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No Use For A Name

No Use For A Name: More Betterness!More Betterness! (1999)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Contributed by: maverickScott
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I think, as a reviewer, one of the worst things I can do is give a band I love a bad review. I had been able to avoid this up until now, most recently dodging the new piece of trash that is the Promise Ring's "Very Emergency." But the new NUFAN CD cannot escape my attention. Every band is ent.
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I think, as a reviewer, one of the worst things I can do is give a band I love a bad review. I had been able to avoid this up until now, most recently dodging the new piece of trash that is the Promise Ring's "Very Emergency." But the new NUFAN CD cannot escape my attention.

Every band is entitled a bad album. No Use just used theirs up. I really can't describe the disappointment felt by listening to this album. The songs for the most part feel very uninspired, and I even heard some rework guitar licks from some of their older stuff. The layout is clever, though, and they get points for that. They cover "Fairytale Of New York" with Cinder Block of Tilt doing guest vocals, but this track only bogs down the CD even more. It might have been more appropriate for a hidden track (since the album has none, breaking a 2-album streak).

There's some acoustic parts on the CD, and some very nice orchestral stuff with a cello, but everything seems a bit bland. It's hard to swallow for me, seeing as how I'm probably one of the biggest NUFAN fans to ever exist, but I have to accept it: This album sucks.

Of course, I'll probably put it away for about 6 months, then listen to it one day while bored, and fall in love with it, but until then, I must tell all of you to, as much as it hurts me to say this, pass on the newest offering from NUFAN.

Ugh, my stomach hurts.

[taken from A different kind of greatness webzine]


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punk_rawk_show (December 29, 2006)

i like the poppier side of NUFAN so i really love this album

thatswack (January 7, 2005)

2 stars? You must be fucking crazy! It's not as good as Making Friends or Leche Con Carne, but it's still rad.

Anonymous (December 27, 2002)

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harg (April 5, 2002)

This albums is one of such fucking magnificence your review is so dreadful I can't fucking read it. This is one of the best albums ever. If your dissapointed it doens't sound like the normal droll NUFAN songs your an idiot they have become so much more than the shit ablums of yore.

SideLinedForLife (December 6, 2001)

"Life Size Mirror" is a catchy song. And this cd is awesome. Check it out people. -Rock

Anonymous (October 26, 2001)

defintly not what i expected. making friends is probably my favorite cd in my collection. that never leaves my cd player. they used to write songs that had some really cool lyrics and that meant something, but not on this one. it has a song or two that kind of clings to you after a while, but defintly a major dissapointment from one of my favorite bands.

Anonymous (October 20, 2001)

i can understand why people wouldn't like this...their used to NUFAN being a faster band like on their first 2 fat releases...
the new album sounds more catchy and poppy and it's a deffinate change in sound...but i love it...

Anonymous (October 9, 2001)

Hey, I really enjoyed this album. It was my fav for weeks and weeks. I don't get you guys, this album kicks. And that post below me was really stupid. How can you judge an album when you haven't heard it?

sXe_nick (September 19, 2001)

no use for this album...i havent heard it but everyone doesnt like it so i felt like saying it...sorry im dumb...

DrNo (August 16, 2001)

There were some really good songs on this cd, but for some reason i just couldn't get into this cd. I don't know if i like it or not. I've forced myself to listen to it and i just can't get into it.

Anonymous (August 11, 2001)

I feel this album is a very creative hitch, when I first bought it, I remember being very disappointed about it but after giving it a chance, I think its as good as any other album they have. I mean like the band for them and there music, just not for two albums.

Anonymous (July 8, 2001)

This album is just plain boaring. Its a real shame too.

red_pezly (June 20, 2001)

i to at first thort this albim woz crap and wel kinda depresing but after a week i reely enjoyed it. shor it laks the energy of previous No Use albims but as a band gets older they neerly orl ways slo down. it woz a mature albim, wun in a long line of albims to be releesed ova the last few years (eg: lagwagons feelings) its a sign that while they have got older they arnt gona hang up there gitars just yet. if u dont no a band gets slower or mor emo as they get older than u ar a fool

peace red

Anonymous (June 18, 2001)

i liked this album alot. it wasnt as good as leche con carne and making friends, but it was definately unique in its own way. fuck you guys

Anonymous (June 18, 2001)

yah... scott i did the same thing. when i first listened to this album, or actually the first few time i listened to it, i really disliked it. No use for a name was my favorite band, and this cd pissed me off. but a few months later i started listening to it again, and now i think its pretty great. it is definitely a far cry from those great New Red Archives days of theirs

Anonymous (June 17, 2001)

I agree with Scott - this album was a huge disappointment. Some of the songs would have been good if they were the one mellow track in the middle of an otherwise energetic album, but an album-full just gets boring. I don't think this album was a fluke, though, because listening to the latest NUFAN submissions to comps also sound the same. It's a bummer - "Leche Con Carne" and "Making Friends" were so good.

Anonymous (June 10, 2001)

A very good album and a good progressive change from "Making Friends" (which was good but this just shows that they are very talented). It's a cd that you'll listen the whole way through, be interesting to see what their next album is like.

Booker_Pee (April 15, 2001)

Best No Use album ever.

fathead (April 15, 2001)

i thought this was pretty good. always carrie is an awesome sone, and i love fairy tale of new york. they did try some different sounding styles on more betterness, but overall, i thought it rocked.

Anonymous (April 15, 2001)

I liked it. It was a lot softer but it has some good songs. For example, LIFE SIZE MIRROR, NOT YOUR SAVIOR, and many more. I actually think it's a really good cd. Maybe not as powerfull as their earlier stuff but i still enjoyed it.

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