okay, to all of you people out there that are saying Common Rider kicks ass and anything else good about Common Rider you rock. b/c Common Rider is the greatest band in all of gods creation and they put on a helluva live show!!!

moldrottenmilk (December 24, 2002)

Okay, umm Rancid and Jimmy Eat World? How the hell do you get off saying they sound the same? See jerk you wont even say something like that with a username...you know better. And if you shop at Hot Topics yr probaly a poser and we should expect something from a poser store shopper. Why don't you go to somewhere else and say that Rancid and Jimmy Eat World sound the same? You might as well say that Op Ivy and Britney Spears sound the same...Stupid ass.

Anonymous (November 23, 2002)

Dude.... Rancid DOES NOT sound like Jimmy Eat World ...what fucking ever

Anonymous (November 23, 2002)

Well, I give it 5 stars because I haven't heard the complete album YET, but what I heard I liked. Now I love Rancid, but that's not the reason I liked what I heard... in fact I didn't even recognize him at first, I caught on much later. Anywho it's not about being open minded or not, people either like things, or they don't. No need to justify it. I liked what I heard, period. I hope to borrow the cd from my friend and listening to the rest before I go out and buy it or whatnot...

Anonymous (November 11, 2002)

Rancid sounds like jimmy eat world thats why i have their pins next to each other on my bag that i bought from hot topic. If u can't make that connection then ur a poser.

t0xxic (November 11, 2002)

comparing rancid to linkin park? what is this world coming to?!

Anonymous (November 11, 2002)

There is nothing like reading a comment like: i listened to the whole album with an open mind and i didnt like it.

Wow, the depth of your insight is endless.

Thank god you people don't get out much. I might have to sock you in the teeth/

Anonymous (November 11, 2002)

The X-Ecutioners are not a rap/rock band, they're an instrumental hip-hop/scratch band.

Anonymous (November 8, 2002)

Who ever compares Rancid is Linkin Park needs to get hurt. Badly.

And I could care less if you don't like the music, but if you keep an open mind before going hand and decide you just don't like it, that's fine.

Anonymous (November 7, 2002)

Yeah, get your fucking head checked moron. If you think Transplants sound like Linkin Park you might be in need of a lobotomy.

Lint07 (November 7, 2002)

To the guy under me:

Dude, you're an idiot.

Anonymous (November 7, 2002)

i haven't really liked rancid since i was in the eighth grade so maybe my opinion is biased, but i think i approached this with an open mind. i think this band is comparable to other rap-rock outfits like linkin park and the x-ecutioners. it seems punk rockers bad mouth these bands but like the transplants just cuz it's tim armstrong. i don't get it.

Anonymous (November 7, 2002)

to the guy to two down what about Bad Astronaut houston, we have a drinking problem or cky's new album. Both tom wait albums are kickass too

Hubitcherkokov (November 6, 2002)

My favorite albums of the year thus far, in no particular order: Strung Out, The Lawrence Arms, Thrice, Avenged Sevenfold, Vendetta Red (although its only an EP), Jawbreaker (the B-sides), Atreyu, the Skiba/Seconds split, and the Felumlee/Andriano split. I'm probably forgetting a few, too.

Anonymous (November 6, 2002)

the fact of the matter is they've been recording this for 2 years and they were content with some crappy off key song. Don't tell me you think being off key is "punk rock" cuz if you do you're just another stupid bastard who thinks he can define punk. And this album is NOT punk rock "plain and simple" it is if anything a hybrid of hip hop and punk leaning strongly towards the hip hop side. I had an open mind when I went to go give this CD a listen, I heard every song and decided that I didn't like it. Don't tell me to be open minded just because I don't like your music. I'm sick of stupid kids like you saying "be open minded" simply because I express my honest opinion about music. Hypocritical people are idiots.

Anonymous (November 6, 2002)

I tried to write an "Albums of the year" list, but i had a revelation.....there weren't very many good alums this year. I mean, Bad Religion's Process Of Belief kicked ass, there weren't very many great hardcore albums which really pisses me off, Hot Water Music's "Caution" was awesome in my opinion, I loved Henry Rollins Rise Above Comp., Danzig's new album was cool and the new Raised Fist album is worth a listen, I'm forgetting a few, but still a pretty stagnant year.

tgarn (November 6, 2002)

"album of the year: Roger Miret and the Disasters, with Flogging Molly 2nd, Bosstones 3rd, Common Rider 4th, and the Forgotten 5th." Thats the ######### top album list ever.

Anonymous (November 6, 2002)

Yeah, it sounds like someone is more interested in technical aspects rather than the music. If you want something on ky then go buy some protooled garbage.

Anonymous (November 6, 2002)


Anonymous (November 6, 2002)

sining off key is one of punk rock's beauty's.

