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Kicked In The Head

Kicked In The Head: SalitaSalita (2002)
Resurrection A.D.

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Contributed by: dupedDuped
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Kicked in the Head has always been a great band to me. World Domination, although somewhat immature in its skacore origins, was one of the cds that i was brought into punk music with. When Thick as Thieves came out, i was surprised, but pleasantly, as the ska was nearly all gone and was replaced w.

Kicked in the Head has always been a great band to me. World Domination, although somewhat immature in its skacore origins, was one of the cds that i was brought into punk music with. When Thick as Thieves came out, i was surprised, but pleasantly, as the ska was nearly all gone and was replaced with a unique and varied style rock that had a distinct sound that can only be explained as, well, kicked in the head.

now, a few years later, i anxiously await the new Salita E.P., the first new cd to be put on on their new label, ResurrectionAD. Again, i was suprised, but this time i was a bit disappointed. whereas many critics praised thick as theives for its unique blend of musical styles, many criticized it, saying that KITH seemed confused as to what style they really care to play. It seems as if they've finally settled into a genre, but the results are unfortunately as un-KITH as i could imagine. Gone from refreshing punk-fused rock/funk/ska/whatever to what i can only describe as bad metal with glimpses of "thick as thieves", kith surprisingly let me down.

The disc kicks off with "All the Way." It's not a bad song per se, but it to anything from Thick as Thieves. It's a catchy, mid-tempo rock song reminiscent almost of the slower songs from Offspring's Ignition (i have no idea where i get that, but thats what it sounds like to me). It's got a catchy chorus, and some good music. Overall, it's a decent song, and a pretty good opener, and i assumed that there would definitely be better songs. however, there really weren't.

"Letter" really confused me, as it sounded almost nothing like KITH. Slow, unenergetic, and bland. The music sounds nothing like you'd expect from KITH, and this song is not very good.

"Arizona" is up next, and is available for download from their webpage. This is probably the best song on the cd, as it does have the KITH energy we all waited for. However, there's something about it that i can't quite get into. It has more aspects of metal in it than the old KITH, and i'm not enjoying it.

Up next is "Delilah", another uninspired song that i can't listen to. it's another "letter" style song, with more emphasis on metal, and even less of the KITH enthusiasm we wish for.

Finally, the last song is "Battle Cry". Probably labeled as the "single" of the cd, as it comes in video form as an extra feature on the cd, Battle Cry is another song that i just can't get into. Another song that we only know is KITH from the cd case and Gary's recognizable vocals.

There's just something about this cd that I can't enjoy. Whether it's the lack of energy or the new sound, i hate to say that i can't get into it. Being from massachusetts, i've seen them live, and can only say that they put on a hell of a show, and they're old cds have been wicked awesome to say the least. im hoping that this is just a fluke, and that they keep up the energy and the "thick as thieves" sound on their next one. but check this one out anyways, as you might like it, even if i didnt, and they could use the help, as they lost much of their merch and their vehicle when their van was totalled earlier this month.


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Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

I finally found this album and I love it. It's not there best stuff, I guess, but honestly I don't care for their last album much, I like this direction turn.

Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

yeah i dont know if i forgot to mention, but i think the guys are awesome anyways, even if i didnt like the cd. i didnt want to come off so negatively, cuz they do put on a crazy show, and if its waht they wanna put out, then its fine by me. its just not what i wanted/expected. im still supporting them forever though.


wicked awesome

Anonymous (December 5, 2002)

the old Kicked in the head stuff is ok. Not my favorite. They sounded like a ska version of Mr Bungle. Its an upbeat fun CD, but somethin you can only listen to once in a while.
Thick as theives was a good disc too. I liked the new direction, although i think they sounded virtually the same, just got better. Little harder, but thats how i like it.

thanx - www.12cent.com

Now Salita, what a fuckin awsome CD. This is a landmark CD, because they did somethin real brave here. Did something no one else is doing. This CD i listen to almost everyday. Its still hard, its still kicked in the head, but its real melody driven, and they incorporated a big Fugazi influence (witch is actually really harder to pull off than you think) as well as early 90s alternitive, classic rock, and there previous records.
It will defintly stick out in the future as a very influential CD. I was absolutly blown away by it.

Anonymous (December 4, 2002)

For older stuff, the ska stuff, check out "Ya Dumped", "Plain Cereal", "World Domination", for the Thick as Thieves guitar powered rock stuff check out "Lost Cause", "Fix My Sink" (there is also a older version of this flying around), "SFU", "Witness", for this album Id have to say check them all out, but highlights (for me anyway) are "Battle Cry", "Arizona" and "All the Way". Enjoy!-BostonMusicGuy

evildeadalive (December 4, 2002)

Ok, i just heard of these guys from these two reviews, and I'd have to say from what I've heard so far, I like the newer stuff better than the ska stuff. Haven't heard a lot yet though... Any reccomended songs from some experts?

BostonMusicGuy (December 3, 2002)

I disagree... COMPLETELY. While, yes, this is a brand new direction for KITH to move in, but, if you talk to them or listen to them at their shows you know that this is what they want to do, and this is what they are happy with. They are proud of this cd and i cant blame them at all, its fucking great, if you can appreciate the emotion that they all put into their music.I hope they continue in this direction, I miss the horns and I miss all the comotion and confusion from certain songs on World Domination, but this cd doesnt make me want them back... I say keep up the good work guys!-BostonMusicGuyI have the EP you are talking about, whether it is the Mission 120 or not is a mystery to me (i havent listened to it in years)... although I think it is. either way its really good.

Anonymous (December 3, 2002)

Speaking of Kicked In The Head's early days, Does anyone here remember what happened with The Mission 120? Does anyone have that EP they put out when they were a ska band? "Teen Punk Chicks In Hate" or something?

Anonymous (December 3, 2002)

wicked FUCKING awesome, thank you.

Anonymous (December 3, 2002)

I didn't think people from Mass. really said "wicked awesome". For brightening my day with your festive language, I give you this score.

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