The Mighty Mighty Bosstones / Guttermouth / Bigwig / Simple Plan

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones / Guttermouth / Bigwig / Simple Plan: live in Austinlive in Austin (2002)
Side One Dummy Records

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Contributed by: PetePete
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This musically diverse show started off with Canada's A Simple Plan. Their radio friendly pop-punk isn't my style, but I won't deny that they played well together. Their stage banter emphasized how being in a band didn't make them any different than the crowd, which matched the lyrical theme of one .

This musically diverse show started off with Canada's A Simple Plan. Their radio friendly pop-punk isn't my style, but I won't deny that they played well together. Their stage banter emphasized how being in a band didn't make them any different than the crowd, which matched the lyrical theme of one of their songs. When they had equipment problems, one guy from the band asked why they always had problems, to which another guy said because they were people. Then the singer asked the crowd if they had problems and lots of people yelled and such. They were really friendy, telling the crowd to come talk to them afterwards and all that. Like I said, I'm not down with that genre, but it was a respectable enough set.

In a change of pace, Bigwig came out of backstage already playing fast, distorted punk as they walked. In the only use of stage effects of the night, the drumkit blazed with fire as they opened up with a song whose chorus went "Fuck your rules, Fuck your schools, Fuck your country." Nice. They proceeded to play lots of fast, screaming, mostly political/socially oriented punk. Highlights were "Pro Life-Taker" and the closer "Sellout."

Guttermouth came on next. I was liking them at first, but after the singer ran around spastically and mocked the crowd and anyone who crowdsurfed onstage for half an hour, I got pretty sick of them. That said, they played with lots of energy and were tight-it was obvious they'd been playing together for a while.

Finally the Bosstones came on and opened with "Old School off the Bright" from their new album. They did every single song I wanted to hear with the sole exception of "Someday I Suppose," which surprised me quite a bit. They played four songs from Jackknife to a Swan, three from Lets Face It, and a few songs scattered from throughout their long career. The crowd was treated to the Trombone player's singing on "Simmerdown"and "Everybody's Better," both of which were excellent. As usual, the Bosstones played with a ton of energy and were very tight. Good stuff.


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Anonymous (June 29, 2003)

yes the bosstones rule

Anonymous (November 29, 2002)

i think most people with a respectable opinion on this website (i.e.: not wuss emo rock) would agree with the mofo 2 posts down. and bigwig is a kickass band, but they def need to lighten up and change the lie up at their shows. bosstones own the world!


TheOneTrueBill (November 28, 2002)

Tomorrow night! HOORAY!!!!

Anonymous (November 28, 2002)

bigwig and the bosstones fuckin rule...guttermouth is for idiots and simple plan is just flat out gay, i think we can all agree on that.

Anonymous (November 28, 2002)

bigwig is a rad band. i think there whole lack of smiling is just a ploy cuz their whole band is set up on being totally serious and shit like that. i saw them at a show and invited them to a party that night and they were down as hell to go and they smiled.. i think they just wanna look tough which is pretty dumb but there still my favorite band either way.

Anonymous (November 27, 2002)

12 cent certainly do rule.

Anonymous (November 27, 2002)

they haven't play someday i suppose in the past 3 shows i've been to. i guess they're getting tired of that song. but the bosstones do tend to look out for all the old school fans b/c they play a lot of stuff off devil's night out.

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)

good review... i dunno why they didnt play someday i suppose they played it in phoenix the big surprise i herd on the set list was a little bit ugly,,, a very very old song

FeedMyNightmare (November 26, 2002)

So what, are we now holding the fact that Bigwig doesnt smile, against them? Fucked up. My band has played with them 3 times, and everytime theyve been nothing short of awesome.

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)

fuck your rules, fuck your schools, fuck you and your boundaries! Not "Fuck your country"

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)

they do seem like pretty serious guys every when i saw them. have you guys heard the audio interview they did with bigwig on punkradiocast.com? jesus, the lead singer is the most bland interviewee i have ever heard. these guys need to lighten up a bit.

TJmoney (November 26, 2002)

when I saw bigwig in orlando this past time they were pretty down to earth. just like the other 2 times I saw em. yeah they do stick to the same setlist though. they still rock. fuck your rules, fuck your schools, fuck you and your boundaries.

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)

Bigwig is an extremely talented band and definitely one of my favorite bands. But, the person below is right I have seen them a few times and each time they seem like they were forced out on stage to play and they would rather be somewhere else. I don't maybe they are just really serious guys.

I saw the Houston show for this same tour and they played for about 45 minutes and I don't think Tom cracked a smile the entire time. It also seems like they stick to the same set list for each show they play. The only older songs the newer guys know must be Cheers and Girl in the Green Jacket. It wouldn't kill them to play Old Lady, Drunken Knight, Carnivore, 1-800-Whipped, etc.

eyeball_kid (November 26, 2002)

You forget the Counting Crows! They make me want to kill someone, as do that band that pay to have there songs at the top of every search on Kazaa.

The Bosstones rule. Guttermouth do not.

evildeadalive (November 26, 2002)

Worse than Simple Plan, worse than Creed is Saliva. They take the cake as the worst band ever.

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)

Bigwig, lighting theyre cymbals on fire? Wow, they havent done that for the past 3 years. As far as what that other comment was abou theyre supposed "diy" ethics, I absolutley concure. My band has played with them close to what seems like 300 times, and every single show, without fail, they sit in their van or backstage with pouty faces on untill they play. Then they play the same pouty faces. The only time i see them with smiles on is when theyre sitting in front of a table with mounds of money on it. DIY my left foot. Oh well, ive already heard of NOFX, so who needs bigwig anyway.

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)

this review sucked. on punknews.org? what a fucking surprise. anyways, simple plan is the worst band on this planet. worse than creed. yes, worse than creed i said. bigwig is always on tour so if you've never seen them, then you probably don't get out of the house much (just kidding). guttermouth i used to like when i was oh, 13. but they bore me now. bosstones are awesome as always.

BostonMusicGuy (November 26, 2002)

Yea Big Wigs attitude and ethics aside though they are a really kick ass band who I would absolutely love to see live. Guttermouth I really just 1, never listened to, and 2, never wanted to. Bosstones... well i wont even get into them... absolutely one of the best ska bands ever (and thats a lot coming from a huge boston ska fan). Simple Plan... I ussually have no problem with pop-punk, ussualy not my favorite but hey who am I to judge.. .what the hell band am I in, but I have to tell you... I cant stand them. the guys voice is enough to drive me insane.On related note, 12 cent really kicks ass! Everyone should get their cd at interpunk for like 5 bucks or for 2.99 at newbury comics if you are lucky enough to live in the new england area. I just saw them tonight and dan gave me a free cd... expect review soon!-BostonMusicGuy

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)

I really long for the day that people finally realize that bigwig sucks. For a band that goes on about the importance of being so "anti-sellout", I remember working at a show, where they nearly refused to play - because they weren't getting paid as much as they wanted. And this was at a FIREHOUSE show. They were pissed off because they weren't getting as much money as Catch-22, who 1) has almost twice as many members, and 2) was headling the show. It's great to play wannabe speed metal, and preach about your hardcore DIY ethics - its another thing to actually follow through on them.

WussEmoRock (November 26, 2002)

First off I'd like to say damn, I'd love to see this show (minus the Bosstones). Don't yell at me though, it has already been done in the other review of this show, but this one has Guttermouth on it and to the reviewer, mark is one funny guy. Next time give him a chance, his mocking is quite funny.

question, I know all of you hate simple plan, but doesn't it seem weird they are opening the show? This might be the first time Bigwig hasn't been screwed with the opening slot.


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