Anonymous (November 6, 2002)

common rider kicks every bands ass!!!! ! bitches

Anonymous (November 6, 2002)

album of the year: Roger Miret and the Disasters, with Flogging Molly 2nd, Bosstones 3rd, Common Rider 4th, and the Forgotten 5th. This album is probably like 9th or 10th if I thought about it -J

Anonymous (November 6, 2002)

How can you NOT like it for it's originality, this is punk rock for the open-minded plain and simple. You don't need to like it, just be opened minded about. Who the hell cares if there is a rap song on there? If you like the song that's all that matters.

And for the record, I thought Aston and Armstrongs conflicting vocals worked very, very well. This is an album of the year candidate for me.

Anonymous (November 6, 2002)

You think weigh on my mind is a good song because of Aston???? ARE YOU JOKING??? He sings the song off key for christs sake. It sounds so horrible, its painful for me to listen to. The only good part of the song is when brody is singing. The best song on the CD is Diamonds and Guns cuz of that bitchin piano line haha. And the song with Davey Havoc...its awful...and when I say awful, I don't mean when you listen to it you say...oh thats not that great of a song. I mean when you listen to it you hit "skip" faster than a hick hits his wife when dinners not ready. Damn....damn.

Anonymous (November 6, 2002)

I like "Romper Stomper", "Quick Death", "California Babylon", "one Seventeen".

recordings (November 5, 2002)

this album sounded like a really great idea in theory. but its just not all that great. i swear on my life that "$R", skinhead rob, rob aston, or whatever hed like to be called just cant get out of the same vocal structuring when he raps. it gets old. quick. i dont mind all the guest apperances, and tim will always just be in a class by himself, but i think this cd couldve been a lot more.

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

The Descendents were the only band that could go from cool pop punk to thrashing hardcore.

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

I was working today at my job at Best Buy and for 3 hours straight they were looping this album. I usually hate the shit they play in this store, but after 10 minutes i was bobbing my head along to every song. "Romper Stomper" is cool. It may not be one of the years best, but it isn't bad. Definitley filed under "guilty pleasures". There was a very reggae-esque one that i'll have to find the name of.

Hubitcherkokov (November 5, 2002)

It is a matter of opinion. I think The Descendants are far superior to All, as well. Why get so upset over bands you like that I don't? I'm not going to get upset if you say don't like The Spice Girls.

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

I want to like this album, I really do, but I just can't get past the vocal's of Aston. It totally doesn't fit the music, or Tim's vocal style. I really wonder why Tim hooked up with this Rob guy, cause without Rob, this album would be one of the best of the year.

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

op ivy is a million times better than rancid

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

for everyone who can't figure out Davey's vocals he's singing "I'll have you, I'll have you...Wishing for a quick death"

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

not that this is a rancid review, but to the guy who says op ivy is better, i say hell no. op ivy was great, sure, but rancid is way better. and i also like all, and think that ssaying that teh descendents are better is dumb. so there

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

no no no no no. dont even compare the transplants to zebrahead! transplants are original and make a GOOD sound, no generic poppunk with "rapping" like zebrahead.. ahhh they suck

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

heh heh, look at me I'm so funny...so funny I forgot to put my name on my post

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

When did Zebrahead change their name?

heh heh

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

When I say Chili Peppers, I mean the Chilli Peppers from years ago.

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

Chili Peppers without the cool funk and replaced with protooled drums and guitars. Stil not bad though.

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

Complete shite..An absolute waste of resources...We could have used the cds and paper for the covers to make the new Creed cd...It's that bad...10 STARS!

waste_elite (November 5, 2002)

"I, personally, find the music weak"

you obviously haven't heard the last rancid album

"the vocals atrocious"

what's wrong with that? if i wanted a soothing voice, i'd turn on my radio.

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)

Worst band EVER.
Worst album EVER.

ripperwalk (November 5, 2002)

I honestly catch myself skipping Quick Death because of his voice.

All i hear is. "ahh a ooh a a ooh."
I think he is actually saying, "I'll have you, I'll have you."

But i dont really fucking know.

maverick (November 5, 2002)

Does anyone even know what Davey Havok says in the song he sings in? It just sounds like one long "ahhh" to me.

7 is a much more fitting score than the 9 the last review of this album gave it...


Hubitcherkokov (November 5, 2002)

I do not care for Rancid at all, particularly because I, personally, find the music weak and the vocals atrocious. I really could care less about any band involving Tim Armstrong, excluding Operation Ivy, but I want to hear the song with Davey Havok doing guest vocals.

Tahoejeff (November 5, 2002)

the last review was better. Still good album though

Anonymous (November 5, 2002)


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