Sum 41 / 1208 / Flashlight Brown

Sum 41/1208/Flashlight Brown: live in Pomona, CAlive in Pomona, CA (2002)
Island Records

Reviewer Rating: 2.5

Contributed by: WussEmoRockWussEmoRock
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Let me set the mood. It is a Monday night and I just finished reading the last review of this Sum 41 tour. I checked their website and saw that they were playing the Glasshouse (my favorite venue) the next day, but it was already sold out. I had nothing better to do the next night so I asked ab.

Let me set the mood.

It is a Monday night and I just finished reading the last review of this Sum 41 tour. I checked their website and saw that they were playing the Glasshouse (my favorite venue) the next day, but it was already sold out. I had nothing better to do the next night so I asked about 30 people if they wanted to go with me, and finally I got a friend to go. We went their and bought 2 tickets both for face value, and went into the show.

But first...

We were in Jack in the Box and the bass player for Sum 41 was standing where you get your drinks. Across from my friend and I was an asian mom who had to of been at least 40 and her two sons who were probably the biggest people I have ever seen. They were both about 23 or so. Anyway, here is what happened...it was hilarious...

Mom: "That's the drummer for Sum 41?"
Kids: "No mom, it is the bass player" (mom proceeds to run over to the bass player)
Mom: "Hi (shakes his hand), are you the bass player for sum 41?"
bass41: "yes."
Mom: "Oh my God, I am talking to a movie star. Oh my God. Please, meet my boys."
Bass41: "Nice to meet you guys."
Mom: (looking at the 3 roadies sitting at a table) "Are you guys in the band too?"
Roadies: "No, we aren't."
Mom: "Oh, well it's ok, I am talking to a movie star. My boys are going to your show tonight."
Bass41: "Cool, thanks"
Mom: "My boys love you guys so much, they have pictures of you on their walls and listen to your cd all the time and..."
Boys: "Mom, stop! Please!"
Mom: "Oh, sorry."
Boys: "Mom, let's go!"
Mom: "Ok, I can't believe we met a movie star."

Take into account, this is an asian mom who is speaking super fast and making her two boys really embarressed. It was really funny, and at the same time, yes, it was cute haha. Ok, onto the show...

FLASHLIGHT BROWN STOLE THE SHOW! This Canadian four piece opened up with a song that I wasn't too thrilled with, but when I gave them a closer listen for the next 33 mins, I really enjoyed what I was hearing. Pop punk, with duo vocals, one high and one very scratchy and low. At first, when you look at the bass player, you can't picture him making the low/scratchy voice that he does. But, it blends perfectly with the lead singer, and with the energy of the lead guitarist these Canadians came off as a great live band with some very entertaining music to back them up with. When you have a chance, check them out, you won't regret it. Oh, and don't take my word on the pop punk classification, that is just what I would put them under, I don't want to scare anyone away when they hear pop punk, especially since it is a Sum 41 show. So, everyone, check these guys out, I can't say enough about them.

On the other hand, 1208 I can say very little about and be very content. These guys don't suck, but they don't do anything for me. To best describe these guys, they are a band that sounds identical to Pennywise. They have a guitarist who played 97% bar chords, with a bass player, and a singer who sings well, and get this; looks a lot like (in my opinion) Justin Timberlake (although even better looking hahaha-I'm dead serious). No, I don't like guys, but come on, guys can tell if another guy is ugly or not. Anyway, back to the music. They played a 30 minute set that was way too long, but they deserved it after returning from a 3 month tour. The singer for this band is very funny, reminding me of Mark from Guttermouth, because all he does is mock everyone and yell at them.

Now, I am not a big Sum 41 fan. I saw them back at the Face to Face/NFG/STD tour and they didn't impress me at all, besides "Grab the Devil by the Horns..." which they didn't even play tonight. Anyway, I like their new song "Still Waiting," and most all of their singles, yet I hated the rest of "All Killer, No Filler." So really, I don't know why I am at this show other than it is better than sitting at home watching Gilmore Girls.

