No Use For a Name / Yellowcard / Eyeliners

No Use For a Name/Yellowcard/Eyeliners: live in Chicagolive in Chicago (2002)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Slick Shoes was the first band to take the stage at the The Vic on this saturday night. I had seen them before in August at a show in Rockford, but I was standing really far away and they just sounded like a regular ol' pop punk band to me. But this time, I gave them a better listen because I was up.

Slick Shoes was the first band to take the stage at the The Vic on this saturday night. I had seen them before in August at a show in Rockford, but I was standing really far away and they just sounded like a regular ol' pop punk band to me. But this time, I gave them a better listen because I was up in front and was anxiously waiting for the other bands. I've heard a lot of people say that they are basically MxPx and in one sense, I agree with them, but I don't necessarily agree with them in a bad way. Their guitar work in their songs aren't too bad, it could be a lot worse; at least they throw in a few solos here and there, but nothing too fancy. I don't exactly like the singer's voice because it seemed kind of monotonous in one sense; like he wasn't using to many notes on the scales in his voice. I know they played one song called "Angel" which was near the end of their set and thats the only song I was slightly familiar with because I have it downloaded on my computer. The crowd wasn't very responsive to them though. In fact, there really weren't that many people there yet. There were a few push and shoves behind me, but nothing more than a bunch of kids jumping up and down into each other.

Next up was The Eyeliners. They were the only band on the bill I hadn't seen before and I was all in all impressed. I had heard much about The Eyeliners, either about how great they were, or how much they sucked. I lean towards the positive opinions. I had only heard a few songs from them off compilations and whatnot, and I was glad to finally see them live. I know they used to be a three-piece of only girls for awhile, but they now have a drummer and the singer is just singing. Their songs have nice guitar riffs, and in my opinion, they remind me a lot of the girl version of Screeching Weasel, who I know they toured with a few years back. They, too, played a good half hour set and the crowd moved around a lot more to them than to Slick Shoes.

Third to go was Yellowcard. Okay, I've seen Yellowcard about five times this past year. At one point, I really liked them; like when I saw them at the Fireside Bowl in December and bought a shirt at their merch table. And I even continued liking them for the following months, but when I last saw them in Rockford in August, it seems like Yellowcard's shows lost their oomph. Or maybe it's just me, cause it seemed like the crowd really enjoyed them. One thing I wish they'd do, is less talk, more play. But I guess the crowd didn't really care. They just simply did the jumping up and down like french fries thing to their music. Anyway, enough about the crowd... they played a decent mix of songs from "One for the Kids" (Lobster Records) and "The Underdog EP" (Fueled by Ramen), but mostly stuff from "One for the Kids". They got the crowd to participate in songs like Big Apple Heartbreak and October Nights by having one side say certain lyrics and then the other side and so on. That's cute and all, but I really think they should have just shut up and play. The plus side to seeing them this time, is they didn't do the whole Star Wars thing that they did 3 out of 5 times I saw them. Of course, what's a Yellowcard show without Sean, the violinist, doing his backflips onstage?

Finally, No Use For A Name took the stage and played a whoasome little-over-an-hour set. No Use For a Name's tempo has somewhat slowed down in their last few albums but most people still just describe them as simply melodic punk. They don't use weird phaser and weird effect pedals on their guitars, just overdrive I think, so its just straight forward, melodic punk rock. They opened up with "Feels Like Home" with just Tony Sly, his white Gibson Les Paul Custom, and the mic. Of course, just like the album it's on, "Hard Rock Bottom", they went right into "International You Day" when the other band members came onstage. They didn't play anything earlier than the songs on "Leche Con Carne" which was pretty much expected no matter how much the crowd wanted them to play stuff from at least "The Daily Grind". They played songs like "Soulmate", "Straight from the jacket", and "Justified Black Eye" from "Leche con carne"; "Invincible", "The Answer is still no", and "On the Outside" (where the singer of The Eyeliners sang the girl voice to the song) from "Making Friends"; "Not your Savior", and "Coming too Close" from "More Betterness", and "Dumb Reminders", "Friends of the Enemy", "Angela", and a few others from "Hard Rock Bottom". After they "left the stage" they played "Let Me Down" and "Exit" to finish off the show.

During Slick Shoes and NUFAN, Sean from Yellowcard made a few appearances and had his violin with him to play a song with both of the bands.

All in all, I think it was great show and worth standing outside for an hour in the chilly weather. It was also worth getting kicked by the many crowd surfers and walking out with a slightly swollen lip. NUFAN played a decent amount of older and newer songs and rocked the place, Yellowcard doesn't really do it for me anymore, The Eyeliners were simply good, and Slick Shoes still hasn't quite grabbed me yet.

If this tour comes around your neck of the hoods, try to check it out, it won't be thoroughly disappointing.


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Anonymous (November 23, 2002)

yeah- i was at this show as well... and i agree with review on slick shoes, they have potential, but really need to work at it. Nothing too original... but to be totally honest, i was completely there to see the eyeliners. I thought they put on a great show, but I've heard they have been better. As for Yellowcard, umm yeah, everyone thinks they are so fucking original cause they have a violin in their music, but frankly, i dont enjoy them in the least. I actually left for a little while during their set. And that cover they did, that sucked. Too bad most of the people at the show i talked to were there to see Yellowcard (gag). NUFAN was good, they are just one of those bands that get the crowd going. You cant really say much else about them.

Anonymous (November 19, 2002)

Heh, I saw this tour in Pittsburgh and I thought that Yellowcard played pretty well. The crowd went nuts for them here, maybe that's just my area though. No Use fucking rules though, and I was dissapointed that there were so few people at the show here, I'd say at most only 200 in a venue that usually holds 500, and can sell out bands like The Ataris and The Get Up Kids. But, they played well, and even though their music might differ from album to album, when it comes to live shows they still play mostly the best, every song they played was on Live in a Dive except for their cover of NOFX's Bob, or their new stuff from Hard Rock Bottom. Good review and good tour I think though.

Anonymous (November 18, 2002)

So yeah i though it was a pretty shitty show way to many opening bands that just plain old suck. Yes No use for a name rocked but they barely played. To me it seemed like Yellowcard played longer. I was very disappointed frankly it wasn't worth it.

Anonymous (November 18, 2002)

shitty show....good review though

i was at the rockford shindig in august.....most of the bands, especially slick shoes, were pretty lame, but less than jake made up for it

Geetarchick (November 17, 2002)

The Live in a Dive album is good if you dont know anything from NUFAN at all because it basically has most of their good stuff on all their albums before Hard Rock Bottom. Has a little of everything. But I think Leche is their best album, so go to the store and buy it.

Fuzzy (November 17, 2002)

The Live in a Dive CD is their best I think. Takes away all the production values of their studio work that I hate and adds in all of the live energy that I love. The only song missing from it is "Postcards from the Edge".

maverick (November 16, 2002)

"Soulmate" is their best song.

"Leche Con Carne" is the best album, and is the CD that got me into punk.


WussEmoRock (November 16, 2002)

Best song is either "Soulmate" or "Straight from the Jacket"


evilash (November 15, 2002)

Alright ive never been interested in NUFAN so I was wondering what their best song is??

evildeadalive (November 15, 2002)

Good review. I tried to go to this show in Seattle, but it was sold out. Sons a bitches. I missed NUFAN at Warped Tour too cause they played before the tickets said the show even started. Oh well, I've seen em 5 times, and I'm sure I'll see em again.
One question, any Misfits covers? I do love my Misfits.

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