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Raised Fist: DedicationDedication (2002)
Burning Heart

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Contributed by: BrandonSideleauBrandonSideleau
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Since my last review (Rise Above) under the alias of Mr. B got such a great response, I thought I'd take another shot. Raised Fist is a vicious and sonic assault of hardcore from Sweden. Through legendary live shows and the utter brutality of their music this band gained a considerable popularity ov.
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Since my last review (Rise Above) under the alias of Mr. B got such a great response, I thought I'd take another shot. Raised Fist is a vicious and sonic assault of hardcore from Sweden. Through legendary live shows and the utter brutality of their music this band gained a considerable popularity over here in the states with their last album "Ignoring The Guidlines". Their latest effort is titled "Dedication" and the title says it all. These guys are dedicated to making loud, harsh, sonic explosions of intensity both live and in the studio.

In comparison to the last album, this one is very similar, which isn't a bad thing. It's a little more stripped down and they experiment a bit here and there, but nothing groundbreaking....other than the assault of the music.

Songs like "That's Why", "The People Behind", "Get This Right", and "Dedication" are extremely fast bursts of intense hardcore that you've come to expect from this band. Songs like "Disable Me" and my personal favorite "Illustration Of Desperation" are a little bit heavier and less speed inclined. The last song on the album "Between The Demons" features guest vocals by an unnamed vocalist (doesn't say on my copy) and is very menacing.

Overall this album will meet and exceed the expectations of fans of the band or people who just like them, but if you didn't like the band before, you won't like them now. Excellent hardcore album.


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Anonymous (December 2, 2004)

cool record but always the same....

Anonymous (June 25, 2004)

swedish hardcore at the best

PhoqueVolant (February 2, 2004)

I love this album. In fact, I'm listening to it right now.

And seeing these guys live was one of the best shows I've ever been to.

Anonymous (April 16, 2003)

I'd like to paste my brother (alex, the singers) comment when I told him about what you all think of his their album "fan vad skönt att höra att folk gillar det", that means, "feels fucking good to know that people liked it". He is really happy about his fans. Raised Fist rocks!

Le_MAD (March 30, 2003)

I posted the last comment, but I changed my mind since. The album is great.

Anonymous (January 17, 2003)

I really don't like the album except get this right and dedication. Ignoring the guidelines was IMO way better.

pwfanatic (November 30, 2002)

this album is awesome, when i first listened to it, i felt like i was being bludgeoned to death by bricks. oh yeah, the guest vocalist on the last track is some guy from a band called Defleshed.

Anonymous (November 28, 2002)

I went to a concert a few months back and during the whole hour before the band hit stage the sound system was looping "Ignoraing the Guidelines" over & over. By the time i left i could sing each song.

Anonymous (November 28, 2002)

to the guy few posts down, i believe raised fist used two guitars on Ignoring and possibly fuel, they have now added a permenant 2nd guitar for their live show line-up aswel... but who gives a fuck cause either way, cause it's a nice album.
Just outta curiosity, Are these guys well known in the states? since their debut they've had a good following in Australia... though so have all burning heart bands.

Anonymous (November 27, 2002)

actually i kinda agree with the guy below me about the production...when listening to this album and ignoring the guidelines, fear factory was the first band that came to mind.

i'd like to see them work with a guy like brian mcternan or dean baltulonis in the states to really get that raw power out of them on an album.

but nonetheless, this is another awesome record from one of the best hardcore bands on the planet.

drewcifer (November 27, 2002)

am i alone in thinking that the production tends to be a little too over the top for these guys? they pull off the aggresive yet catchy thing really well, but the past two albums have sounded a little too slick to have any staying power with me.

more gorrilla biscuits less fear factory

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)

Definately one of the greatest hardcore bands!

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)

So. Fucking. Good.

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)

The most intense hardcore band in the world. Perfectly mixed and blended into a fine weave of torturing riffs and screams. An onslaught of 6 walls of noise, boxing you into a ball of energy, waiting to be be released upon it's play.

Fast hard music? get this album.

recordings (November 26, 2002)

this cd is just plain fucking awesome. just as good if not better than ignoring the guidelines. they also added a 2nd guitarist for this release, which gives the cd a little more variation than its predecessor.

download some of their older stuff, from their "fuel" album or before, and you'll really see how much this band is grown. great, great hardcore.

i dont know if "pretext" is a cover, but i do know that they covered the gorilla biscuits "new direction."

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)

"Ignoring The Guidelines" was one of my fav Burning Heart releases and cam't wait to pick this new one up.


Anonymous (November 26, 2002)

A great great great album!
Ok, maybe my point of you isn't objective, cause I'm a huge raised fist fan, but those who'll listen to this CD will have to admit that this album proves raised fist deserve to get a place in the top 10 hardcore bands of this "era".

Dedication sound is in the vein of Ignoring the guidelines, that's obvious. Maybe it's a personnal feeling, but I can think of the album Fuel too... Dedication is, as Fuel was, darker than Ignoring the guidelines ; and it's, for some songs, faster than Fuel. In overall, a good balance. Can't stop listening to this CD. Cautious: Dangerous when driving ; it may makes you drive faster.

By the way, the additional vocals on "Between the demons" are by Gustav, from Defleshed, a Swedish metal band.

Sorry if my English sucks, I speak French.

layawayplan (November 26, 2002)

Message Beneath Contempt could quite possibly be the greatest song they've written (well, on par with pretext).

You're "unnamed vocalist" might very well be Pierre Tornkvist. He's credited with additional vocals on pretext and moment of death from Fuel, and in Ignoring the Guidelines he's referred to as "the famous metal-man", and "sorry that you couldn't help us with the vocals on this album".

It all fits...does anyone know if that song is a cover?

Anonymous (November 26, 2002)


punky (November 26, 2002)

Raised fist is one of the best hard core bands...I can't wait to buy this.

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