Sum 41 came out, played "Makes No Difference," which was the only difference from the rest of the reviews that have been written. Surprisngly, they only played for 50 mins, and didn't crack a joke or have any synchronized movements the entire show. They sounded very tight (not cool tight), but they just didn't interest me at all. I got bored watching them, which is surprisng because I thought I would enjoy them this time around.

I guess the moral of the story is, always trust your first instinct, and never take your mom to a concert!


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chrisal (September 13, 2010)

Flashlights is amazing. Great live band. I've seen 'em a few times and also have one.

Anonymous (November 5, 2003)

To who posted this:

"and lets just say that sum 41 totally wripped off their song "are we still here" for that reason i will no longer be listening to sum 41"

You're either

a.) Not thinking clearly due to eating Datura and smoking a few bong loads
b.) Just a dumbass

Anonymous (December 3, 2002)

Flashlight became flashlight brown when they found a 70's disco band was called flashlight

Anonymous (December 3, 2002)

I'm positive that Wuss didn't go with his mom...I was with her at the time, this score is for her.

evildeadalive (December 2, 2002)

Well I can 100% guarantee you they were. I'm not really sure why the roadies would say that though...

Anonymous (December 2, 2002)

who the fuck cares if you go with your mom? doesn't affect anyone else but the kid.

WussEmoRock (December 2, 2002)

I am confused, at the show I was talking to 3 of the Flashlight Brown roadies, and I asked them..."did flashlight brown use to be called just Flashlight?" and all 3 of them laughed and said NO. someone explain


combovergraham (December 2, 2002)

FLASHLIGHT BROWN rock it! check out their self titled (after they changed their name from flashlight to flashlight brown)...high energy and just too damn good! silly sum 41 shouldve realized its not wise to let a band that is infinitely better open for you on tour....

Mayosboy (December 2, 2002)

This is the best review I have ever read. The things you said about the sum41 concert were completely true. I have never heard anyone describe something so well and so vividly.

Lauren (December 2, 2002)

hahaha my friends mom is asian and sadly exactly like that... not that all asian moms are stupid... thats not what i meant. its just that her mom is a hooot when she talks about music, thats all. yeah. sorry. and for the record, i think anti flag is a zillion plus infinity times better than sum 41. atleast anti flag arent total ass holes to their fans... hmm. and everyone seems to be bashing wussEmoRock for writting a really bad review. it wasnt that bad at all, in my opinion. but thats just my opinion. i would like to say that ive read much worse though. ok later!

WussEmoRock (December 2, 2002)

To the guy below me. Do you really not know how to read? Next time pay more attention, I didn't go with my mom you dumbshit, I was telling a story about a mom and her two boys I saw. Way to be cool and make an invalid point.


Anonymous (December 2, 2002)

You went with your mom....you fucking little baby wuss.....i thought you were at least 17. Guess not. Now nothing you say can be taken seriosuly. How can you know what the REAL world is like if mommy and daddy are still pamering you....fucking rich boy.

Anonymous (December 2, 2002)

Anti Flag is the worst excuse for music I have ever heard. I am still convinced god (or somebody who hates us) put them here to punish our ears.

Anybody is better than Anti Flag. Especially Charlie Parker. That guy is a genious. ....mmmmm jazz.......

Anonymous (December 2, 2002)

who the hell are the Gilmore Girls? Am i "THAT" uncool? LOL

WussEmoRock (December 1, 2002)

Recordings, please just stop.

Good, now I put in the thing about the Gilmore Girls to lighten that section up, I'm sorry that those two words really hurt your eyes and made the review horrible.

I didn't say all the songs that Sum 41 played because (as I stated if you knew how to read) it was the sae set that the other two reviewers had already reviewed with the set lists except for "Makes No Difference."

Yes, I did not know anything about 1208 or Flashlight before the show, but I did know things about Sum 41.

And, I did tell you what the bands all sounded like. Fuck, go read the review again.


recordings (December 1, 2002)

wuss, for christs sake. im not saying dont review ANYTHING you havent heard. im just saying youd be MUCH more credible if you had SOME sort of backing information. thats true for any writing you do, on or off a stupid website message board.

id just rather hear about some songs or influences than the fucking gilmore girls or whatever else WB shit you wanna yammer on about.

i still look better than timberlake.

BostonMusicGuy (December 1, 2002)

Wow, yea... I agree Sum 41 does rip off a totally obscure chicago based band that they have probably never heard of. I must stop listening to them now.-BostonMusicGuy

Anonymous (December 1, 2002)

i have lost all respect for sum 41. anyone out there listen to the band spitalfield from the chicago area?? well thier new cloak and dagger ep is amazing, and lets just say that sum 41 totally wripped off their song "are we still here" for that reason i will no longer be listening to sum 41.

WussEmoRock (December 1, 2002)

You've got to be kidding me, right? You mean to tell me you think that the only people that are allowed to write a review for this site should be the ones who have a "good background" on the bands beforehand? I've got news for you, at least half of these reviews aren't that way. If your statement is true then that means no one should ever review the opening bands that they have never seen nor heard of, because that would just be a waste of your time now wouldnt it?


recordings (December 1, 2002)

ill tell ya one thing i havent done for this site, and thats make everyone think im a fucktard with a buncha lame ass comments and bawl-babying.

your review sucked because you had little to no background on any bands you saw. sure, its fine ya went out and heard some new shit, but theres no reason to write a review about stuff ya hardly know about and expect people to check it out just because there were "some songs that sound cool."

im better looking that justin timberlake, too.

WussEmoRock (December 1, 2002)

Recordings, quit your bitching. What have you ever done for this site?

How did my review suck? I gave you my opinion of each band...and I tried to make it more interesting to read by throwing in a couple of funny things that I thought/witnessed.

A lot of reviews are boring to read so I try to make mine a tad different.


recordings (December 1, 2002)

gee, whats a sum 41 show without synchronized jumping? must be this new angle their taking. boy, ill sure miss pain for pleasure....cough.

sarcasm abounds.

anyway, this review sucked. quit trying to convince me that i know when a guy is hot. maybe i'm too busy oogling asian moms.

ps- saying sum 41 is better than anti-flag is reallllllyyyy pushing it.

Anonymous (December 1, 2002)

sum 41 better than anti-flag?
that's the funniest thing i've heard all day!

CaptainCrunch (December 1, 2002)

Another word that is overused on this site is 'amazing'. Its so annoying I can't even talk about it. Just typing these last two sentences is annoying me.

-Captain Crunch

pope_schlomo (December 1, 2002)

The word tight sucks. I know somebody that has tight pants and its utterly disgusting. Flashlight Brown is good. The story was hilarious but pathetic and I would disown my mom if she did that. Flashlight Brown is good. No offense Wuss, but throwing around words like Justin Timberlake and Gilmore Girls made the review seem a little 'mo. 1208 is just another Pennywise clone. Flashlight Brown is good. I heard the new Sum 41 album is good, but I don't feel like wasting money. Adios.

(Did I mention Flashlight Brown is good?)

evildeadalive (November 30, 2002)

Some people use the word 'tight' in the place of 'cool'. He means 'tight' as in the band played very well as a unit. Know what I'm sayin G?

Anonymous (November 30, 2002)

What's the difference between very tight and 'cool' tight?

Anonymous (November 30, 2002)

hahaha, bitter is one bad ass nubien.

good seein' ya, frenchie.


Anonymous (November 30, 2002)

Sadly, I do not hate WUSSEMOROCK.
However, I do hate Flashlight. They were the most boring and generic band ever when they played boring, generic, ska-tunes, and are still boring and generic now that they've focused on their boring and generic pop-punk tunes. Being from their area, I've had to suffer through many, many of their sets.

Had to be said.

Bringin' the hate,

and to whoever mentioned anti-flag earlier, i'd just like to tell you that anti-flag fucking sucks, in every possible way. I know people say that musical taste is subjective, it's someone's opinion, etc. etc.... and i agree. just not with anti-flag. they have no merits. some say that "well, their lyrics may sound like they were written by a mix between your 4 year old brother and a beaten mule," but at least they have got their hearts in the rigth place. wrong! they don't. they're taking anything respectable one might pull out of their political viewpoints and ruining it with sheer stupidity under the image of street "political" punk. AND they're a slap in the face to SXE. they fucking suck. sum 41 blows them out of the fucking water.

signing out twice,

Anonymous (November 30, 2002)

the Gilmore Girls is awesome...

I'd rather be watching that


Anonymous (November 30, 2002)

this score is for the comment below me

Anonymous (November 30, 2002)

This score is for the Jack in the Box story and asian moms everywhere.

adam (November 30, 2002)

I'd just like to reiterate that Flashlight Brown is great.


Anonymous (November 30, 2002)

Ha Ha, You HAD to clear up that you didn't like guys? Watch out, don't want people to get the wrong idea or anything. Sum 41 sucks, but to each his own, Why go to the show if you didn't even really like them ?(not bitching, just really wondering)

WussEmoRock (November 30, 2002)

For the record, I didn't beg anyone to go to the show with me. I simply asked, but no one would go either because of A) too much work or B) didn't like any of the bands.

The reason I went even though I'm not a huge fan os sun 41 is because a show is a show. Yes, some are better than others, but shows are a lot mroe fun to go to than sitting at home and doing nothing. Who can argue with that?


evildeadalive (November 30, 2002)

I also am a big Flashlight fan. I didn't think the review was that bad either.

at_the_drive_in_21 (November 30, 2002)

Yes - Flashlight is awesome. Great live band. Pop-punk would best describe them, but they used to write ska influenced tunes. I think you can still download their entire first album off their website...


On a side note...

"Why even bother writing a review of a show from a band that you don't even like to begin with?"

Who wrote this? What's the point of even reading reviews if you're expecting that every one is going to be praise for the band? That's what a review is for - to be CRITICAL and give the good and the bad. I'm sick of reading reviews that say it was the best show ever. I don't know why you'd go to a show for a band you didn't like, let alone go to the trouble of begging 30 of your friends to see a band you apparently have no interest in, but that's something else... Personally, I'd have gone to the show regardless of whether Sum 41 was on the bill, just to see Flashlight.

WussEmoRock (November 30, 2002)

Chill Dongrom, I had never heard a single 1208 song before this show, so I can't tell you what they played. So, all I did was try to give the image of the band and what I saw when I watched them live to the people who have never seen them before. Nevermind, it's not worth explaining.


dongrom (November 29, 2002)

Good Jack In The Box story, but shitty fucking review. I mean, jesus christ, he spends more time reviewing how the guy in 1208 looks then how the bands fucking played. Fucking idiot, I don't care what the fuck he looks like, ugly or gorgeous, how was the show? Horrible, horrible review.


Anonymous (November 29, 2002)

Sum 41 are perfect examples of Anti Flag's song - Drink Drank Punk. goddamn mall punks.

Anonymous (November 29, 2002)

that score is because i don't care for sum 41, live they are even worse to me. thats my opinion, plus i think the reviewer should stick to writing more about the bands and less script writing of his moment of the day as he stalks the bass player for sum41

punkcorekid (November 29, 2002)

To the guys below me, why don't you quit whining, and go to the show yourself and write a review?

Score is because I wasn't there so I don't know what the show was like.

Anonymous (November 29, 2002)

Why even bother writing a review of a show from a band that you don't even like to begin with? And than only writing a couple of lines about the actual headliner.

Edgie (November 29, 2002)

I think the story at Jack in the Box was well worth seeing Sum41.

Anonymous (November 29, 2002)

Flashlight Brown is great. I've seen 'em a few times. I had to miss 'em at Warped Tour in Mtl. because RxBandits were playing at the same time. Can't wait for the new album.

Anonymous (November 29, 2002)

"yay first comment!"

Pat yourself on the back kid, for being the most retarded person on this board.

maverick (November 29, 2002)

Uh oh... Flashlight Brown seems to be a favorite band of a lot of people around here. Will they all start hating them now that Wuss likes them?

Curiouser and curiouser...


PS -I just saw "The Emperor's Club" - it's utter shit, don't bother seeing it. This score is for that movie.

Anonymous (November 29, 2002)

yay first comment!

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